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but wow
absolutely NONE of those games are anything like NMS. not only in environment ans gameplay, but also in spirit. you could have made a story about ONE game to play before NMS. that game? minecraft.

your list is just ridiculous. why would I play a trilogy of 3rd person shooters in preparation for a game about exploration, mining, construction, and gathering?

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star citizen

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except it being blatantly advertised. so yeah, mods are there

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day one buy. sucks you all dont wanna buy it, but hey no skin off my NS

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thanks for taking the time to write your concerns to us. in reply

A: who are you?
B: no

Avalanche Studios

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BC is not a requirement. thats why they call it next gen. if you had the previous gen and a collection of games the smart thing to do would be to keep that old console. the stupid idiotic moronic thing to do would be to sell it and cry when the next gen is more focused on next gen gaming.

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what are they talking about? I watch photo realistic porn on my ps4 every day

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is sony scared that Microsoft is releasing a next gen system in the middle of the current gen? nice joke

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I like your vocabulary my friend

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they complain because its an opportunity to complain. these people complaining are not going to buy the game. its just a target to them. I think the devs should just ignore these mongrel morons and make the game they want to make

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a game where all men are strutting around in sexy swimwear and all the female characters are in long slacks and long sleeved shirts. so that will please feminists, right?


again morons will complain. why? because you love complaining to further your sexist campaign

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have fun when nobody buys your games and you lose millions of dollars when you put plain, fully clothed women in the games. thats gonna be HILARIOUS!

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love the authenticity of Jason teleporting around the map because like every fan of friday the 13th we all remember that ability from the movies...

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this just in!!!

water is wet

more news at 11

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you chose the wrong side last year Keiji Inafune. rest in pieces

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will it pay off? by entering the next generation of consoles years too early? hahahaha

oh wait you were being serious.
let me laugh even louder


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no, you see you get two games for that price... oh wait. I see. so you're one of people hating on infinte warfare to be a part of the trend. doesn't really bother the rest of use excited for both games. youre the one we will be laughing at when you pay that much money for a remastered game alone. gonna be hilarious!

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(shoots at the ground for 15 minutes. spins around 10 time. randomly fires on auto for 2 minutes and accidentally kills an enemy)

yeah, its a polygon video alright

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you supported advanced warfare, those futuristic black ops, along with their zombies. but space, that's where you draw the line? right....

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ohhh noooo. why? I am so shocked. its not right. this is like the only game I wanna play on the ps4. now my life is incomplete.

HAHA it was all a ruse! I never planned on playing this stupid game anyway

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