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Me too. But if Guerrilla needs more time to make it as good as possible, then please let them have it. I want this game to be perfect.

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Beautiful nature and landscapes. Will be great to roam around.

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I am, for instance, most looking forward to Horizon: Zero Dawn (hopefully) this year, which is presumably an SP only game. And last year Until Dawn and the Witcher3 were among my favorites, like for a lot of people. Personally I like to play games at my own pace and when I have time; not dependant on when other people (friends) are available. I don't think I'm unique in that regard. So no, SP games are here to stay for a long time.

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Quite an incomplete and random little list.

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If I understood it correctly Guerrilla will not show Horizon at this years PSX. I believe they will only attend with RIGS.

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Finally an RPG were the combat looks to be incredible. My most anticipated game of next year. Just wow.

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The leaked concept art indeed seems to indicatie that horse riding is an option. But I would not be surprised at all if we can ride the machines also, including the eagle from the trailer.

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English may not be my first language, but doesn't 'atypical' means that it is not typical? In other words, the writer means to say these network oriented problems are rare for Xbox live. That's how I understand it anyway.

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If there is a Horizon limited edition bundle then I will seriously consider buying my second PS4. When done right it could look cool.

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I think you are referring to EVE: Valkyrie.

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It's indeed a very good looking game. As is 'Horizon', by the way.

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For your information; Quantum Break did not win a best graphics award if you are referring to the SIGGRAPH 2015. It was 'A boy and his Kite' which was awarded for 'Best real time graphics and interactivity'.

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Amazing; hopefully we get to see more at the Paris show.

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I've watched the trailer numerous times, but for some reason watching it dubbed in Japanese makes it a different experience. Hopefully we get some more concrete info about Horizon soon.

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I also love it. I' m currently playing UD and have lost some of my favorite characters. After the game is finished ,I will certainly start a second playthrough and try to save them. Great game and so beautiful.

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Wow, so this is what we can expect in game? Simply amazing. So great Guerrilla is stressing how vast this world is and how varied. Can' t get enough of these tiny snippets of info.

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Everything looks so good. I even like what they are trying to do with the HUD; it's so completely in the same style as the atmosphere of the game. Pretty sure a lot will change during the course of development, but one can already see a glimpse of what they are aiming for. Great stuff.

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To be honest I think they mean big animals like bears and wolves, not mutants. For some reason Horizon does not strike me like having that kind of creatures. But then again, you may be absolutely right. We will see.

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I am really excited about these side quests. It seems they are going to tell much about the world itself and are called 'micro stories' if a German Gamepro article is to be believed:

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I am curious as how we can defend ourselves against those Gatling guns; it seems almost impossible. Cannot wait to try it out.

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