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Let's be honest. Disliking CoD is "cool". It doesn't matter if it's good or not. I'm still undecided... but if someone likes CoD, they're suddenly not a "real gamer". Sad but true. I say play what you enjoy;

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Dark Souls 3 could. That's what!
...let me hope

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I'd say Dark Souls 2, if only because the last boss was a damned joke and the ending lacked even a basic choice... and the new final boss they added in Scholar of the First Sin is even easier, but at least his ending is a little more satisfying...

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It DEFINITELY could have ended better, but I also have the feeling that we would have been disappointed regardless. It would be damn difficult to make a satisfying ending to that trilogy.

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Them and From Software are my top 2 for certain.

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Destiny is anything but a perfect game... but go through the official forums and cringe at the entitled children. It's quite sad. Then again... a lot ARE children

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A click bait review at its finest... Or worst rather

I think the game is fine. A solid 7 or 7.5
Good. Nothing amazing. But 3 is an obvious attention seeking score

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I play all 3 consoles and PC and I approve of this pairing.

Wherefore art thou, Xbox?

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Yes you are clearly part of the problem for enjoying a game you bought and having several hours of fun! How dare you!

Ignore that guy. You enjoyed it. That's what matters

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Crossbuy is nice but how would they possibly implement it? There's no real way to show evidence without mailing them your old receipt from when you bought said PS2 game. Putting and old PS2 game into your ps4 wouldn't suddenly make your PS4 acknowledge that you have a specific PS2 game. PS2 games weren't coded to be individually recognized if I recall

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Did people expect to not pay for them?
Of course they were going to charge

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Darn. He got my hopes up. Like some unadvertised surprise. I'm still happy to have gotten a Pip boy edition regardless, though... so I can't complain

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That's very kind of them. Say what you want about Pewdiepie (I can't stand his videos, but I hear he's a fantastic person) That's still a very cool thing

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If they didn't have Hot Dog Man, I'd have been upset. They did not disappoint me.

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Games have become more VARIED.
There ARE easier games, but also much more difficult games. This only broadens the audience as a whole.

For every Kirby's Epic Yarn there's a Dark Souls or Witcher

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There's already a patch in the works, and they delayed Trials of Osiris until it's fixed.

I approve

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I'd agree that it's not really a Rainbow 6 game, having played them all. That being said, I disagree on it being a cheap Counter Strike ripoff. It's clearly inspired by it, but it also has its own flavor and has a lot more depth than CS in terms of environment, sound design, and gameplay.

But yeah. It shouldn't be a R6 game.

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If they don't fix the matchmaking before the open beta, and balance out the characters, I don't think I'll buy it at launch. It's very fun to play, and the sound design is excellent, but goddamn, the matchmaking is pretty awful. It's a multiplayer-only game. Matchmaking is sort of important. $60 is pretty heavy as well... and that's before the season pass.

I enjoyed playing it when I could find a match. But some characters are just SUPER OP. Such a sha...

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If you don't like them, don't buy them. I like them for the sake of simplicity. Having most of the games I like on one console. I rebought FFX HD on ps4 after ps3, and I'm hoping for a Metal Gear Solid legacy rerelease (becoming less and less likely, though.)

It's usually less than the usual $60 price tag and easier for developers to put out. I see no real downside to rereleases. There is nothing forcing you to buy them.

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A surprisingly fair article

In the end I just think it's the story of a man who bit off more than he could chew and is too proud (Even arrogant. Not sure) to admit it.

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