Wasting time and you would see. How you can lose the precious time. So did to me.


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Everytime they made Frank West game they failed. 2nd and 3rd was the top.

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No online = nope.

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"Playstation 4 vs Xbone 30 fps" at the end XD

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New blood in TM [:

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It's not a rumor at all.
>Head of Treyarch, Mark Lumia, was recently interviewed by German website Gameswelt.
He told that they already got 1080p on PS4 but didn't tell anything about Xbox resolution.

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RE Remastered used MT Framework too and it runs better on PS4. SDK tales are hilarious, like potential in past_ggen. Well paid, m$.

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A good example of dev bribery, m$.

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1 reason why dying light got such press:
1) No money for gaming journalists.

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I dont like the style of article. It sounds more like ms paid it, hm. There's no any framerate issues on PS4 in their vid (some joky 32 fps) and they mentioned this like big issue like XOne lower resolution shadows. C'mon, this isn't professional.

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PC has more agressive grain filter, ps4 has more agressive AA. Also their pc_shots has some extra body shading. In other sides it's identical.

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Music is epic.

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Strange. Revelations 2 in full 3D and with modern renders targets mostly 60 fps and prerendered backgrounds with 3D models only gets 30 fps.

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My country's economy collapsed. This is no way to make something good for console now. And "yes", they made it wrong, too much promises with less content.

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Give Ubisoft Golden Poo award already. Such an awful company.

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New game from Jaffe w/o any support in future with broken online, plz.

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#1 - Summoners War.

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Hypocrisy shouldn't exist. All same things people do in gta or cod games.

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Lol at this hypocrisy. Are they start to forget how they searched a few pixels in ps3/360 multiplatform?

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Evo, make new Motorstorm, please. Stop making ordinary arcades with 30 vehicles. It's 2014.

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PS1/PS2/PSP eras - no patches, full complete games at start.

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