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"Killing time like I have time to kill"


...When you post a news article to support your claim only to find its been updated to disprove your own claim. #4.2
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Get out of my safe space, echo chamber. This is for people that hate EA only regardless of the contradiction and the hypocritical pass we will give other companies because we like their products, when they get celebrity endorsement... I wonder which game Kim Kardashian likes I would so buy that game! #21.1
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I find it hard pressed to find any major company who hasn't paid a celebrity to say they like their company.

I would have to stop buying cars, shoes, clothing, makeup, razors, cell phones, I cant believe its not butter, pizza, and countless other products or services.

Paid endorsement is nothing new, and if you buy a product because some singer/songwriter says he liked it than you are as shallow as someone who takes money to s... #1.2.5
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At least you know that going in right... I mean its not like you walked into McDonalds and all they serve is Thai food.

With Bethesda you usually know what you are going to get.

Its not for everyone, but if you know you have problems with the developers games and you go into expecting something different well thats just silly.

It is Fallout "4" after all. Just like assassins creed, battlefield, Madden, or Call of Duty at this point... #6.1
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I dont know what this person was really expecting... Its Fallout "4" its a continuation of themes and ideas that have been around for over a decade and a half.

I am also tired of people hating on the turn based style of the game, that is what fallout is. Its a turn based combat RPG. Who complains when they are playing Final Fantasy and you smack an opponent with a sword 4 times its size but it doesnt instantly get cut in two? Thats part of the system that has been a... #3
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Thats really not that bad, thats all you would need for a population of about 200million with a 99% confidence level with a confidence interval of only 4 or 5.

If you think thats bad than you should look at every study or survey you believe because usually they have even less with only a 95% level and a larger confidence interval. #29.1
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Good! Now they can stop whining about it being a "boys" club.

In fact since white males seem to be the minority anytime they want to stop attacking the demagraghic that would be great. Otherwise they are just hating on minorities. can dream right? #17
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Pretty sure they were already souless. #9.1
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What damage? #1.3
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Because fallout one had reputatiin and fallout 2 had karma... thats why its in fallout, because its always been there. #7.1.1
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I didnt mind the karma system from Fallout 3. However when I entered a building controlled by raiders and hacked a computer terminal I didnt like that it gave me negative Karma... seemed a little off. I always assumed I was karma paying them back for something bad they had done. #7.2
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I cant wait to get lost in the wasteland again, with my radio up and me crawling because im a hoarder and have collected too much stuff.

Really excited to see how the crafting and settlements fit in with the story, really hope its seamless and not feel like two different types of games in one. #5
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Maybe its just me but hasnt a lot of shifts happened since the original selling off of majority share holder in Activision to a 12% and then down under 6% a few years later and then finally selliing all the shares? The company has gone through a lot of asset sales and restructuring over the last five years and maybe some of the new people brought in want to add one of the biggest media industries back to the portfolio... is that such a crazy concept. Why wouldnt a company who holds media asse... #3.2
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"Having a middle eastern protagonist for the first Assassin's Creed?"

Seriously? You say that like its pushing the edge or taboo or something.

I dont know about you but I have been playing Prince of Persia since the early 90s. That was before Ubisoft bought the IP. #1.4.2
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I told my friends Blizzard was stuck in the past... Now they might believe me. #6
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Or the other option of just not buying or pirating the game if you are that upset about it.

Two wrongs dont make a right it makes you both jack-holes. #13.1
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How are they supposed to fund the game and beat piracy on "service"?

What type of service are you even talking about?

If they release a game fully functioning like one should with little to no bugs what type of service would you even need from Bethesda?

They arent in the service part of business they are in the product part. If the product they make is stolen and infinitely distributed for free how are they supposed to compete and m... #1.7.2
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This has been a problem long before they did the refunding, that just made it worse. #2.1
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Said as if Nintendos last E3 didnt deserve it. Usually a console reveal at E3 isnt crapped on by the core community. WiiU kind of was because of the gamepad and the fact the specs of the machine didnt seem that much better than the current offerings with news of better hardware coming soon by its competition.

This E3 will be Nintendos time to shine. They have every oppurtunity to steal the show with a great console announcement and a sweet game lineup.

Im hop... #22.1
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Didnt they say they would anoounce at E3 in 2016? #6.1
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