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The discussion on Reddit featured many fans of the series asking questions to the devs (and the game is aimed at those fans). Ultimately, if the fans are happy its good. This game probably isn't aimed at cashing in many new comers, but rather reigniting the old fans. Also as far as I new there aren't that many problems with the game, but rather computer specific issues, as there are with all games.

Hardly a good article, where you are giving errors you have experienc...

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Wow clone wow factor.

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I agree, it was pretty funny. I even shared it twice :3

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How many refunds?
"1 Million gamers were refunded" -
"Biggest refund of a single 'game' of all time"

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More than just long memories. We aren't all stupid. This release let down everyone. Alien games aren't made as often as other franchises so when it comes to it everyone wants a game that can last. But to get a game that can't even stand up is a disappoint to gamers, the fans of the franchise, and most of all the people behind it.

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If only I could downvote this article.

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As comments say, the devs need time. Let them finish and the game will be tasty with content.

Look at Darksiders 2, the devs asked for more time, THQ allowed it and look at how much content the game has!

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Very unlikely, but perhaps MGS4 on 360? There was some rumours about it a long time ago... Would be pretty sweet, big fan of the franchise.

Obvz, that wouldn't be the main announcement, the real one would probably be something like they created a real metal gear aha.

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When the next generation of consoles come out I am sure EA will thrive again. There is always new opportunity with new technology.

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Sigh EA, why do you go for profits on the F2P model... I can accept it with SWTOR, unfortunately, however GENERALS 2? Let's hope the game features an excellent story mode, aswell, which has nothing to do with any microtransactions.

It's a shame that in todays gaming industry mega corporations like EA have the power to control such a large chunk of games and with it, turn them into F2P (microtransaction) games...

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Let's find stuff out first. I signed up for their beta testing all that long time ago, and have always been a fan of the studio; Interested in what the new franchise is :D

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I loved the first one, the story was immense and really pulled me in, this game is going to be amazing, size wise its a lot bigger which also means, more story :) I am a big fan of the writers and the lore of this universe.

I just wish this game would hurry up and come out already :D

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Halo fans ftw.
Btw, is your site just blogger?

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Can't wait. The game can sit proudly inbetween Noble Team, and my Halo 3 Master Chief Helmet :3 .

<3 Halo

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It won't as its a different architecture. Spam and new Windows can't open as it runs differently to a PC. The same way 80%ish of Viruses are developed for Windows.

Also hacks can't use it as it goes direct to internet, not xbox then internet.

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Careful, although a 'fan' may of sent them in, it won't stop MS coming down on you like a ton of bricks, for what's still meant to be behind the NDA

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This is more of a ' I went on amazon looked @ coming soon and wrote an article on it, and then used my affiliate links to try and earn some money' . You could of at least said what you were looking forward to?

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Last Chapter? No it's not. It's the beginning of another trilogy. Halo 3 was the last chapter of it's trilogy. This looks to be a 'great' review.

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To be perfectly honest, even if this game didn't match Crysis, and looked the same as Halo1, it would still shit all over the Crysis gameplay and Story.

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It's coming today, patience!

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