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Good decision! #1.1
Niceee! #2
With a fix. #1.1
I hear you, that's the most annoying part :) #1.1
I think everyone is waiting for 2.00! :) Can't wait to have custom themes, instead of the boring blue standard one. #1.1
You read the articles before adding a comment? It's not only about games. #1.1
That's funny lol #1
They could use pretty much any nice game. #3
If only the game looked like that. #2
Yes, I was disappointed too. But the game is awesome, so I'll pick it up regardless. #1.1
Why? Because Watch Dogs is leading the list? #1.1
What? #4.1
Yeah, but gaining that much gold to get in all wings will make you go nuts :D #1.1.1
The gold entry fee is a trap to make players sink in some cash into Hearthstone... but the game is still sick, so why not :) #1
You are missing on a great game #1.1
Saw the prices and I'm kinda disappointed, they need to change that asap. #3
Ryse 2 already? Seriosly? #1
IF they will show up. #3
So far both consoles are lacking games, so... #2.1
I'd put my money on it. #1.1
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