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"Killing time like I have time to kill"


N4G Mods can still fail articles it doesn't agree with. Not like there is a reason put next to the mods name when they fail an article.

Than whats the point of voting on a site rating or story quality? How does this at all impact anything? #1.3.2
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If she faked it than wouldn't you want this investigated as that would break a few laws of its own... That would be great irony to be busted for faking your own hate (Happens a lot more than one might think). #4.1
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And who is forcing you to read this or stopping you from " and watch coverage of games." #3.3
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Unfortunately they didn't teach you to spell which horribly ruined your punch line. #15.1
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That was refreshing to watch.

Good to see that not all "outsiders" have pigeon holed gamers in a negative spectrum. It still amazes me how many dirty reactions I get or rolled eyes when I tell people that I game as a hobby. #13
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Stop being an antagonistic, politically correct, holier than though, pretentious, pompous, jack hole

Many 'Native Americans' refer to themselves as Indians. (If you dont believe me check some of the US census data collection done on the topic). #1.2.1
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And that explains ACIII and the Natives, accents and speech, how exactly? #6
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Coworker: Did you see these dark lyrics in songs list on Cracked?

Me: No, did you see they let Zoe Quinn put up a list on Cracked about being the most hated person on the internet?

Coworker: Who?


That just happened! #15
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Exactly! I had a few females in my early programming classes. They worked their asses off to learn that stuff and I always wanted to be their partner because their quality of work was far better than the average persons in that class (and most classes I had). #8.2.1
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She wishes she was the Internets most hated person.

"You had one eye on the mirror as you watched yourself gavotte
And all the girls dreamed that they'd be your partner
They'd be your partner, and...

You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you
You're so vain, I'll bet you think this song is about you
Don't you? Don't You?" #9
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What on earth makes you think that if someone would want this and didn't have it that they would do anything like this in real life, and not just that but "hurting" someone.

Not to mention how is that the standard for what makes this "...a good thing"

And since when is wanting to feel breasts perverted? I am sure you close your eyes and don't look at or touch anything when you procreate or practice procreating. Because to want to l... #43.1
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Why? Who actually cares what she thinks about this? #17.1
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Uproar... by who? The only reason you would even get a peep is because of articles like this one RIGHT HERE!

The only uproar would be drawing the line of double standards and contradiction when women praise it and say finally some equality.

I cant even imagine the person that would honestly care about a VR game for playing with a male figure. It would all come back to the idea of double standards, not the action itself. That is the difference. Not to mention... #16.2
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This article fails to deliver by expressing exactly what promises were made by Bungie or Activision that the game did not deliver. Why put that in the title if you don't use it.

Also that is not what I got from the story at all. I have extreme problems with this story and game but go back and watch the intro again.

I came to this article looking for some old sources of what was promised because I too feel this was under delivered. H... #29
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Last time I heard Destiny was an always online game. Is it possible to play destiny "single player"?

I have played it by myself but I was still connected to the server and others were in the tower. #5.1
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I call BS! There are a lot of things that are NATURAL that are not talked about in polite conversation and are not sensationalized like "violence and guns."

Waste and or Excrement
Genitals (Our society calls them "PRIVATE PARTS" FFS! yet they are natural)
and more...

There are plenty more things that are natural that we don't talk about and its not to SHAME anyone. This... #2
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The founders left the industry. One Dr. has an investment firm and a World Series of Poker player, while the other one is doing craft beer making I think... I don't remember it was back in 2012ish when they left. They both made statements saying they were out of the industry. #3.1.1
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What is the point of this? I am being serious... I dont really know what GZDooM is but I am trying to understand why this would matter. If its really a shot for shot remake of the original game why not just play the original. Is there something I am missing that makes this good other than the fact that someone was able to recreate a platformer on some type of doom engine? #1
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My #1 problem with this story... at no point did they explain WHY I should even care. What is my motivation to help the guardians. How does this affect me as a character. There are many more problems with the writing and gameplay but that is my biggest problem since its so basic in story telling.

There are huge flaws and issues in the story for sure but without knowing the "drive" there is no reason to continue. Being brought back from the dead isn't a driving f... #13
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Because it didn't...

Who said that this game cost $500,000,000?

The Amount you are talking about is believed to be the contract over time to release 3 games, and 6 DLC over a period of ten years. #55.1
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