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"Killing time like I have time to kill"


"Good. Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you."
-The Emperor #3
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I believe they take kidneys as well. #22.1
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Yes because an enterprise network works exactly like a gaming network who has to be able to allow millions of people to have a constant stream of packets from the same IP and not just look at it like an attack but rather a person playing a game. #13.1
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so you want to put another point between the gamer and the servers... as if the lag wasn't bad enough.

Then you want to assume that cloudflare has the ability to handle a DDoS better than Microsoft and Sony. MS being a company that is invested HEAVILY into enterprise cloud services like the one you are suggesting they use.

I am pretty sure there is nothing those services could offer MS/Sony that they can't/aren't do/doing themselves. #12.1
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So you want one group of radical hackers to be locked up by getting another group of radical hackers to find them... Yeah that makes sense.

Lock them all up. If you break the law you deal with the consequences. #3.1.1
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...or on the flip side, too little too late. #2.1
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I will not go into my viewpoints on N4G because it would be taken at face value with no context of who I am or what I have seen or done.

I will just say this, I would rather let everyone have a voice and know who to stay away from and shun, than silence the people I don't like which one day could turn on me to silence my views. #6.1.3
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I find that you are not understanding of the intent of the freedoms that we in the "Land of the Free" have. The rights of one person end at the beginning of impeding the rights of someone else. It is that simple, understanding what that truly means isn't simple but once you do it is pretty easy. #6.1.1
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In the USA most of the speech that is banned has to be directly tied to the possibility of causing harm or damage, which would be restricting someone else freedoms/liberty. i.e. you cant slander, yell fire in a crowded room, threaten to harm or ask others to harm others for you... things of that nature. The only speech that I am aware of that is "banned" yet rarely enforced is using profane language at or towards children. That is less about free speech as no one is saying you don&#... #4.2.1
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NVM. #1.5.1
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Griselda Blanco... Born and Died in Columbia but huge influence on Miami and other large US cities.

She was killed in 2012. Could use her as a base character that leads the female protagonist on missions while growing through the ranks of a drug cartel... IDK could be done well, but certainly not "OVERDUE." #33.1
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This title right here is why I dont like these type of people.

"Grand Theft Auto: Long Overdue for a Woman Protagonist"

OVERDUE!!! Like they F*ing OWE YOU ANYTHING! #26
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As fascist as the people who don't want to let it exist... Ohhh the irony! #23.2
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She has stock in haterade (H8TR) and sees a decent ROI every time she makes a public appearance with her ideological views of games and the world around her. #1.6.1
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"I probably need to point out im male before anyone does the whole "what would you know!" Thing. Again."

You probably don't as anyone who would say that cant defend their own argument and are using diversionary tactics rather than reason to win an argument (sort of like Anita does).

Lets see what you said and compare that with what she said shall we...

-Emphasis added by myself-

"Are you saying pe... #19.1.1
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Yes the gaming industry needs more people like Anita who spews hate speech* against men and masculinity. while complaining of the misogynist patriarchy as she has the freedom of expression protected by the people she says are the problem with our "society."

*hate speech: speech that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, GENDER, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.

We... #19
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Ahh, the majority of people here who will rally for freedom of expression, unless that expression differs from what you believe.

I hate the idea of this game and wont be supporting it financially. With that said my respect for Steam went down a notch. They have the right to pick and choose what products they sell, but this is no different than Target removing GTAV from store shelves (which a lot of people felt was an over reaction based on someones beliefs about a game). #21
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Are you implying that the end goal of many of the SJW types are not to have less of what we have now and more of what i would call "politically correct" views in gaming. Is the point of discussions and topics raised like Tropes vs Women not meant to highlight a style of gaming, call it out as "bad and misogynistic" then by inference push people into "stopping" how they insert (primarily female) characters into a game.

I don't remember anyone... #6.2.2
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By today's standards, that basically is exactly what they believe progress is. #6.1
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And according to more than a few of the comments, stop being such an "entitled" "walking condom" for having an opinion about this game!

I wasn't against how this was handled but the more I think about it the more I don't think acting like a petulant child while answering petulant children is the way to go. To each their own and at least I know what type of person is making this game. #15.1
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