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So we should buy the game, then tell ourselves whether we should buy it or not? Yeah, no. The best game reviewer is someone who can objectively tell what works and what doesn't in the game.

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I haven't gotten one.

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It's rated T because there's no spider tits.

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Except Steam usually does 5 or 10%, not 25%, that's massive for a game that isn't even out. Linch is right, no faith for this, and with good reason too.

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Can these people just admit they're just hopping on a bandwagon and are a complete waste of life, then shut up? It's really annoying to see these people anywhere on Earth.

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The only problem I see with that, is that the Xbox/Playstation versions of Battlefield 4 are already optimized, and Mantle is just optimizing for PC. So knowing that, it's hard to tell whether we'll be seeing Mantle used on consoles. It could go either way.

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The Kinect is about 1/6th of the price of the Xbox One, about $50 to $60 to make

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It's not intentional, it's a mistake made in haste. The price goes back up when they realize they goofed.

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I hate EA, but they didn't go behind Respawn's back, Respawn stated in an interview that they wanted to focus on one platform.

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Is there any more to this story or just more pointless shit journalism? I've got a kickass gamerscore but I'm not waving my dick around, and definitely not writing a damn article about it.

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How dare a medium advance as an art form! How dare someone try to tell a good story in a powerful medium! Hey bud, if you wanna play games for fun then that's fine, but don't condemn a game because it tells a better story than others. That's stupid. Complaining about something being better at no extra cost? And you think that's bad? Why?

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4 Titans, then just cut out the inflation of pre-built.

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What a ripoff, $13K and I'm not seeing 4 Titans and 4TBs of SSDs? I can make an expensive and impractical PC, make the case a Hummer made out of Solid Gold, BFD.

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No it wouldn't, it would just have to be good.

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That was pretty normal.
Hell I see people do that with ATVs. It's not that amazing.

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So it's impossible for MS to ever release a patch for Twitch on Xbox One, at any point, ever, no matter what happens, it can never be patched. Not only that, but it's impossible that Twitch on the Xbox One, which we haven't seen, can't possibly be better than PS4's Twitch in any way, just impossible.

That's what you said with your title, stop being dumb.
And your article is pretty flawed too, just stop. Calm down, take a deep breath, and think....

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Fixed it for you

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I feel like you missed the point.
They wanted to build an obscenely powerful PC with incredibly expensive parts. Hence the expensive and powerful parts.

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Sour Cream?

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