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Nintendo is still going to be a E3. They are still planning on having two events. Plus they are going to be showing games off. They did not drop out.

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Look its very simple. Everything is Nintendo's fault. Move along nothing new here.

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I am glad he is saying this. For all the doom that Nintendo gets it seems like from almost everyone. Way to go Reggie.

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That's great what he says about Wii U, but i think he needs to make a game for the system. Praise Nintendo all you want, but come on make a game for them.

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How ignorant can people be by saying that the wii U is not next gen. The stupidity in some comments when it comes to anything Wii U is amazing.

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Short answer is hell yea.

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I don't care,i just want to play it.

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Sure when EA puts shitty ports on the 3DS. Its not there fault it did not sell, its because they cant compete with Nintendo. Its all Nintendo's fault. These publishers need slapped right across the face for being so stupid and dumb.

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Don't underestimate the power of boobs my young Padawan.

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I could see Nintendo launching the Wii U a week or two after E3 2012.

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Sorry writes. Thanks meganick.

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Really who rights these articles. wow.

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No, no, no and no. I am starting to get sick of these stupid articles. Wow.

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I like it a lot. Cant wait to see 3d movies on it.

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Doom, doom and more doom. It will never end everyone is still against the wii.

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Wrong it is possible. Box/manual for Call of Duty: Black Ops on Wii

"Expand your experience with downloadable content from the Call Of Duty Store. All downloaded content includes new features and maps found in Call Of Duty: Black Ops.
**Additional fees may be required for Add-on Content. This game allows you to connect to the internet and download add-on content (such as data or services) for Wii Points. Please keep the following in mind when downloading licences...

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So far for me the game has been a blast and i have already started my 3rd playthrough.

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Almost 17 hours. I heard that to get all the pins you have to play for a third time.

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It has its problems, like all games do, but i am having a blast. Beat it once and i have started the second play through to find all the pins 83/105, one more reel, and some of the concept art.

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Thats all this person wrote for the review just a couple of paragraphs. What a joke of a review.

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