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You are missing on a great game #1.1
Saw the prices and I'm kinda disappointed, they need to change that asap. #3
Ryse 2 already? Seriosly? #1
IF they will show up. #3
So far both consoles are lacking games, so... #2.1
I'd put my money on it. #1.1
Here's the source for Metro being ported: #1.2
Metro Redux will have Metro 2033 and Last Light. It was confirmed by the dev. #1.1
UK #118
They better make the official announcement. #8
Nice, GG N4G :D #587
One of the best series ever :D #1
nice one! #1
Here comes the glorious PC gaming master race. #1.1
Read what a content ID means: #1.1
I'm thankful for the next-gen consoles! :) #488
Thanks! Will get this fixed :) #8.2
Fixed, it's now HD. #1.2
You compare the bricked consoles from 2 days with 1 million sales, and you think that's a good %?

It's about the console's lifetime, having a good amount of consoles broken day one it's not good.

If you console didn't broke in the first few days, what tell you it won't in about a month?

I want to see real numbers from Sony AND the real lifetime of a PS4 before saying it's the best console out ther... #1.2
LOL! This article is made 100% for views, not a single good thing in it. Xbox One's problem is that it's sold out? It's the console's problem that people didn't pre-order in time.

For god sake, I'm going to report this one. #39
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