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"Killing time like I have time to kill"


the only thing offensive here is this article. #8
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Are you actually saying this isn't a "classic" style RPG, or are you just complaining? #1.1
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How are further details about the case not available when this is an old case being reopened? Just go find the old filings and the old rulings... this is why these peiple arent journalists. #7
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Wait... so people are mad that they knocked over a console and something essentially broke... No kidding? #1.2.1
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Why is there zero news on a release or anything about the specifics of its release... I mean really this game has old information saying it was shooting for a 2014 release but no word as to why there was a delay, how long that delay will be, or any other information at all.

Dont get me wrong this game looks amaizing and I have been hooked since I first saw it but I have a hard time liking indie devs that dont communicate with people who want to be fans and support but have to... #5
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You cant terms and conditions your way out of following the law. If the charges were made fraudulently they have a legal oblogation that cant be waived based on a clause for "no refunds" like i purchased a game i didnt like. He claims he didnt make the purchases they have everyright to remove him from thier service since his account was breeched but they still have the fraud problem.

And then I see an update saying if you call your bank and report fraud (which im su... #29.1
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He didnt send the person 600 in a scam... Hacking is defined as an unauthorized access... so even if they found out his password through social engineering the second they log in he is by definition being hacked.

let me just float another issue out here. If a bank robber robs a bank and i sell him a cheesburger and the cops learn that the bills i have are serielized with the same numbers as the ones that were stolen they will take that money back... you cant keep any items th... #7.2
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I guess there is a fine line between "hardcore" and "just stupid" that i dont seem to understand... If a proffessional golfer completed a course just using a putter he is not hardcore... he is stupid. Same logic applies.

I Mean kudos i guess... its a feat to do that but again my problem is more with calling a person hardcore... seems a little off. #6
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I know its bullcrap I tried joining the special Olympics but they said no. Bunch of discriminating haters... I also got a ticket for parking in a handicap spot, and just the other day I was told i couldnt order off the senior citizens or childs menu at a restaurant.

Oh wait... sometimes there are reasons to draw lines and include as well as exclude certain people and groups. But you keep thinking that lines are always bad and that discrimination should be zero tolerance. By t... #3.2
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Someone rush them to the burn unit. #10.6.1
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Thats a very definitive statement. All things being equal then you would say "no man anywhere wants to see some random vag shot or video of it" hmmm cant imagine that being the case and if modern feminism has taught me anything its that we are all equals.

This is sad and should never happen but i wouldnt say there are zero people who enjoy it. It shouldn't be done though... it is wrong. #5.1.3
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Im not giving this site a hit. But why would Sony hide anything good anout the PS4... seems counters productive. #15
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First this is no worse than your big or little sibling or even your father who you piss off and he deletes your saves off your game f4rom the old NES, SNES, and N64 days. Boop Gone... just like that.

Second lesson, people are jack-holes, I once left my bike outside and ran in for a drink of water. I was gone for 30 minutes and when I came back outside my bike was gone. I didnt do anything wrong it was 100% the person who stole my bike who did what was wrong. However my dad st... #91
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"How do you kill that which has no life." #4
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This is a gaming news aggregate site... all these articles are written for their own pages not for N4G.

If you owned a gaming news site and didn't write about this than you would be doing a major disservice to your readers. #1.2.1
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This is the best news I have heard this year... well that is game related anyways.

I don't want to get too excited but it is hard not to. #11
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If history has shown people like this anything its to run and hide because Sony is coming for you. #2.1
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They forgot to make a hypocritical, lying, man hating, feminazi, character... Its been added now. #23.1
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I like when developers pick sides on topics like this.

It lets me know where NOT to put my money. #15
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Weird, I don't remember throwing any Nintendo fans to the lions for a show or stoning, hanging, or burning them. I must have missed that reality TV show. I also don't remember anything bad happening to Bill Nye or Stephen Fry who denounce God all the time in very public and blasphemous forms...

I think you need to grow up, maybe put the controller down, go back to school, and put your life into a real perspective. People giving you a hard time for liking something rea... #8.3
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