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Sounds like there is a common problem.

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I would love to see the fallout when females are finally in these games. The knife melee kills in some of these games are pretty gritty and graphic. Will it be ok to most women that you are sneaking up behind a woman and plunging a knife into her chest?

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So how do you rectify the situation at this point where there are 300,000,000 guns in America? You need to look at things at the macro and micro level.

Macro: A world without nuclear weapons would be a wonderful place but there is no way our governments would ever totally disarm from them because of the hostile nations that have them already. Yes everyone agrees that we wish we didn't need to have nuclear weapons.

Micro: The US ...

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I would prefer Particle Man. Second would be Triangle Man.

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Make a powerful console that is easy to develop for. Problem solved.

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While i also gripe on the price of mem cards, if someone picks a 7 (no clue how old) year old tech over a current tech because of that small of a price point, you are an idiot.

If you are that strapped for cash, you should probably not be spending anything on a luxury item.

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Why would anyone pay 1/2 the price for one electronic when you could save longer for the most advanced?

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I am not hardcore then. Trying to find a good card for under $200.

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Why do all the Nintendo fans have anime avatars?

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Make it crossbuy with the Vita version and I will.

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Please take the Ga. off the front of your name. You are giving us Georgia people a bad stereotype with your spelling.

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Black Ops: Paintball

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Activision you are idiots! I wanted to give you money. All you had to do was make a half decent game.

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Personally I love the Vita. I travel all the time for work. While sitting on a plane this is the best thing to have. Not to mention it keeps me out of trouble while traveling.

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I would have been looking for "The Contra code" personally.

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I will lol if that was Benedict Arnold.

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Too soon...

I require 3 centuries of grieving time.

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Ignorant comments like yours show why we are so slow in growing as a nation.

Everyone feels the need to bitch about their ancestors being treated wrongly. My ancestors came over way after slavery but because the color of my skin I am made to feel the blame of what happened to the african slaves. I think it is horrible what happened but I guarantee you that every single person has an atrocity that has happened to their ancestors.

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