Surviving in Tokyo


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that update just makes this even more hilarious

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and yet, thisgengaming proceeded to break the review embargo


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im sure they have ambitions of working at bukaku lol

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shopping list

1. tissues
2. lube

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a 10 hour vr experience is short?

jog on. having a biased opinion is not suitable to be writing about video games

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cool story bro

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I got both because I am not a poor hobo. I couldn't be more content

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oh wait you were being serious. let me laugh even louder


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yeah sure
because they only spent tens of millions of dollars making it so obviously they are going to abandon it a few months later

seems legit


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10 hours for a game

10 hours for a vr game
oh hell yeah

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Problems in Gaming #One – people that think they are gaming journalists

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lol at all the idiots that are ok with digital only gaming

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blaming australia because capcom want to get their ancient game into as many hands as possible? way to go their Einstein. that intelligence of yours sure is impressive

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at least we shear our sheep instead a sharing them

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the ps4 slim and pro, various versions of the ps3 and psp, and people are surprised that a new vr model is incoming? a......dirrrrrrrrrrrrr

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just modern

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wow I hope the poster is the writer from the link because THAT is the worst website layout I have seen for a very long time

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