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"Killing time like I have time to kill"


Trash article needs a WTF! vote.

You cant write a point and end it with "We dont know if Destiny will have..." and call it a negative for Destiny. #14
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Nope! the publisher is the bank roller they are PAYING to put a white male in... that's not forced labor.

It may feel forced in the story (Which just makes it bad writing to not change it) but its not the same as the person on the side line saying, "Make me a game with a female, or ill hate you forever" Even though they wont pay for it to be made or make it themselves. They want to try and force others to front the money and make stuff for them. #15.2
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I was writing something along the same lines as this but you said it better.

Turn the GAME off and go teach your children what LIFE is really about and how the MEDIA is just that... entertainment, Its not a REPRESENTATION of LIFE its a representation of a virtual life which does not exist! #14.1
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yeah at what point does it get to be "nagging" because we are pretty much there.

Its not a conversation because they don't care what the rebuttal is. They have their point of view and if you have a different one they call you wrong with nothing to back it up other than how the feel and what they think is right in the face of business, capitalism, marketing, and LOGIC.

If its such a great idea run a kickstarter and make the most EPIC female lead... #7.1
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"...I hope one day games about women and girls can be created without them being considered a response, and can exist in their own right."


Let it come naturally. As more women join the teams, create the teams, and run the teams and more men or women write stories based on female characters this will happen.

You just want it NOW!

In order to get it right now it will feel like an... #13
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Insomniac was to Playstation nowhere near as large a scale as what Bungie was to Xbox. you could make the claim that Xbox would be nothing without Bungie (and Halo) but the PSX would have survived without Insomniac.

PSX still had an awesome game library even if you took out ratchet and clank and Spyro. Xbox library would have been even more miserable if you left out Halo.

Again not a fan of all the Bungie hate (I started hating them at Halo 3) but those are b... #54.1.1
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Was an alright article until this little completely nonfactual statement that throws the credibility of the whole opinion part of the last paragragh out the window.

"Nobody complained about Call of Duty exclusive content deal with Xbox platforms..."

Really? NOBODY complained, NOBODY! Apparently they don't read through the comments of other sites reporting on the timed call of duty exclusive content.

Then to continue:
<... #50
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"most people that have an Xbox one would lack the skill, and knowledge to create a game anyway."

Yes because most people that own an Xbox one are retards apparently.

This must be why things like RPG maker, Construct and Unity are so under used. Why spark imagination and give people the tools to create, right? I mean its not like MS doesn't have project Spark coming out to try to help people CREATE things.

Just because they don&#... #1.6.3
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The secret armory of General Knoxx. #12.1.1
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After nerfing loot chests right before an expansion came out and personally responding to my complaint by telling me if I liked how looting chests felt (before the nerf) I should buy the $15 DLC to get that feeling back they can kiss my ass.

I wont be buying another Gearbox game out of principle. #12
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You obviously haven't been reading or paying attention if you think that this started "This Gen." My whole point was that MS store has been offering stuff like this for YEARS and is nothing NEW. Which also means its not a RESPONSE to PS4 exclusivity like the article suggests.

that is just a horrible way of thinking about this whole situation. Just because a company makes more money does not mean they need to give any... #1.4.5
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How did this garbage get approved?

Why do they ask a question in the title for bait and make ZERO reference to it in the ONE paragraph article that points out the obvious. just hit my blacklist. Learn to write and not throw out click bait headlines.

Story Quality: WTF?

*Vote on stories and sites quality by clicking on the site name under "Read Full Story>>" link. #10
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I'm cool with that since it was Microsoft signing the checks. I mean I don't like how they did the business but that's the nature of the beast.

I am also happy Bungie got away from MS and found a publisher that was willing to support a new concept and Idea. I don't blame Microsoft for milking halo since it was their printing press.

You make it sound like everyone at Bungie was forced labor. If you don't like where you work or what you do t... #13.1.1
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You speak in the past tense there. MS still does it and Sony still does it and they both suck for it. #1.5.1
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MS has done this with multiple games in the past. Is there any proof from MS that this is a "counter" to anything, or is it more hate from the PS4 camp making stuff up like its never happened before.

Most of my friends bought there end of cycle X360 games from MS because of the $10 cards I bought mine from the stores to have it upon release. to each there own.

Stop making a story out of NOTHING! #1.4
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Wow watched the whole thing and he was pretty spot on. Very valid points made with some critical thinking. #13.1
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1) It was added as an article by someone on N4G.

2) That is not the original article title (Why did they feel the need to change the title)

3) Its pure numbers, I am sure you believe the majority of console gamers are gaming on the PS4. I believe the sales show the same thing. Why wouldn't the majority of people on this site have a bias lean towards PS4? Its statistics man, not really a stretch. #11.3.1
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Mother Series (Earthbound), Crash Bandicoot, Tomba!, Chrono Series, and Adventure Island. #4
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1) Fox deserves almost all the bashing they get just not for the reasons most people bash them for. This is pretty ironic based on the amount of one sided close mindedness most Fox anchors show video games.

2) Just because its cool now to hate on conservatives and Fox claims to be conservative (They aren't BTW)if I bash them doesn't make me a sheeple. I have my reasons and its not because John Stewart told me Fox is bad. Its because Fox is bad just like CNN, MSNBC, an... #7.3
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Probably just some gamer in the graphics department who likes Bioshock. I bet that no one, until now, knew (outside the art department) that the graphic was so similar to a video game. #6.1
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