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Is it confirmed this game takes place in what once was the US? In that case you have a point. #18.1.2
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I am pretty sure there will be guns of some sort, but just not the heavy types like machine guns, as is stated in the article. Only the ones attached to the machines are really powerful, but they seem to able to be used for only a limited amount of time. #18.1
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If I am not mistaken there is a gun shown in one of the leaked pieces of concept art. But it seems to be an archaic model, not very powerful as opposed to the firepower the machines are carrying.
Which is great regarding the gameplay. Cannot wait for more information about this game. #12
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I completely agree; the KZ games are my only choice when it concerns FPS nowadays. But it is nice to see what GG is capable of in a really open world setting. Until now it seems to be shaping up just great. The story of Horizon sounds intruiging, everything looks stunning and the combat so fluently and impactful for an open world rpg. #1.1
Knowing GG and their MP experience, I am sure they will come up with some kind of meaningful implementation of Multi Player. But personally I would not mind an SP only game. Perhaps they can do a seperate Multi Player afterwards, based on the Horizon world. It's still so far off, we can only guess. #1.2
The wait will be long for Horizon. Easily my most anticipated game at this moment. #7
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That is indeed one cool cover. I'd like to have a poster of that. #2
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Not all robotic creatures look like dinosaurs; besides the giant eagle in the trailer there also robo dogs to be seen in the concept art shown in the behind closed doors demo. #11.2
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@ Dark. Perhaps you should wait for the full game, instead of already have an opinion after a few minutes of gameplay. In my opinion Aloy seems to be a character one could grow into someone
to be much very fond of. #4
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My most anticipated game of 2016. At least, I hope GG can have it finished by then. But if they need some more time, then so be it. I want this game to be as awesome as possible. #4
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God, I don't know how many times I've seen the gameplay trailer now. It keeps being amazing every time. #41
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Such a beautiful world and amazing gameplay! #60
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Yep, Killzone is better than Halo. #29.1.1
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I hope we get a trailer or even some gameplay for Horizon soon. If only to see if it looks and plays as amazing as its concept art suggests. #2
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Personally I find the recoil refreshing after playing shooters with hardly any recoil at all. And I don't think the hit detection is inaccurate. Headshots are instant kills and not to be able kill with one shot otherwise make up for some intense fire fights. But, Again, that is what I like in a shooter. #2
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I agree; playing online is still near to impossible and I am not even trying anymore untill matters have been fully solved. For now I am treating the game as SP only and that part is really good for what it is. Keeping my fingers crossed the online part will be up and running shortly. #1.1
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I can't wait to play it myself when Playstation TV arrives in Europe. I wonder how the controls hold up; I imagine it is more comfortable with a dual shock. #1
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Indeed. To be honest I've not read many reviews regarding Drive Club ( too busy playing it myself) but the AI is quite good actually. Great and informative video. #3
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Looking forward playing this on a big screen. It's easily one of my favorite Vita games. #9
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I own both a Vita and a 3DS, but the Vita gets most of my time. The Vita as a console just oozes quality and its games are just more appealing to me than those on the 3DS. For instance; I am still amazed how well the online portion of Killzone Mercenary plays and how beautiful it looks. And now Freedom Wars is on its way. It's crazy how much games I have bought for the Vita, which shows (to me at least) there are plenty of great games on it to be enjoyed. #31
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