Surviving in Tokyo


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you chose the wrong side last year Keiji Inafune. rest in pieces

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will it pay off? by entering the next generation of consoles years too early? hahahaha

oh wait you were being serious.
let me laugh even louder


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no, you see you get two games for that price... oh wait. I see. so you're one of people hating on infinte warfare to be a part of the trend. doesn't really bother the rest of use excited for both games. youre the one we will be laughing at when you pay that much money for a remastered game alone. gonna be hilarious!

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(shoots at the ground for 15 minutes. spins around 10 time. randomly fires on auto for 2 minutes and accidentally kills an enemy)

yeah, its a polygon video alright

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you supported advanced warfare, those futuristic black ops, along with their zombies. but space, that's where you draw the line? right....

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ohhh noooo. why? I am so shocked. its not right. this is like the only game I wanna play on the ps4. now my life is incomplete.

HAHA it was all a ruse! I never planned on playing this stupid game anyway

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the only thing that blew my mind was your assumption that your pc revelation would blow it. disappointed?now I blew your mind

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"yes we know you paid $500 for the new console a year ago, but in order to play our new game you must use the next ram and cpu upgrade from your console maker"

oh yeah. thats sure to sell numbers.

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using the ps4 neo of course because like all the hypochondriacs are saying "psvr wont work on launch systems. it has to be a neo. thats why they are making the neo"

waiiiiiit... you mean to say people will be able to test it on a launch system with no issue? but but... the stuff people said...

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FINALLY! Someone that gets it! kudos to you. keep spreading the facts

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Ubisoft have designed thia game to market to a specific audience. Their character design was intentional from the very beginning. And those people the game was designed for will buy the game and enjoy it because it was made for them. a lot of people won't buy it. Yes some may be racist, but just like in every modern country, the racist are a small minority. most are not going to buy it because they are not a part of the crowd it was made for.

and yet... here comes the...

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"acording to a nobody, something something something. so that means this and this and this. what we say is fact because we are something something this that and the other."

a summary of their story

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cant afford to buy games to review. gets game free on ps+. declares worst game of the year. ign and kotaku must be battling to hire this guy

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i called it. Kirk (male Patricia) Hamilton reviewing it and declaring it game of the year. hilarious! Nooooo... not shown any favoritism at all...

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That? thanks.

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I'm gonna predict kotakus review

"11/10. masterpiece. best game of the century. must buy. the hero is a million times better than any male character." - Patricia Hernandez

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punishment is fine. its easy to not be punished. just DON'T CHEAT

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how to get free hits on an unknown gaming website? take a newly released games and give it a terrible score. then just sit back, relax, and wait for all the clicks from people opposing his ridiculous score.

this guy should work for kotaku!

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so just become one guy makes the claim that vr will be terrible on the launch consoles, you claim it as fact?

here is a fact: people have been able to test ps vr for the past year or so with a flawless gaming experience.

were they somehow playing it on a console that doesnt even exist yet???

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oh the old Kotaku method. write something controversial and get thousands of hits from people writing about how stupid the author is. some in kotaku should give this guy a job.

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