Surviving in Tokyo


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oh must be true because its bukaku


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Some of those 'indies' are much worse than a lot of aaa's. 

A terrible game is a terrible game regardless.

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farming simulator 17
next month

now, dont you feel stupid

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everybody hated on sony for weeks, but they then relasized that other games on ps4 were still gonna have mods. so yeah... F bethesda.

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guy says new music. all of a suddeny MP confirmed?

lol prepare to be disappointed again. its exactly like the launch. the launch said THIS, but people saw THAT.

people, stop imagining stuff

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can scorpio beat the competition? sure, seeing as its a next gen system and their competitors haven't released their next gen systems yet. but when they do and they are twice as powerful as the Scorpio... well you get the picture

scorpio isnt next gen? just watch the devs talk about it at e3. it's gonna have scorpio only games. NEXT GEN

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another viking clap?
oh, nobody is clapping...
I guess nobody cares.
all they are doing is letting their fans down not taking the invitation

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"hi. we are an unknown unpopular website so we decided to give this popular game a terrible score in order to draw controversy an gain a lot of views (aka: the kotaku)"

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how about NOPE!

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umm congratulations?
do you want a cookie or something?
you know, to take the taste of all that saltiness out of your mouth

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lol at people thinking they are gonna sell this for $20 or cheaply. then when you realize getting in the buddle is cheaper in the end and just get it anyway.


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cant they write something like this about the true slime of gaming "journalism?

buka.... I mean kotaku

you could write a series of novels from the trash they employ there

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the game maker supported kotaku and their minions during gamergate. that alarm bell was loud and clear. washed my hands of it all together

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I liked forza under its original name and on its original console, which was the best console ever made.

the xbox is... bleh

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oh you have all the consoles?

you're one of "those" people...

that does explain a lot. COUGH entitled COUGH mr perfect COUGH COUGH

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ps4 pro is current gen. the Scorpio, given its description at e3 and afterwards, is going to have some exclusive games with xbone backwards compatibility... NEXT GEN.

So I take your opinion and make a better one. im gonna buy a pro and enjoy this generation, and then when the next gen is meant to happen I will buy sonys next gen system that by that time will blow scorpio out of the water

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kotaku is concerned?
oh wait you're being serious
let me laugh even louder

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from the team that gave us "spin around in a circle and not be able to shoot anything so doom is a sucky game" comes "wow this hyped game is stupid because we are professionals and because we said so"

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Microsoft is releasing a next gen system years before its competition. oh yeah. its gonna wim big... that is until sony releases its real next gen system at the right time and blows it out of the water

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