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"Killing time like I have time to kill"


You are kidding right?

If we took everything as serious as you are trying to make it than there would be no room for fun or humor in life itself.

Lighten up a little, this is not making "light" of tragic car accidents. This is a game not reality and seeing destruction in a game environment is exactly where it belongs... where no one gets hurt.

Call of duty commercials must put you in tears. #35.1
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It must get lonely on fantasy island. Would you please send me a post card?

I would argue that most Sony fans would say that Sony never left the lead position... so... how does that work?

"Hold on while I make my insanely rich competitor some tea and crumpets while he tries to stab me in the back."

Stab me in the back? Is MS supposed to hold Sony's hand and take them to prom? They are business RIVALS for deity sake. They aren... #18.1
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You mean the same way Sony fans acted when MS posted the destiny cologne ad.

No hypocrisy there...

I am not saying you are wrong I just think its funny how you would call out one side for the same thing the other does.

Its a double standard on both sides and is blatantly stupid since this really doesn't matter.

Seriously who cares if VG24\7 thinks this game will kill Forza... If it does then they were right and if it doe... #11.1.3
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Gamasutra used to be my go to site for industry news. They have really gone down hill in the last four years. I don't even visit it anymore. #1
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If they complete it and give up the source it wouldn't be that difficult to do... However the controls could be a pain since it is meant to be played with an n64 controller. #3.1
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Yeah who would name their operating system OS X.... Ohhhh wait... APPLE!

Apple would probably sue them for that "X" #1.9.2
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I blame Don Mattrick for that and most of Xbox Ones generational short comings. #1.5.1
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I know its a long shot but my theory is it has to do with having products already called windows 95 and windows 98.

Adding windows 9 to the list of released products looks messy.

I do wish they would explain why they chose to skip 9 though. #1.6
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How is this different than how it looks now... I mean its a little bit different but not by much. #3
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Don't waste your time. This site posts a bunch of stuff about Fallout that really is nothing and they change the words around and repost it.

The headline gives all the details. Claims of fallout in October and claims of a behind closed doors showing at EGX with NO WORD on that, or even a hint of investigating or proof, just claims. #1
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This makes no sense at all. So just because it says that you dont have the DLC pack its not on disc. What about it saying that makes you think its not on disc?

According to your premise that "Others, however, simply state that requirements are not met. Think about the Vault of Glass. It didn’t require a download; it just needed to be unlocked." Would almost go in FAVOR of the fact that it may already be on disc but need to be unlocked not the other way around. #4
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Balls of Steel (Shotgun - Secondary)
"Nut up or shut up" #4.1.2
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I noticed that as well, but here is my issue. The game is already set up to accept the expansions, is this pre-planning or content already created just delayed release?

Are they already done with the expansions and solely focused on Destiny sequel and we just have to wait to play them? My problem with that is that the game is less than a month old and if the content is already done it should be a part of the game not sold for $40 extra over time.

What did ha... #4.2.1
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"The simple fact is you are making a big deal out of nothing"

I am not making a big deal out of anything but this person using logical fallacies to put down a counter argument.

If you took the time to look at anything I have written on N4G through the comments you would know exactly how I feel about this whole situation.

The difference being I can look at my own side and say "Hey, that is not how you ar... #1.1.2
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Are you really saying the Chinese don't know about the bad press of Microsoft?

The Chinese are waging their own antitrust investigation into Microsoft and bundling with Internet Explorer and another program which escapes me right now.

The Chinese (Government) are creating their own OS called China Operating System. This is to get away from a windows OS.

I don't think the Chinese are censoring issues that they are having with Microsoft... #14.1
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"go in syria and saudi arabia to see how womens are treated instead of making a big deal out of nothing."

If you could stop with the red hearing type fallacy and focus on arguments that pertain to the topic at hand, that would be great.

We don't need illogical reasoning to shadow the real reasons why this whole situation is bad for gamers and the gaming community.

Games and the treatment of people in games has zero to do with th... #1.1
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I give it two months... I am hoping that Sunset Overdrive, AC Unity, HMCC, Dragon Age, and Far Cry 4 will all be better than this.

Maybe I will come back in December when DLC drops since I broke my rule for not buying season passes and went against my judgment for this game. #10.2
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If they fixed the loot system then they wouldnt need to fix the cave. Fixing the cave is because no matter what they do it wont make the rest of the game any more fun so people would still use the cave.

How is running and grinding any more fun than standing and grinding? One takes more effort and pays off less and offers less fun to me. #5.1.3
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Thats the problem... We arent saying you are having fun doing it or that you even have to. The point is I was having fun and they are saying I cant have the fun I was having.

I also don't see how standing in a spot killing enemies is any less exciting than running the same missions over and over. Both are extremely repetitive but the cave pay off is quicker so to me more exciting.

But its all a matter of personal preference and perspective. #4.2.1
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I wish I got one legendary engram a day. I have only ever got one legendary engram from a "Monster" and I have played plenty. I swear if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all. #1.3.1
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