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Girl complains about being offended by pixeltoe

People say that is dumb.

Developer promises changes to conform to the whim of girl

Random on the forums complains that guys are saying it is dumb and girls dont have to conform to or obey every whim. While also standing up for the girl who is trying to get others to conform to her ideas of offense and obey her whims based on her personal offense.

It is not hard to see wh...

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That is how life is right now. You are either all in with people or you are the enemy. No middle ground. It is sad.

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YAY a movie!

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Give Take Two a chance... They are already talking loot boxes in all future games so Borderlands 3 and Red Dead 2 don't look promising. Could try to sneak in for worst practices ever.

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Yeah that is where this line comes into play.

"In which case again the onus of the parents to teach their children to spend money responsibly."

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I,m sorry but how long have slot machine games been available for phones where you can spend money to buy fake coins? Forgive me if your sudden "save the children" speeches seem a little convenient.

You didnt care until it impacted what YOU want. These mechanics have been in games for a long time, you are only upset because they have found a way to profit from it but in reality they have been preying on this for decades.

No one cared before it...

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Translation: People are to stupid, undisciplined, and weak that we (read people who know better than you) need to protect them from themselves with government action.

"... whom in many cases are children or young adults who don’t quite grasp the economics of the big picture."

It is the onus of the parents to monitor a child's actions. Not to mention at what point does a child have the money to actually spend on these things? Last time I chec...

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Yeah I totally remember all this stuff when they announced the game and ran a kickstarter campaign for it. It was stretch goal 75.

How about you stop ADDING and finish what you already SOLD us. They are YEARS behind and still adding crap no one asked for just to generate more money. This could have been update 1 to the game but NOOOO it needs to be done prelaunch because MO'MONEY!

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@badz Ajit isnt in congress JFC! Stay in school and take a civics class please.

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Yeah that just made me want this repealed more. If I as a company have a service that requires high availability such as remote robot surgery... I dont really want your netflix to slow my brain surgery down with latency if I could just pay a premium to an ISP to allow my medical traffic through faster rather than treating "everything packet the same".

Everyone keeps talking doom and gloom and not one person has played the devils advocate and mentioned what good &q...

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1) Maybe dont come off as hostile before even asking the question (i.e. Trumpers and idiot). It makes it sound rhetorical.
2) Supporting this does not mean you support Trump.
3) I do not feel it is the Governments job to regulate the internet, full stop. It is really that simple of an issue.

Could it blow up in my face, sure. But its an argument of principle for me. Do I believe that government regulation will make the internet "better" and I can...

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Really? Worse than Andrew Jackson and Manifest Destiny? The NN which only started two-ish years ago being reversed would make this administration WORSE than any other administrative policy EVER?

Its hyperbole like yours that leads to situations like this. If we could all just be honest and stop exaggerating everything maybe we could have a real discussion about these things.

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Im sorry am I the only one who would pay my ISP more to have a faster connection to play and DL games? I seriously dont get how that is a negative. Imagine I could pay $5 a month more and 50GB download took 1/10th the time to download I would do that ALL DAY!

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Your ISP can charge you whatever they want now... How do people not get that? Seriously lets pretend like the "people" get their way, what prevents your ISP just jacking your bill up $20 after your contract term ends? Because of regulation most people only have one option... Why is that not the fight we are having to deregulate ISP providers to get more competition from tier 3 ISP's

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Just out of curiosity what about net neutrality makes you think you will save money? What prevents your ISP who like most people (including me) only have one option for an ISP. Why do you think that it saves you money? Why couldn't they just raise prices? Where are you going to go? As long as they offer one low price option at like 2Mb/s for under $30 the government wont touch them but any other options they want they can charge whatever they believe the market will support.

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Why cant we try deregulating the industry rather than tacking on more regulation. I am sick of the fact that I have ONE land based internet provider. I would prefer that I had multiple options to allow them to compete with each other.

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Now, Now, that isn't entirely fair... My Razer mouse pad is still going strong :) It is the only Razer product I still have in my house.

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Never buying another Razer controller again after the disaster of a X360 controller. It was by far the best controller I ever used but it lasted 30-45 days max heavy use (The reason you would buy it) before the analog sticks would start to float and become uncalibrated and start moving on their own (A no-no for FPS games and competitions). Razer replaced two of them for me and one for my friend and after the third one did the same thing I just stopped using them since to get a new one you had...

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You really don't think the number of ships they already have isn't enough and they can't continue to make more AFTER they finish the game promised and sold.

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STOP MAKING SHIPS AND FINISH THE GAME! WTF is wrong with these people?

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