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Got my code! We can start playing today! :) #16
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Like hearing DeeJ talk, he always sounds passionate. He got me hyped for Destiny from this interview and the one on Podcast Unlocked. #1
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Microsoft has had this "hit squad" since the 360 glory days I believe. Sony has a team that does the same thing. They're really useful at the beginning of generations. #23.1
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This is what I figured XBL could potentially become...its own social network platform. I'm excited at what this could potentially do! Here's an idea, bring the ability to have clubs or groups with people who have shared interest in games. #19
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Exactly lol June was 4 weeks and 2 days just like July and August will be! #3.5.1
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I think a few of you are forgetting when the new skew was released which was june 9th the week before that obviously saw low sales due to people waiting on the $399 Xbox. #3.3
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Because Sony continues to lose money...that's why. Oh and as a company they're in the red, which is somewhere you don't want to be as a business. #3.1.1
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Their sample is far less than 0.01%, at a certain point the information the poll is trying to convey renders itself useless simply because the sample size is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction, which this would be. If you presented this sample to a business they'd laugh you out of the building. #25.1.1
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The survey was around 6,500 people...and China has how many people again?? In any other industry this wouldn't even be usable data due to the small sample. #11
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PS Fanboy Topics:


When will we get back to talking about the games themselves? Did you like what you saw of the Witcher at E3? Are you interested in the story, the characters and the gameplay? #47
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You didn't take the time to read did you? Smh #1.6.3
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Hypocrisy at its best my friend! I wonder what they'll say for next weeks numbers, if Xone jumps to #1. Will they go back to their old same song or just ignore it. #28.2
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Their original vision for the Xone was something new to the console space but it clearly wasn't wanted. I think the only problem with their original vision was that it had a few "pot holes" thst needed addressing. This industry is stagnant in bringing new or innovative things because console manufacturers, publishers and developers are afraid to try something new or innovative because of unforseen backlash. Thats why we have trilogies turning into 4ths, 5ths and 6ths, because th... #5
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this looked really really good...and brutal! Between this and KI SEASON 2, I'm satisfied when it comes to fighters. #56
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True, that's what Remedy does. As long as it's as good as it looks (gameplay & graphics) then 2015 is fine with me, but there are going to be a few games that try to keep its distance from Halo, especially Microsoft exclusives. #11.1.1
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I bet the release will be in early 2015, probably in March. I just can't see them letting this release during the Halo window and expect it to survive. #11
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I don't know why companies just don't start selling Single player and multiplayer separately. #7
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They for sure did but securing third party exclusives shouldn't be astronomically expensive right now because Xbox is at 4+ million and PS4 is hovering around 7.5, whereas their potential is around 80-100 million, add in the attach rates (which means a lot to publishers) and right now it's easy to see why a third party would do an exclusive. What would surprise me more is 3-4 years down the road and this happens. Right now Microsoft can easily make up the difference from potential PS4... #1.4.1
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I hope! #50.1
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I want this game!!! Buying a Wii U next week! #3
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