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From our grading explanation,

"Games that receive no stars should be avoided at any price. These are games that are thrown together, sloppy, buggy, and just plain not fun. Games deserving of this rating are the worst of the worst, and are best forgotten."

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Seeing as how The Sims series is one of the best-selling franchises of all time, do you think EA would risk removing DRM & opening the floodgates to piracy?

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While it's not a refund, EA has decided to give a free EA title to all affected users:

Lets hope they learn from this botched release..

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@Cam its been a while since a CoD title has seen so many new features, something Activision should push hard for future releases: something NEW.

@Charted Sadly CoD was never really about stellar graphics, but like you we can dismiss graphics if they're made up for in other aspects in the game

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Elgato's a good contender, but the Roxio's a better bargain.

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