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"Wasting time and you would see. How you can lose the precious time. So did to me."


My country's economy collapsed. This is no way to make something good for console now. And "yes", they made it wrong, too much promises with less content. #15
Give Ubisoft Golden Poo award already. Such an awful company. #16
New game from Jaffe w/o any support in future with broken online, plz. #16
#1 - Summoners War. #14
Hypocrisy shouldn't exist. All same things people do in gta or cod games. #93
Lol at this hypocrisy. Are they start to forget how they searched a few pixels in ps3/360 multiplatform? #56
Evo, make new Motorstorm, please. Stop making ordinary arcades with 30 vehicles. It's 2014. #62
PS1/PS2/PSP eras - no patches, full complete games at start. #13
MY GOSH! They finally come to Smackown 2/SvsR 2006 perfection. To bad it takes 6 years. And don't tell me about PG rating irl.
Invaded. #1
Nice one! After garbage trophies from Chronicles, RE4, CV HD, they finally will make full set. #5
Looks not bad, but I don't believe that unknown studio from my country w/o big money will make good game for console. #17
Not impressed. Even current_gen GTA5 looks more realistic, I'm serious now. Good lie with E3 bullshots. I'm sure that modders will make it more stronger and detailed but this is another story.

Damn, just look at this creep. Dust, lol #35
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Go, Russia, Go! #35
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Who gives a duck if ps4 is best selling current gen console. #45
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New Twisted Metal with glitched trophies, dead support and unstable connection plz #25
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Was the same way with Japan's trial 2 month ago. And only now this glitch comes into news. #57
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Lol, too bad that you know about this lunatic russian boy. #1.6
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Champions (Untold Legend for PSP) - Everquest Spin-off :P #18
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#1 Bayonetta
#2 Bayonetta
#3 Bayonetta
#4 Bayonetta #26
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