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Lots of different statements in this one, but I'll throw my two cents.

No, competitive video games should not be considered SPORTS, but a lot of people call it eSports (electronic sports). Are they the same? No, but should they be treated the same? Sure, why not.

Maybe the word 'Sports' in itself is the wrong word to be using. Competitive Gaming, Professional Gamer, or something else would be more appropriate.

Overall, I underst...

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I loved Hellgate, although it was buggy as hell. It was a fun time nonetheless.

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Hey, writer of the story here. The reason I didn't include Halo, Gears, LBP, or BF 1943 was because I don't think they NEED PC versions. I own GoW and Halo:CE for PC. LBP might be cool, but I don't think I would put it on a top 5 list ever. As for BF1943, well, look at BF1942 + mods. I think that covers more than enough ground. :)

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True. I am more than willing to pay if the devs continue to support and improve. I am excites for firefall, an if it's good, I'll subscribe.

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Not necessarily. You can enjoy the free to play options and if you enjoy it enough, you might even be willing to become a subscriber.

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I am not a clueless blogger. I played the tabletop. I rolled Eldar and used to play on a weekly basis at my local Games Workshop. I've read several codex, books (dan abnett is a god), and enjoy the RTS series that Relic has done. Please don't stick me with the rest of the ignorant bloggers out there.

Also, I hope you actually read my article.

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Co-op will be coming in a DLC patch down the road. Or so they say. Lets hope it comes soon though because, I would like my first run through to be with my buddies.

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Exactly. I am really excited for this game. I just hope it doesn't get overshadowed or constantly compared to GoW3. Ths game deserves its own limelight.

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I'm actually okay with this. I still need to upgrade my PC. I really hope its not because of Gears 3, but the new release date is quite a confident move from them.

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Very well said! I've been gaming for as long as I can remember, and I always looked forward to expansions. DLC now is just ridiculous for the price and content. I agree with everything you said! Keep preaching!

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It was awful. I watch the Halo: Reach and BLOPs streams as well, although I really just watch for SC2. It ridiculous the way they treated the SC2 stream and production. I'm just glad I didn't spend any money on it.

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Its really unfortunate that they are so many closed minded people in the world. Good stuff!

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Ugh..I play on a lappy with an 8400. Dammit, this sucks.

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Yeah, Warhammer is at least 2 years away, but I cant help but feel excited where I can be a guardsman and shoot down tyranids.

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I enjoyed Vindictus Beta and when it went live, I played for a few months. I've never really gotten into EVE.

Also, Dust 514 looks very promising.

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I never saw Nintendo being greedy and yea, I can see why they are getting worried, but if the games they make are quality, they will have nothing to worry about.

My $0.02

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This is looking pretty good. I personally haven't played it myself but have always been a fan of MK3. I hope it can be returned to its former glory.

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I still have hope that they could revive the franchise. The article has some good points on it.

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