Killing time like I have time to kill


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Exactly, it looks fun but seems like it would get old quick. I'm not one for fighting games in general though so maybe it can appeal to those gamers who like that style.

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...or multiple personality disorder.

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"What's with all these doom articles?"

We wanted it to be better. Its really that simple.

It appeals to you, great! It did not appeal to the wider audience and its not because we cant think outside the box. If I wanted to sell you a piece of crap for $10 and you said no way who would pay for crap at that price and I said your just too narrow minded to realize all the potential this has like fertilizer. I would be right, but it doesn't m...

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" define themselves through the games they play?"

Maybe because I am defined by the things I enjoy and not by the things I dont like. The games I play are the ones I enjoy playing. Doesn't matter what type of game it is but to say why are you defined by the things you like is a question a 5 year old who hasn't done any self realization asks.

Maybe a lot of us arent worried about our masculinity we just dont enjoy the games presented. You...

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They showed of teasers for games and most of them where meh at best. When I buy a Nintendo console its not for Call of Duty its for Nintendo IP and they showed of BotW (SEEN IT ALREADY) and Mario and splatoon if that is your thing, then they start with a 1 2 switch and Arms (GTFO!) it should have been full of IP. Classic characters that everyone wants to delve back in. I would have rather had a bunch of teaser trailers to Kirby, Donky Kong, Smash Bros, Star Fox, Pikmin, Pokemon, Animal Cross...

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Well at least someones going to buy it.

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Reminded me of Sonic... we all know how that turned out.

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Because they only showed two . The "1,2, switch" (or whatever its called) and BotW

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I feel like no one read the damn article and everyone who says it's a great price already owns a console. Which would be exactly who the author wrote would buy it at the price (me included if it is as good as they say).

The question is if you don't have a console and you can choose any one for the same price why would you not get a PS4 or X1? The reason for the price being high is for new comers not people that already own a current gen console.


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So let's say you don't have a console and have not played anything this generation and I hand you a voucher and tell you to choose a X1, PS4, or NS. You are really telling me you are going to pick the switch over the PS4???
If you are assuming that this is a second console then that's fine but that's not what the articles about.

@ Fleece: Contrary to popular belief just because I say PS4 has value doesn't mean I own one or want to either. PC/Xb...

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Nintendo can end the rumors anytime they want, they could have ended them months ago by just telling people the price. I am hoping the rumors are ended tomorrow, and if it comes in higher so be it, at least people will have a few months to get over the hopes and dreams of $250 (if in fact it is not $250).

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I love how they want equality but don't like being made fun of, bullied, and insulted... NEWS FLASH since you aren't a guy I'll let you know this now, THATS HOW GUYS TREAT OTHER GUYS! You would know that if you were a guy. I mean have you never been to a bar and heard all the sh*t talking guys do to each other. Seriously guys are MEAN to each other, it's almost always a competition. How do these people not know this before I will never understand.

Welcome to...

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True, but the racist and sexual comments are by no means singled to female gamers. I don't know how many times I've been threatened with rape, or my family... The point being is that just because they find a way that gets to you doesn't mean they aren't rude to EVERYONE.

So stop taking this crap personally. It's feeding into it, not stopping it.

Honestly which is going to happen first, trolls get more mature or people stop letting oth...

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How does having different interests than your friends make you isolated? Maybe it's because all you want to do is game and you isolate yourself. This sounds more like a self fulfilling prophecy than anything else. Do your friends isolate you, or do you isolate yourself from them because you have a different interest. And based on one of the quotes I can tell you it's the latter for some of the gamers interviewed.

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There is a huge difference between contracting something out and funding something.

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Is there something your government does better than any private company can do, that is even reasonably sustainable?

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You answered your own question: "you submit an article with a clickbailt headline"

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That is like saying that the music industry is dead, and the movie industry is dead, Digital has not killed these markets, it has just shifted the money around to others. It also took a huge barrier of entry away for people to breakthrough, Indie games, movies, and music has hit a new rise and overall it is better. It has also made these mediums way more accessible to way more people than ever before.

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Plenty of people said hello games didn't lie, so which is it, did they or didn't they? Oh that's right, that's the whole argument that people are arguing over.

So what is your point exactly?

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