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"Praise The Sun!"


Weapons, weapons everywhere in this game :D #6
Hope the extra guns won't be delivered via paid DLCs after the game comes out... #5
Beholder with a bunch of guns in its tentacles, lol. #5
Looks like Dark Souls meets Hotline Miami. #7
:) #1
Sunset Overdrive is the only title worth playing from there. #3
Halo, Halo, Halo.. that's all I want. #2
Making a story about views and likes on Youtube lol. #3
Ghosts... haha, insert bad memories. #1.2
Am I the only one not interested in this port? #1
And everyone bought it for the same reason as you did, relevant.

I'll just stop commenting, isn't worth it. #1.2.1
Reads the title and then comments. Typical fanboy -- it's an opinion piece, not news or anything else.

Everyone's entitled to an opinion, right? #1.1
"Almost" is not good enough #6
Business as usual for PS4. #3
Another shitty week of deals... #2
Dying Light is already out... (in most regions) #1
And he came to this conclusion after watching a 11 minute 720p leaked video... lol. #6
Evolve will be a big letdown, I'll guarantee it. #1.1.5
I hate the black bars, why can't they let us disable them? I don't think they add anything to the story/gameplay. They're just annoying and take half of the screen of my TV. #32
It won't happen, the copyright owner won't just let everyone make a remake and get money for it. #43
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