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What a disappointing review for a first time review reader XD

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Oh no, a series going on for 20+ years is dying. Give me a break... What do you expect amazing innovation in gameplay, great new Pokemon designs, interesting story, etc,etc, etc. Unfortunately you live on planet earth. Nintendo will do what is best for customers to the extent it also best for their profits and will milk Pokemon till the last drop from the cow's utter. I don't know the numbers but Pokemon is most likely huger than ever thanks to the growing population of earth and demo...

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Where's the content reggie

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@IrisHeart Good obvious statement which can be said about many other franchises but you don't acknowledge that FFXIV is actually doing well now.

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Would Metal Gear Solid 1 count?

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The best is yet to come.

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hmmmmm...Final Fantasy XV-2 releasing 2020

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Eat your heart out Call of Duty

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that makes sense @soldierone) They should actually invest in a company instead of donating.

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I can't wait to use oculus rift for facebook. I want to be able to interact with my friends through a virtual reality device and be surrounded by a wall where I can see everyone posts.

There will now be full 3d body profiles instead of profile pics lmao

they technically are stakeholders if they invested in it so they do have a say. But shit happens

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well in the case of girls generation....yes lol

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you must have an xboner right now.

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MGS4 had a deja vu mission as well as well as an old school snake mask.

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Nah man Kojima gives microsoft metal gear exclusives for free and has tea with the execs.

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Maybe microsoft is going to start using snake as a mascot. lol

They should add a Gray Fox mission.instead of just mgs1 low poly snake for ps4.

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I think it is getting as bad if not worse as ff xii versus because they were both announced at the same conference I believe. lol

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Foxconn produces parts for the majority of popular electronics. Everybody has them (Iphones). They even put up nets to prevent people from committing suicide. China's economy gets a big boost from Child labor and is one of the reason they are manufacturing leaders.

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Finally, gotta go hide all my embarrassing gaming achievements.

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I don't like the mega makes it feel like Digimon.

But the designs are interesting zerocrossing

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Lmao completely was not thinking straight when I typed that. My bad. That would be ridiculous 1 billion would mean about 1/8 of the world had GTA V.

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