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"white supremacist group who spew racist/discriminatory propaganda" Please provide evidence because none of the articles I have read show this to be true but they all CLAIM it.

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Hillary is an admitted old school progressive, if you know anything about the beginning of the progressive movement you would know its a long path to socialism... So just because you dont see her as "far" left, doesnt mean that shes not trying to push the country there one step at a time. Besides she says and does what she thinks is popular and once the sentiment changes she changes with it. Seems like YOU dont know Hillary actually.

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You literally didn't post anything that points to white supremacy... And Not wanting unchecked Muslim (or any) Immigration inst WHITE supremacy. If it is being checked/vetted then great, if its not THAT IS A PROBLEM.

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"...any organization that puts certain people above others based solely on race or orientation" You must not use cell phones or drink soda or shop at any major retailer since they have all supported organizations whose efforts to help people based purely on that criteria.

Okay that is fine but what is BS is that they are calling for him to be FIRED! they arent just saying hey Im not doing business with you anymore and walking away. They are saying F' that guy ...

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pretty much a white "supremacist" group??? How is one pretty much a supremacist? You kind of are or you are not, there is not any middle ground. And again I have now been looking for about 15 minutes and haven't found anything that I would consider white supremacy. I see a lot of articles calling it a racist group and funny enough dont show any proof of that which I find to be horrible journalism. Because for someone like me who has never heard of this group until today am I jus...

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Quick Poison, why go through the long agony and suffering when you can get it over with.

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Right but that is from your perspective, the other perspective is that Trump is the flu and Hillary is AIDS. Or there are people like me who think that they are both a plague and it really doesn't matter which one wins we all lose.

If you get the reference "Global Thermonuclear War" there is no winning.

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I know nothing about Nimble America so I am being legitimate because the website seems to be having issues right now but can you show something supporting "Hate" speech and "White Supremacy"? I know that the nationalists are behind Trump and I know that most white supremacist are nationalists but not every nationalist is a white supremacist. All I have seen is crudeness, and anti "illegal" immigration, oh and free trade which is IRONIC since Trump is a supporter ...

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As opposed to the other idiots? That is the problem if you stick with the two party system (and to be fair all four "major" parties have idiots running) is that your choice is between a giant douche and a turd sandwich... but yeah lets totally let that tear us apart and segregate ourselves even further.

If I hated every Trump and Hillary supporter I wouldn't have anyone left to talk to, sometimes you have to let people do their thing and you do yours and hope ...

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Yeah me too but they cost $600+ upon release, most cheaper mobiles under $200 have a 720p screen. and to be honest the difference isnt really bad. Unless I am looking at them side by side I wouldnt really be able to tell.

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Maybe all the male characters are really females that believe they are males and dont want to talk about it and if you respect them you will never bring it up, as its their choice if they want be be males, right. So yeah by that logic go pound sand almost all games have female/male characters and prove to me its not that way.

and some day all you people who try to tell me "gender" is societal and doesn't matter will stop complaining about GENDER! You people ar...

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And had a mobile device already.

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He did not say if you are a PC gamer you ARE a racist, he said PC gamers are LIKE racists. Which you proved by saying "My PC is much more powerful than..." That's akin to how a racist would start comparing something.

And as a vet... You are such a disappointment. No draft was ever initiated for either Iraq invasion, so not sure where you got that and the military had plenty of personnel after 9/11 they didn't need to start a draft so not sure why you think...

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Yeah, that's actually not true at all. What some call "hate speech" is actually a criminal charge in most the countries you just listed and many many more.

Now you may say why would you want hate speech to be allowed and okay with making it illegal. I would just point out FREEDOM takes the good and the bad, but the reason you allow the bad is some person has to determine the bad and when some person gets too much power and says that something is now considered...

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So let's see if I can't take a swing at this...

Using FOX News as a borderline derogatory term is getting really annoying. Go to a BuzzFeed forum or something for that.

lets keep this rolling.

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Nope! They can't keep their grimey fingers from "balancing" weapons over and over and over. Just when you get the gun you want and work hard to get and then they nerf it... Yeah FTFY!

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I like when they try to compare and I just pull my comments where I clearly bashed the crap out of the game they said no one hated on.

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I would still tell you it's not worth it.

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didn't need to watch angryjoe (believe it or not no freaking clue who that is other than I assume a YouTube personality, like pewdipie or something) just had to watch all the videos of Sean Murray, basically if you put a just kidding at the end of half the features while he's explaining the game you are good.

I put a bunch of the videos in a playlist and my buddy and I played a drinking game where if he said something we didn't believe we took a shot.

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Or maybe we want it to die because we DID buy it and it sucked, not like a little bit but a lot. Which hurts because we spent time and money and got nothing out of it so we wish we could forget about it, but like many things that stab you in the back, any reference to it brings up a harsh reality that you wish would just go away (read die).

So how about you stop being an asshole and realize there are people who feel burned by this game and we did play it and we have our rea...

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