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Yep, Killzone is better than Halo. #29.1.1
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I hope we get a trailer or even some gameplay for Horizon soon. If only to see if it looks and plays as amazing as its concept art suggests. #2
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Personally I find the recoil refreshing after playing shooters with hardly any recoil at all. And I don't think the hit detection is inaccurate. Headshots are instant kills and not to be able kill with one shot otherwise make up for some intense fire fights. But, Again, that is what I like in a shooter. #2
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I agree; playing online is still near to impossible and I am not even trying anymore untill matters have been fully solved. For now I am treating the game as SP only and that part is really good for what it is. Keeping my fingers crossed the online part will be up and running shortly. #1.1
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I can't wait to play it myself when Playstation TV arrives in Europe. I wonder how the controls hold up; I imagine it is more comfortable with a dual shock. #1
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Indeed. To be honest I've not read many reviews regarding Drive Club ( too busy playing it myself) but the AI is quite good actually. Great and informative video. #3
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Looking forward playing this on a big screen. It's easily one of my favorite Vita games. #9
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I own both a Vita and a 3DS, but the Vita gets most of my time. The Vita as a console just oozes quality and its games are just more appealing to me than those on the 3DS. For instance; I am still amazed how well the online portion of Killzone Mercenary plays and how beautiful it looks. And now Freedom Wars is on its way. It's crazy how much games I have bought for the Vita, which shows (to me at least) there are plenty of great games on it to be enjoyed. #31
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If I am not mistaken they started from scratch for the PS4. And they are now also using an updated version of the Killzone Shadow Fall engine. Personally I am looking forward to this particular game. #5.2
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That new pic is amazing. #5
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Indeed very true. KZSF's MP is of the hardest to master among all fps games. There is no aim assist at all. I am still rubbish at it, but still playing it. Assuming there is also an MP in Horizon, I really hope it is as challenging. #51.2
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Not a bear; a warrior wearing a bear pelt. Seeing the robotic dinasaurs and the red headed female protagonist, it seems the early leaks about this game were spot on. It looks amazing. GG is one of my favorite devs, so I am really looking forward to more info. It looks amazing. #30.1
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I assume TGS is mainly focusing on Japanese games; which is great. Any chance for any western games to make their debut? Or is that out of the question. #11
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You can use the dongle; so it's wireless now. There is also an app for the head phone to download. The Pulse works great on the PS4. #7.1
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I really like how Guerrilla is updating the MP regurarly with new maps. Aren't they also going to bring some retro maps? Anyway, KZF is my personal favorite fps at this moment. #3
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Hopefully we'll get to see some of it at this E3. Being a big fan of Guerrilla and the Killzone series I'm more excited to learn about this game than any other. #11
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I was already a big KZ fan and I really enjoyed the SP in Shadow Fall. But the MP is just great. The maps are diverse ( the new and free Canyon map is just amazing ), gorgeous looking and chaotic as Killzone games are supposed to be. And the weapons are so 'meaty' and have no auto-aim. I am very happy with the continued support of Guerrilla Games. Looking forward to their new ip. #7
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Is this the game which was being made on the Killzone 2 engine? I was indeed wondering if it was still in development. A horror game would be great for a VR console. #5
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Just played them and they're huge! Brings back some nice memories of KZ2. Great additions to an already great game. Is it just me or are there more people playing than ever? #5
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It's free for PS+ members. Downloaded it on my Vita this week. #8.1
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