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"Surviving in Tokyo"


Yes. It's very unfortunate that these people are not getting the attention they deserve. They are doing something great and helpful for the gaming community. And the reason they are not getting the promotion they deserve is because of Zoe Quinn, Kotaku, and their white knights.

So if you are a gamer and support the positive actions of TFYC, spread the word and remember to add #GamerGate to your tweets.

Boycott Zoe Quinn. Give her no press. Don't abuse... #6
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Kotaku and their friends think that mocking us is going to end all this and make it just go away little by little. All it's doing is make us bigger, stronger, and angrier. The longer they push us the more it's going to hurt them when it comes to an end.

One of the latest tactics is contacting the companies and businesses that advertise on their sites and letting them know how they are being represented and what their audiences is being treated like. We have had severa... #5
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I still want to see heads roll. Heaps of people still do I'm sure. Heads will roll, one way or another, someone is going to pay for this. And it may as well be the person that started it. #1.2
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PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE have some decent hard rock and metal. They cater to everyone else but lovers of these genres!

And I also agree with the list that Foxtrot has written. Some nice oldie music would be most welcome. Strange to say that the music we grew up on in the 90's and on will be pretty soon considered oldies themselves. Britney Spears... oldie. HAHA #5
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This cannot just DIE. This has to be resolved. The people fighting are fighting for a resolution. For actions to be taken against those that have soiled gaming journalism.

Letting it "die" is what Kotaku want. They want it to die so then 1: they don't have to punish any of their staff, and 2: they can then continue to act as they always have without a care in the world.

Heads. Have. To. Roll.

This is one controversy that Kotaku... #2.2
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You know the saddest thing? This has been going on at Kotaku FOR YEARS! YEARS! People have been talking about it, being blocked and banned for it, yet it took until now for the majority of the people to actually stand up and say "oh wow, they are doing some pretty bad things for the occupation that they are in".

But the good thing is that our voices are finally being listened to and people can see kotaku for what they really are. They are a cancer that has been grow... #6
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That is fantastic! But please for the love of god... never even dream about giving Zoe Quinn even the slightest bit of attention with your project. Even out the kindness of your heart. No way in the world does she deserve any kind of promotion.

But I have a question. It's been rattling my brain. You have all seen her pictures right? How in the world did she hook up with 5 guys? I mean... were they blind or something? #3
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I only have one comment, so I'll make it count.

This women was the first thing that made their viewers look at the website and say "huh... something wrong is going on here". It was going wrong for a very very long time, but that woman, the pathetic excuse for a journalist, was so horrible at her job that is become obvious to everyone except for their die hard white knight fanboys.

She screams sexism and then goes on to be blatantly biased agains... #2
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Finally! A win for the good guys! #6
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Stopped reading Kotaku years ago. Attended one of their parties in Tokyo, and while drunk, their local Brian Ashcraft spoke about his sexual escapades with teenage Japanese girls. he writes about 70% of the stuff on there, so I can't read it knowing some pedophile contributes so much.

And this recent episode with "Burger and fries" and her boyfriend Nathan Grayson is absolutely pathetic. He did it, got caught doing it, they deleted and censored comments calling... #6
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The "console seller" is being abandoned already? HAHAHAHA #10
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Some people here are saying that the writer means something innocent when he says "fell in love with", but after reading a few sentences it's more likely he is talking about LOVE in the sexual way. And that makes it all pretty sick.

Some might say "oh it's ok because the actress it is portrayed on is over 18". Yeah, some people tried that defense when they were caught with their illegal Japanese adult animated films featuring young looking girls. D... #8
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What's with the name? #1
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But totally ok for MS to do and have done this for many many years, right?

The hypocrisy detector just exploded! #1.5.8
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It's been confirmed. The FBI are looking for a group of virgins losers in their 30's living in their parents basements.

UPDATE: Some priest, scout leaders, and uncles have come forward with further information claiming that they are in fact... not virgins. #72
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This story, and more, here LIVE on.... "STUFF WE KNEW 3 YEARS AGO!" #19
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HAHAHA what is with that update? Games are a crucial part of debating this topic! It's like they are saying "my dad is better than your dad but you can't use any facts or evidence to claim it's not true". Really REALLY lame and stupid. Absolutely childish.

And if anyone wanted to they could BUILD a pc that is just as powerful as this low end steam machine... for even LESS money! So maybe I should go write an article called "Home Built PC beats Low E... #71
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But... it's ok when writers write stuff like that when it praises the xbone? How hypocritical of you. #1.17
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Well.... all except for the fact that when he claimed she was being sexually harassed and someone came forward and announced that he had been sexually harassed by her at a wedding to which he told him to STFU.

Hypocritical is a massive understatement.

She claims to be this feminist hero, when at the heart of it she is sleeping with various guys, cheats on her partner, and when she thinks she is going to be exposed as being FAKE she plays the victim. PA-thetic. #19
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So EVEN THOUGH the PS4 IS technically superior (as has been proven time after time with cold hard evidence, facts if you will) it only sold better because of "hype"?

Did I mention there are actual FACTS that prove the PS4 is the superior machine technically? Ya know, that is kind of something that helps people make a decision about which console to purchase.

Either way... the fanboyism of this writer is SCREAMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG obvious! #84
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