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Well you must be because if you read the first two words you would of saw that I didn't say everyone, I said 'a lot'.

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Only on N4G could this extremely great interview Ryan did turn into a "why I don't buy this that or the other anymore". Cool it with the fanboyism for once and listen and enjoy the whole interview. Everything in it was awesome, insightful and inspiring. It made me even more proud to own an Xbox knowing the passion these three guys have for it. The last 5 minutes was especially great cause it got really personal with Sameus and Peter speaking to Phil. That was absolutely from the...

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You're clearly out of the loop because the PlayStation crowd is clearly the new dude bro community.

Besides, I'm sure the amount of people who play splitscreen compared to those who play online coop vastly lean in the direction of online. So it just doesn't make sense anymore.

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A lot of you guys are PS4 players anyways. All these articles downplaying Microsoft games. You know why? It's because of insecurity. And that the competition has nothing to offer this holiday that you can't play on Xbox (besides the Uncharted Collection) halo is fine and will be fine with or without those of you who won't but it because of...splitscreen. So please wait whining and go back and play your PS4.

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So what? Let the PS community become the 'dudebro' community that its been already slowly turning into. Dudebro's are d-bags online anyway. I love what the Xbox Community is becoming. It's becoming more versatile than last gen. And this change is a step in the right direction.

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I hope not. I was thinking they'd just release the other two separately. You might be right though.

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Let the hating begin! Lol Microsoft completely killed it this E3 and Gears goes back to the first game tone and vibe. I love it!

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These screens look awesome but I'm ready for more campaign pictures.

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You know what group is complaining. Here's a hint... It's not xbox fans out even those who own a Xbox One lol this is N4G after all.

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A Sony executive plays a video game and it's news. I follow Phil on XBL and the guy is always playing games except for right now for obvious reasons. This isn't new nor is it news.

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Word is Halo 5 will.

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That is believable but they're already using the app for the Major Nelson weekly show. It's an interactive video app that lets you choose things while you watch whatever they're showing.

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I think you're right! I'd bet on it at least.

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This holds no true weight as to how each game sold on each platform. For one the continuity of the analysis is highly erractic. In one paragraph this person is using retail games then in the next paragraph they're not? I hope this person doesn't have a future in Accounting or Finance because variables such as that will get them laughed at. Two, they say that the games that do out sell they don't have the numbers for? Here's some help, if you're going to write up a comparis...

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Left Microsoft to make a Halo-inspired 'shared world shooter'. Not that drastic of a change.

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I agree and thought the same thing @TheGreatGamer. Usually the game in front is the one that'll have marketing rights. It's never been a alphabetical thing...well at least the past few generations.

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Both! They used to do both games every year.

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Like very little canned animations. I never had a game take control from me as much as 2k basketball.

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This ^^^ I've always wondered why 2k rarely is called out on their scripted animations. I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice it.

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I believe Halo 5 is said to be the first DX12 game on Xbox.

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