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Has anyone offered to invite you yet? I'll do it if not.

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Definitely not a sport. Every time I see this debate I picture revenge of the nerds.

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Yes it's caps cause I was screaming. If you wanted the game to be multi plat then maybe you should have funded it. Nintendo did so it's a Nintendo game. See that isn't so hard to understand is it?

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8 gigs of ram says "yes its needed". Put up or stfu!

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I understand what you mean, trust me. I love my ps3, and im sure i'll love the ps4. Not really an xbox guy. My point stands though. People here don't want to hear the truth because their expectations are so high, anything less would shatter their worlds. As strong as the ps4 was made out to be it shouldn't have a problem achieving it. People just don't want to admit that it can't do it. Will it ever? Maybe. But as of right now it can't, or else it'd be doing it, do...

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The argument here is that the ps4 and xbox one were deemed to be super computer types. Heck the way people were talking here, you'd think the consoles would write their own code then play the game at the same time. Now it turns out that the games announced won't be 1080p/60fps. Heck even killzone's sp wont run at that resolution, just the multi. As strong as the systems are claimed to be, they shouldn't have a problem achieving this. Remember they have (in Nappas voice) "...

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Dude you had me on the floor lmao!! That comment was epic, bubs to you.

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Guys its easy to stop trolling sites like this. All you have to do is down vote the site and report it. I remember when hip hop gamer would post and everyone complained until his site got banned. Want to stop crap sites? Do what you did to hip hop gamer lol ;)

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Story was garbage. Site voted down.

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People are complaining about the 30fps because the ps4 is suppose to be a super computer with 8 gb ram. With all that supposed power 60fps shouldnt be hard at all. Drive club and sony really have no excuse. They have all the power they need and then some according to the ng4 community. Its not like its a multi plat, its an exclusive for crying out loud!

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How is a 70+ billion dollar industry broke? Think about that for a second. Want to know why there are to many sequels? No one can make a good game anymore. This generation of ADHD 15 y/o kids and below are to blame. Past generations had full games with great stories. If the graphics were good then that was a plus. Now its graphics and 60 fps. Complain to the pubs if they don't want to take risks. Hmmmm the masses spoke and Ms answered. Now guys like you are crying, a...

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Like the saying goes " if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" The way we play games has been the same way I've been doing it for 25 years. These first generation gamers make me sick to my stomach! Nothing about the xbone was innovative. Get over it kid.

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Thank Sony for coming up with that idea, buddy. I've been doing that on my ps3 for years.

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Feminists want to be treated equal to men until they're treat equal to men. Then its "I can't believe he did/said that, doesn't he know I'm a girl!??"

The characters look OK for the type of game it is.

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From now on, when either of them say anything negative about the WiiU, kindly refer them to this video.

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Guys its simple: don't like the website or the story simply vote it down.

I did.

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You keep proving my point. Majority of the sales were from repeat customers.

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hmmm the 360 launched on 11-22-05. The warranty wasn't given until 7-5-07. Unless the 360 launched with the warranty, then if your console died you had to buy another one with the 3 month warranty MS gave because MS didn't want to recognize the rrod. So yes MANY people bought multiple consoles.

Logic isn't strong with you guys.

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In MY OPINION, The only way they'll be on top again is if they release a faulty console. That way about 90% of their customers will buy about 3 or 4 thus inflating the number like this gen.

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I think you meant to say 99% of ps3 games are below 720p along with the 360. Sony talks big but always under delivers. I wonder if their slogan will still be "next gen starts when we say so" lmao that was my favorite. Then spend 7 years playing catch up lmao. Classic. 4k Res will be useless for the next 10 years or so until the programing has a need for it. Hell there still is a few channels who still don't have HD programs and you think 4k will be adopted so soon? Just look at ...

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