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Wouldn't that just lead to harassment off of steam? I'm no fan of keyboard tolls and warriors and do believe it is a problem but to me that's inviting people who don't agree with you or trolls to start finding other areas of your life they can try to find and disrupt.

I think another solution (if this already exists great) would be to only allow people who bought the game through steam to leave a steam review.

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Went to name calling rather than answering his question. So you would rather leave him ignorant rather than try to educate? You took the time to reply and hurl insults but can't be bothered to add to the discussion... You are the problem with society today. Too many people name calling at others trying to have discussions.

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The hyperbole in your articles are nothing short of "toxicity and harassment."

You also call the consumers ignorant and want Valve to stop the problem. Putting zero personal responsibility on the consumer and blaming Valve for not solving the issue.

All I hear from articles like this are "Only I am allowed to use a system to protest what I dont like (even though it had nothing to do with my game), how dare others find ways to use a system t...

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This mode is being tested by people, why didn't you just find one and interview them and ask them questions about it?

Or just wait 5 more days?

The amount of garbage content coming from gaming sites is getting overwhelming. This article doesn't even answer the question it asks and since its an opinion I would expect it to at least answer based on the information at hand.

Its like people are just writing ANYTHING for content. Try...

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If this teaches you anything it should teach you that regardless of your background there are discriminatory biases (whether that is based on teaching or experience), accepting that NONE of them are okay generalizations regardless of "power" or "societal" norms is the first step to coming together as ONE to overcome any adversity.

Otherwise all you do is replace one group at the top with another who has the SAME issues but towards different groups.

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Doesn't this just reinforce that for PUBG this is bad news???

If you were Bluehole this is bad news for your game on Xbox. Probably won't hurt too bad on PC since I don't think the "whales" will leave PUBG but for the Xbox platform to have another game compete with yours before you get out the gate that is bad news for you.

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Yeah in general they are exactly the same. Just like the slim models you are under NO OBLIGATION to purchase one and you can keep your day one console and it will work just the same. Your Day One edition console will work with the games coming out tomorrow exactly the same. Suppose we are in an alternate universe where Xbox One X doesnt even exist... You would be playing the game the same as you will after it does come out in this reality.

I ...

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"won't be using the OG controller because it's updated and have an elite option too."

WTF are you even talking about? You are being ridiculous. Why cant you use the controller that COMES WITH IT? It sure isnt the elite controller.

Again do you not remember when Dual Shock controller came out and replaced the original PS controller 3 years into its life cycle.

"4K blu ray 4K HDR 4K gaming"


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This is bad news for PUBG on Xbox since Xbox players will have a month invested in this before that comes out.

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"I paid alot of money for day one and if I had been told they were making upgrades I wouldn't of paid on day one."

Please tell me you are kidding. Have you not followed console lifespans in the last 20 years. I bought 2 Playstation models (original and PS one model), 2 PS2 models (original and slimline), PS3 changed a bunch (including taking BC cell chip away) But I waited and bought after the slim came out and then they still released a super slim edition. I ...

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It wont work. After jump 200 (if my memory serves me well) the jump goes into a timing pattern. So that is why button mashing after 200 doesn't work.

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Its about recognizing the pattern. After 200 it goes from just a single button press timing to a pattern button press timing i.e. press press pause press and that changes every 100 if I remember right.

It is ridiculously hard but its not impossible.I find the hardest part to be the endurance. I still remember my hand cramping trying to get this when FFIX first came out

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"...that they’re unhappy with something the developer has said online" and "out-of-game issues aren’t very relevant when it comes to the value of the game itself"

So now apply this wording here to the authors example of what may have caused it (firewatch).

A developer has their content removed from a page because of an out-of-video issue that isnt relative to the value of the video they have removed.

Im not saying Ca...

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"In light of the debacle between Pew Die Pie and Campos Santos"

"It might be that they’re unhappy with something the developer has said online... or simply that they don’t like the developer’s political convictions. Many of these out-of-game issues aren’t very relevant when it comes to the value of the game itself, but some of them are real reasons why a player may be unhappy with their purchase."

I love the irony here.

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Its a WWII game... if the symbol isnt allowed in the country maybe they shouldnt play the game in general or are you saying they are too stupid to not know its actually Nazi's and that was the symbol they used?

Killing German soldiers is fine but if they have the banner that they fought under all the sudden we have crossed a line, like we are too stupid to know they were Nazis? People drawing a line at the symbol that represents who the people were is ridiculousness.

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Its called context. I know people now days have so little of it but for someone talking like you do I would hope you understand the difference of why the symbol in the context of WWII Germany would be considered offensive to many and how that in no means RELATES to the context of seeing it all over multiple temples, painted on the side of WWI planes, or hung in houses of people from varying backgrounds.

Yes offense is taken, but decent people...

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Because it was the "second" coming to many fans. The ones who grew up playing Mystic Quest-VI, then VII came out and it has its own cult like following and then VIII went in a different direction and not everyone liked it. Then IX came out and felt like they went back to their roots i.e. "second" coming and then X and on have left it in the dust. So us fans who like the style have nothing after it and it was the best of both "OLD" story and gameplay in a 3d artis...

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Short answer: Probably Not, but maybe.

Long Answer: They are different styles of gameplay. If you like the turn based gameplay of other games then you will probably like this game. If you dont like turn based and prefer more ARPG then you might find it too slow. The story is good though. I would also have to say it depends on your expectations going in. I would suggest watching a youtube video of the game and a battle (NOT A BOSS BATTLE THOUGH). If you can handle watching s...

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in 2019!

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You do realize for Nintendo to reach those type of numbers a large majority of people who own a PS4 would need to buy a Switch too. Meaning I dont think anyone but the EXTREME die hard PS4 loyalists would be surprised at anything since most PS4 fans would own a switch and so would their friends.

I dont know anyone who owns a Switch that doesnt own another current gen console. I know that is anecdotal but I would love to see some statistics on how many people owned a current...

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