Surviving in Tokyo


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What if... no

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Look at me look at me look at me!

I wrote a controversial story because I want people to click on my unknown website!

classic kotaku trick

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oh no

a free to play mobile game charging money to get ahead?
This has NEVER happened before!
Thank you for bringing this to our attention Mr. Professional Game Journalist!


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Each to their own. I'm going to play it and love it, just like a lot of other people will.

I seem to recall Patricia HRSFC Hernandez of the "professional journalistic" website Kotaku announcing to the world that she had played the beta of Destiny and that it was "the most boring game that has ever been made and it will not last". Now? All Kotaku posts is about them playing it. turns out it was a good game and many people like it so they post about it (...

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Last generation you cared. Last generation you probably used the sales as a gloating point hundreds of times. But now that Sony is outselling Microsoft, all of a sudden you "don't care"...

How nice of you.
Nice, and hypocritical of you.

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They are just continuing the biased agenda that that pathetic joke of a website Kotaku started. Pay no attention to them. Its like a single ant on a soccer pitch (insignificant).

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San Andreas? Look, I know the rest of the porn games you listed do have sexual content, but they are meant to. The game of San Andreas, the one you purchase, does not have any strong sexual content. Heck if you consider that game to have strong sexual content because of a mod then someone else using your logic could put make some mod for my little pony and have that at the number 1 spot.

8 of the 10 were porn, one a single scene, and one out of place.

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Wow... people still read Kotaku?

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I had to post just to say that reading that title gave me a massive headache lol lol lol

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I saw the title "worst ps4 games" and a picture of Killzone. I didn't come here to read his list. I just came here to leave a comment about his lack of gaming sense. Reading some of the other comments here I can see that I was right as a lot of other decent games have made it onto his list. So he is either a hardcore MS fan that thinks that anything that isn't Halo is terrible, or an inexperienced gamer... that thinks anything that isn't Halo is terrible.

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Oh, a groundbreaking story from the talented folk at Kotaku... HAHAHAHA sorry sorry I can't say that and keep a straight face!

Voted WTF and NO.

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Just an FYI to the poster or website the story is from (whoever made the picture)

The background image of the Imperial Japanese flag, while still in use on some commercial products, is considered controversial in countries like Korea and China and the use of it is deemed offensive. If you were going to make a story related to Japan you should refrain from using that image.

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How to get hits on your unknown gaming website

Step 1: Make a controversial statement about an upcoming game that lots of people are excited about and are anticipating the release of even if you yourself don't believe in the statement.

Step 2: Wait.

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Oh a Kotaku article?

Ok... let me vote in a way they is similar to their treatment of gamers.

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Actually... that is one of the fun parts. You know the ones going for it. Always camping and boosting. Dude, they deserve to fail.

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Honestly, I like the game. it's not the first game to have launch problems. Heck, suddenly GTAV did no wrong? LOL! If you like it, you work through it. The devs are committed to giving you the experience they worked hard for. If it aint there, they were work at it until it is.

For the people complaining, the solution is simple... STOP BUYING GAMES SO EARLY! Clearly these instances push your mind to a state or insanity, so just stop. Wait for 100 reviews. Don't preorde...

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You know what I love? I love how everyone is accusing gamergate supporters of doxxing, abusing, tormenting, threatening, and lots of other nasty things. But even though, EVEN THOUGH anti-gamergate people ARE publicly doing these things, the writers just IGNORE it. Like... it doesn't happen. Even though it does. Even though there is factual evidence that those in anti-gamergate are doing these bad things. Because, ya know, when one particular writer from The Outerhaven chooses to blatantly...

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Oh wow, using a tragedy to promote your own agenda. Really nice of you.

So when are you going to interview me? I can tell you about the death threats sent to me, as well as the death threats and threats of rape sent to my other friends in gamergate. Oh, you're not going to listen to my story? No kidding. Because when anti gg says it happens it's real, but when it happens to me it's not? I see. Explain to me how you're not a complete hypocrite and poor excuse f...

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Are you kidding? Whatever you are doing to research, you should probably change it quick. Every day GG supporters are speaking out against harassment. Every day GG supporters are being abused, insulted, attacked, doxxed, and threatened. But you don't see that. You either don't because A: The media won't report about anything supporting GG (hence the fight for journalistic ethics), or B: You just don't want to see it. I have myself had death threats sent to me by people very cl...

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