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"Surviving in Tokyo"


It's funny when guys like this infected guy start off by saying that 1080p isn't important and the only important thing is gameplay, then they proceed to list a bunch of titles that they think are native 1080p without and downgrading or sacrificing to get it there. They just contradict themselves. #1.1.43
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Right, because i named you by name and singled you out as an xbone fanboy. Oh wait... I totally didn't. I was referring to the comments by people specifically mentioning their xbones.

But you however did single me out as not being a true fan of the Sony consoles. So... hypocritical much?

Either way I'm happy with my ps4. It does what it's supposed to do. It plays games. If you as a "true Sony fan of the ps3 and 4" absolutely need the abi... #12.2
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Already some comments from xbone fanboys on here gloating.

Dear xbone fanboys
Welcome to Cinavia

Sony #12
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"Ugggggg.... So sick of WWII games. Why don't they make something different? Please no more WWII games. Please make some modern games." - everyone

"Oh my god... Modern warfare is the worst series ever. They should make WWII games again. They were the best. I don't know why they even changed." - everyone

Give it a year or two. They will start complaining, AGAIN. #49
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Right... so a device that works along with the most powerful and hottest selling console this generation is going to die. One of the best features of the ps4, and it's going to die this early in its lifetime.

Also, pigs can fly. #7
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Right, because Sony with their more popular and powerful console are worried about Microsoft rereleasing a bunch of halo games, some from 2 generations ago, that can't even be played in full hd. Yeah... They are shaking in their boots.

Hahaha nice joke #3.6
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Sooo... it's never going to release it then.

Come on! The fanboy trolling of this article is so blatant. Why not write a rumor that ms are going to release a more powerful version of the xbone to make up for its failures? Oh? You wouldn't write a negative rumor about your beloved ms?

Fail writer writes a fail article. Move along nothing to see here. #10
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You want a japanese cultural expert? Ok. I've lived in Japan for over 20 years and have seen each ms console launch and fail In Japan. What kingtory an amnohero said are 100% accurate. The japanese people consider Xbox the biggest joke in gaming. Fact! You asked for an experts opinion and got it. Feel free to apologize. #1.1.15
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This is absolutely ridiculous. The people complaining about the focus on resolution and fps are the ones supporting the console that is lacking in both this generation. You want us to ignore these features of games? You think neither are important? What you are saying is that instead of a new generation of gaming, you just want a machine that is exactly the same as the previous one. This IS what you are saying when you telling people that higher resolution and fps are not important.
... #14
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So basically Patricia and the rest of the morons at Kotaku. #1.1.1
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Not sure how they would make it happen, but when scoping up/aiming down sight the left eye (because all users are apparently right handed in games) should be blacked out. Would it be as simple as just blacking out the left side of the device? #1.1.1
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Does it actually recreate accurate aim down sight/scope? Or is it just fps for the head tv? #1
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It's funny the people here using killzone as an excuse. Killzone pushed the limits of the new machine (as much as an entry tile could I guess) while halo 2 is HOW OLD? And they can't get it to run at full def? Fail to those using killzone as an excuse, and SUPER fail to ms in no being able to upgrade a game made 2 generations ago to the current gen standards. #23
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Tigrex, that word doesn't belong on here. Doesn't belong in any comment, argument, or opinion in life. Maybe it's acceptable in your world, but in the real word it's not. #4.1.2
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Which part of "NOT FINAL PRICES" do these wannabe writers not understand? #73
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I never thought I would find a website worse that kotaku... I still haven't, BUT this website comes very close.

Whoever wrote it obviously knows nothing about the game. There is one... ONE simple fact about the game that would completely destroy his pathetic opinion. #110
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I get disagrees for telling the truth? I see... The butthurtedness (if that's even a word) is clear is each disagree.

It's the truth. If they put it in, it will have Cinavia, and you will all complain again. Complaining didnt remove it from ps3. Good luck on ps4. #5.2
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Video files? Waste of time. Cinavia will be there, no doubt. So that part I would just forget about. #5
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We? As long as you mean "we" as in "you and the rest of the people involved in your... Whatever you want to call it". Cause I don't share your belief. A lot of people don't share it. So don't say we like you represent the world. #2
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No. Actually what happened is that xbone fanboys jumped the gun after finding something they thought they could bash Sony with and instead of doing some research before making their claim they came out looking like fools when the official statement came out.


It was actually really funny. I know it's not nice to laugh at people that fall flat on their faces, but I just can't help it. #53.1
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