Surviving in Tokyo


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I was gonna click this till I saw thisgengaming

So I left and did something worth my time

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There are two types of people in the world

Those that think final Fantasy 7 is the best final fantasy game ever

And those that are wrong

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Hitman, there is no need to go all deacon 6 defence on the opinionpiece that you wrote. A lot of what you wrote in your story can be refuted with evidence. Just learn to admit that you may have made some mistakes in your story.

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You can’t be for real. They have to treat these threats like they are the real deal. If they turned up at every situation with the thought they need to determine if its legitimate or not real people are going to die.

And this gamer is literally going to get away with murder

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Multiple 12 inches of justice
Every day
For 2 years

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If it were a top 5 worst one person would take all 5 slots

Patricia “the Horse” Hernandez

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Opinion: why complain now when this has been going on for the better part of a decade

It’s only become a negative NOW?

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Sony is well within their right to reject console crossplay

But think about this... if Sony were to say they’ve wouldnt do something, it would be quite easy then for their competition to say they would do it but not mean it in order to gather support. Like if Microsoft came out tomorrow and said they will not add an emulator to play PlayStation games on the Xbox, but Sony were like hell yeah we would totally let you play Xbox games on our console but we can’t because Micro...

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Buy the World’s Most Powerful Console; Get A gimped multiplayer game

Fixed the title

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S= stupidly have to gimp an upgraded console because it would be too much of an advantage over the owners of the original console on mp games

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Xbox one has an advantage over the x? Cool so let’s give them x that 60fps advantage over the one

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It either a paid demo or a game release

So we either paid them money to allow us to beta test their game, or we paid for a shoddy product

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Say it for what it is

We paid to be beta testers

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Because as you know that vagina actually doesn’t exist

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I for one enjoy watching all the snow flakes getting triggered and nobody caring lol

I say trigger them more. Its hilarious

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THe 30fps on the Xbox one x really kills the experience. Why bother making a more powerful system when you are going to gimp every mp game because the stock Xbox one exists

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“Overzealous PC idiots get triggered again”

There, fixed the title for you

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This whole idiotic bloodthirsty agenda began when a certain non gamer got crowd funded to make videos spreading her PC hate speech about games she’s never played

And now it’s her clones taking every chance to attack games that trigger them

Hopefully game makers just ignore these idiots and continue to deliver their games the way they envisioned them to be

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Bukaku has an opinion. Cool. I’ll wait for a real website to talk about it

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