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I'm pretty sure a bunch of developers bailed after EA bought them because of the increase in EA's control and since Renegade still was released under EA 4 years into it's control they are part of the problem.

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"...prove the game industry isn't as misogynistic..."

Why? Why do you feel like the industry needs to prove anything to these people? Games are ideas. If I make a game that is 100% male driven that does not make me misogynistic... It was the idea I created at the time. If there is someone out there who wants to make a game that is appealing towards the minority groups it is easier now than ever. But what you are talking about is basically leading towards QUOTA...

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Valid numbers would only placate the audience.

In no way would valid numbers change anything in the industry and this is evidence by the industry as it is now. If there was money to be made by marketing to women or minorities specifically than it would be done (and is in some cases where companies believe it can turn a profit). Until that happens they remain representative of the roles played in the market.

Supply and demand, its really that simple. The...

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So empathy only works for people of the exact same gender or race or culture... I love how you think you're so enlightened and don't realize how regressive what you are saying is.

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Read the story, twice actually, and no where in the story are there actual sources for context. Proving your point about "Writers and reporters are not being responsible..." but also making the "Read the story" part useless since it doesnt give context. All the story says is given the makeup of his team its was probably a joke. <- That is not good enough, that is an opinion.

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Just went to the Best Buy near me and they said it was first come first serve but they had "some" for NES Classic...

Go to work or get a NES classic... Stupid ADULTING!

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So let me break down why this inst the same "Image" and merely the same pose and even then its still different.

1)The dog tags
Gearbox: Multitude of bloodied tags (collected from others)
SH: One set wrapped around hand probably the characters

2)The pose in general
Gearbox) hands folded
SH) Hand wrapped around what looks like the stock of a rifle

3) Hand position
GB) 1st image is sim...

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Yeah its called "Boy who cried wolf" there is a reason we teach parables. So when something is right you haven't ruined all credibility and people might actually listen to you.

The only one to blame for his public persona is himself.

This is just another example of him digging his own grave. He tweeted a smart ass comment, to the world. Why? What does he have to gain? What was the motive? Would this help or hinder his image anymore? He could...

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Cuphead isnt the same game that was shown though. I mean Cuphead had an initial date in 2014 then 2015, then 2016... I just really wish they would have released the original boss battle game... i dont think what they are doing is going to make it better, but we will see whenever it finally comes out. This was one of the indie games I have wanted for 3 years now.

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Moral of the story, the developers (read government) messing with industries (read picking winners and losers) is bad for new players (read lower class).

This is why I cant play MMO's and other games that are consonantly being "improved" I am the person that will go through the laborious tasks of getting something rare and working my way up to having multiple worth a large value only to have a developer release an update or patch later after I have spent all t...

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ohh the irony of a comment like this.

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1) The date of your quote is "after the fact"
2) Your results obviously varied but to say because I ended up empty handed I didn't "make it a point" is just ignorant.
3)I am happy you were able to find them, im not the jealous type. I don't look down on people who have good luck or get rewarded for hard work. But that still does not mean o did not want or try to get one and now can't and am disappointed by that fact.

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That the cancellation of the NES classic edition was a delayed April Fools joke.

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" run to celebrate an anniversary of the originals release."

yeah that is totally how they advertised it, limited, with a set amount being made, and an end date of production?!?

I mean I just went back and looked for all news relating to the NES classic from Aug 1, 2016 to Nov 1, 2016 and didnt see anything that called it a Limited edition, Limited run, Anniversary edition, all they said is classic edition. Not to mention NOWHERE on th...

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This scenario existed before its release. It would have never been released if they thought it would truly cannibalize on "virtual console" sales.

Not to mention most people that would buy it already have bought most the games offered on virtual console. this would have been double or triple dipping. For those that havent bought them on a secondary source like 3DS or Wii-U then the odds of you buying them on the switch is very small as well.


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People have been playing roms for games for well over 15 years.They have been reselling classic games over and over again. This has zero to do with an ability to pirate and play classic games and the RPi is proof of that. Its cheaper and can do more. I dont know why they stopped but I would have bought one if I could have found one, and I am sure there are tens of thousands of people who still want one. I mean I have every game on the thing, I have purchased some of those games more than once...

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That could be said about EVERYTHING gaming related. As long as Nintendo brings the games they will thrive. As long as EA brings the games they will thrive... Seriously it's a GAMING industry, the only thing you have to do is make games people want to play and you will thrive.

This just in as long as Netflix keeps bringing shows they will thrive. As long as a record company keeps bringing music they will thrive.

Most obvious statement ever.

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"I was just asking a simple question"

Please princess, you didnt ask a simple question... you made a challenge to xbox fans and inferred that the three games that they may be fans for dont count and need to come up with 5 more.

Is accepting that people like a console for a few games too challenging for you?

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"It was primarily meant to familiarize someone who has no idea what they're doing with the process and parts"

You titled it as a "how to build" you didnt write a how to build except for Cooler and GPU (which you didnt mention how to choose either of those) and you didnt give any specifics as to type of processors, speed of ram, speed of GPU, form factor for Motherboards or cases... I could go on but the point is you didnt really teach anybody anythi...

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I dont know what type of article this is but it is not a "how to" and the advice given is terrible.


No specifics especially when it comes to gaming... I mean really you couldnt say that most games dont utilize multiple cores so nothing over 4 cores is NEEDED for gaming, and a higher clock frequency will show better results than number of cores FOR GAMING.

CPU Cooler:

If the CPU that you bought comes with o...

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