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Doom doom doom, if you don't agree with me you are just uneducated, doom doom doom. I'm so much smarter than everyone. I'm so smart I can't convince the uneducated why this is a bad idea without saying doom, racist, xenophobia, and economic disaster that we will never recover from. We are all DOOMED!

Smug much?

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That moment when you put a company on blast and it backfires in your face.

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i don't think you know what a conference is if you think no talking is a good thing, then you are watching a show. That isn't a conference. Sony had a great show. MS had a conference.

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Well a complete takeover would be 50.01% of the voting shares. Right now they hold 20% of the company but only 17% voting rights which for a large public company is still a very large amount.

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This pertains to every third party seller though. Does GameStop know if the game being sold to them is illegally obtained? Not to mention it should be on the bundle sites that are getting fraud end to come up with a better system for keys if this continues to happen, otherwise these developers are playing the odds. They shouldn't be stolen from but knowing it happens and participating anyways is a calculated risk so to complain about it later is ridiculous. Look at any retailer, shrinkage...

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" opposed to Aiden Pierce who wasn’t even believable as a hacker."
"Now that’s what you call hacking."

Just shows that this person isn't and hasn't been around enough hackers.

This game looks like it panders to the Anonymous fans and that right there is why I won't be playing it.

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WOW! glad I saw this, this game just went to the very back of the line. Just Cause 2 and Far Cry 3 look better.

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Right, because there is more to them than their sexuality like personality... That is what matters... but not according to this, this says their sexuality is PROMINENT... the question is WHY? Asking that question isn't homophobic which you would know if you actually used the word as its defined rather than your uneducated slur/slang of the english language.

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Its a game not real life remember.

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Like vegans... you wont be able to tell, but they wont be able to live without telling you.

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... Trademark

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Apple anyone?

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My first thought in that scene was WHY on this great big planet would you drown out one of your best senses while infiltrating a government officials location surrounded by security... my next thought was If they had already pulled all the hard drives out on the counter to be destroyed what was left connected to the network... then it was WHY the hell didnt they just cut the power... I mean again they said these were professionals and a bunch of skids are running circles around a professional...

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That says more about him than the minivan scenario.

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I bet more people aren't fan of good old Cliffy.

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This game has been through so many betas I've lost almost all interest in it... It has just taken too long to release for what looks like a fun but mediocre mmo.

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I don't see this as anything but a good thing. I used to be a 80% console to 20% pc gamer. As I grew up and built better pcs and have had my taste in games change I find that I play PC 90% to a 10% console. If this lets me play more on my PC while keeping me in the game with my friends who are console gamers than there is nothing but excitement from my end.

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No, we must have these petty rivalries... Without picking sides how would I be able to tell which games I like and don't like!

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Sony didn't have a conference, they put on a show. It was a damn good show, but it wasn't a conference, there was no discussion about anything other than the orchestra. It was all game trailers for games that the community seemed to embrace way more than MS showing of games. But MS, Ubisoft, EA, and Bethesda put on a conference. There was discussion about the showings and offerings.

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When your sarcasm I so good people take you seriously... Nice job!

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