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These will be my first Funko's!

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You are so right.

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I only recently finished Horizon and I have it since day 1; Photo Mode is an important reason why it took me so long. I'm on my second playthrough and I still use it a lot.

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This game looks so stunning. I really hope it gets good reviews.

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For me also, but I am curious as hell. Just a few more weeks of waiting.

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Great cover; I believe there is also an actual art book? Will get them both.

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Wow, so beautiful. But I'll try to avoid further trailers from now on. Hopefully I'm strong enough.

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At least this is a good sign. I have such high hopes for this game, it is not even funny.

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Cool littIe trailer. I have not been so interested in and curious about a game in a long time. I'm kind of biased since Guerrilla is a developer I really like, but the premise of the story seems so intruiging and the gameplay shown is looking fantastic, that I cannot help being excited. Hopefully rightly so.

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I am a fan of Guerrilla so I have high hopes regarding Horizon. Glad to hear it controles smoothly.

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During the Death Stranding panel at PSX they also showed some scenes of a crowded market place. From what I have seen sofar the whole atmosphere of this game seems to be so full of life. I hope it is representative of the full game. I made an exception and gladly per ordered the CE.

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Wow, it looks like you are really hunting. Very fluent gameplay; elegant even. A shame about the bad video quality, but it's clearly a very beautiful game. Hopefully we'll get to see some more regarding the different human factions in following trailers.

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Outselling in the U.S. ( and perhaps the U.K. and Mexico). But in the rest of the world not so much.

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Wow, these flying robots at 2:36 till 2:47 look seriously cool; and that big building or city in the background is quite imposing. The whole atmosphere of this game seems so different from other games.

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This model really looks the real deal; great work from this studio. And the short snippets of actual gameplay look so beautiful.

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Until now I have only read positive hands on articles, which really bodes well for at least the gameplay itself. I hope we get to see more during PGW or PSX. It's only just another 8 months when we can play this game. Looking forward to it.

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I fully agree. I am glad they are taking their time with Horizon. The gameplay itself already seems universally liked, so when can polish everything and create as much content as possible, we could have a classic here.

And the enemy A.I. is indeed impressive. I have very high hopes for this one.

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Damn, what a great trailer. I fully expect a live demo on the E3 stage.

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It's amazing and a little bit frightening at the same time. Imagine when its AI will surpass ours. Still fascinating what they are able to do already. And it makes Horizon as a concept not far fetched at all.

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Me too. But if Guerrilla needs more time to make it as good as possible, then please let them have it. I want this game to be perfect.

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