Killing time like I have time to kill


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Thank you, Good catch. I would have liked to see more than a few frames of the basis of the video title. Oh well soon enough it will be out and I will see how trading works first hand.

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why would he stop it. He's already said he wants hello games to license it, the more money they make the more money he'd get, this can all be handled post release.

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I would like to chime in that my friends watch me stop playing games, supporting developers, and bitch all the time when tiny little gun or character skill nerfs happen in games. So yes people like me who want zero change after I have paid money do exist.

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You do understand that the problem most people have is the REASON the request was made and that the developers CHANGED their original work based on a request made for those REASONS. So yes the reason plays a huge bearing in this topic, you are just downplaying it.

I love how when I started playing games it was the far right religious types that always asked for stuff like this, now it's swung and it's the far left progressives, can't wait for the good times agai...

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I saw lots of gathering resources, I didn't really see much trading, saw an inventory, saw creating items, saw what appeared to be loot chests... Where was the trading?

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I don't see anywhere in the EU, US, or WO patents filed by him that shows it has elapsed. In fact it shows he's updated his patent multiple times the most recent being in April 2016.

Where do you see it's elapsed?

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$2 per game plus the "system" and controller and it's expensive? I payed way more than that for most those titles already on Wii. Hell I don't know if I could find an original system with all those games at a pawn shop for that cheep.

We all want a SNES next November Big N , make it so!

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You say that like this article actually had anything worthwhile to read. No facts, just editorial opinions.

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That patent would have expired long ago.

@Aenea: Sorry I forgot to add the :) to mine.

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Just being the devils advocate here what if Hello Games did rip off this guys algorithms? You are assuming they didn't based on what? The same little evidence this guy is using to say they did?

If you held an IP it is your job to protect it. Even if you lose you have to show that you actively are trying to protect your trademarks and patents. Just because you don't understand the law doesn't mean it's frivolous.

Considering this site lack...

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(Not defending this case as way more information is needed)

Google defends its search engine algorithms all the time. You can't just steal googles algorithm it's considered business intellectual property. There is nothing wrong with that. That is like saying I can make and sell Coca Cola because I have the recipe. You can't just rip someone else's recipe off and profit from it when the recipe is considered IP. This is far more in depth than 1 + 1!

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stocks do not have 15% shifts in a day without serious news "all the time". Idk what stock market you are invested in and following. This isn't normal, this is a correction of the market.

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This better be a joke, or this makes MS a joke. Why do these consoles think they need to parent us. Oh thank you MS for telling me I need to take a break, I can go 4 hours at work without a break but 1 hour of fun and I should settle down or it could impact my daily life.

The last thing I need is NannyBox telling me what to do.

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Hahaha Texas is far from gun heaven. I was more free in Colorado and Idaho with my guns than I am in Texas right now. It does beat California though, I can't even go into that state with them.

Most people that would mistake a paintball gun for a "real" gun aren't the ones who carry or own a "real" gun.

But the guy is dumb since there is enough law on the books about shooting people with paintball guns that would constitute dead...

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You mean all the media is reporting is a ddos attack because they have done more than that. They are a hacker group, if you bothered to do 10 seconds of googling you would find a few accounts hacked and a few db compromises.

Not to mention unless they bought their botnet usually it's a hacked together botnet.

A ddos attack may not be a hack but that doesn't make the attacker not a hacker.

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Yeah especially since it's their old game with a Pokemon layover.

Ingress was an alright game, and this is just the same thing but with Pokemon.

I've had fun walking around to poke stops and people asking me what I got and I just show them the original game. Same map, same stops.

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Apparently he didn't read the warning about being aware of your surroundings.

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Well if it's a 1 in a million chance that something like this would happen and it's been downloaded over 15 million times you should expect stupid stories all the time.

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As opposed to what? What in life do you not have to invest money into to remain "cutting edge" especially in technology?

Not to mention the if PC's are still too hard what is the alternative, a console? That hasnt been cutting edge since PS2 and XBOX. our systems are now way behind the PC market.

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