Killing time like I have time to kill


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"To preface this topic, I do not condone cheating in anyway. I downloaded the PUBG hack to run an experiment to find out exactly how many people were actually cheating."

BS! That is no excuse whatsoever to pay for and use cheats. By the way "cheating in anyway" means cheating to see and catch other cheaters.

"I dont condone hacking, I just hacked into your computer to see how easy it was to do (experiment)."

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I could be wrong but isnt that by design?

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You do realize you are saying that in an article that literally is complaining about the Switch and its porting? I mean I dont agree with you but the place to put your comment would be in an article that is positive about the ports not negative.

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Those are contradictory statements... Is it too many at once or is it just not the ones you want? Honestly if they put out the games you just listed would you be upset that they are putting out too many, even if its every game YOU want?

Basically it really just sounds like you dont like the games they are porting and not that there are too many ports.

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Last time I checked people still want the "Virtual" console so that they CAN play older games.

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No you are not alone.

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Welcome to the whole of the internet, unfortunately.

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Yes we should never try anything new again because something bad might happen and you could be inconvenienced.


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You missunderstood what I was saying. If I met you at "school" and we started talking and I was like hey we should become friends on Switch... We have never played a game before so you aren't a suggestion... The people I usually add I've never played a game with before.

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Wow I was really excited until I saw Facebook and Twitter... I dont use either of those so that really doesnt help me out. And the people I would like to add I usually have never played with before so they wont be suggested... So looks like I still need friend codes. Sad, but at least a step in the right direction.

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The more I played the game the less I enjoyed it. The carrot on the stick just isnt large enough for the grind for me. Turning in repetitive quest after quest just to get cosmetics is boring. You arent working towards anything that actually gives you anything except for the "Pirate Legend" which gives you what? "Legendary Quests" that give you coins to buy more cosmetics? I know they teased about hunting a Kracken which is cool but this game just feels so shallow to me. I ...

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How does no one seem to see the irony in how hard everyone is trying to "defend" video games as a first amendment right while also blasting people trying to defend a second amendment right?

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Lol calls people who want to keep their rights to bare arms freaks while claiming removing fake guns would ruin your games... So does that make you just a virtual gun freak then?

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If people where trying to infringe on a human right that YOU actually care about you would be sensitive too.

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As opposed to not even having a chance when the ne'er-do-well comes 'bursting through your front door's with THEIR illegally-owned gun???

In those two scenerio I'd rather take the chance with my gun then the option of not having it.

I don't even really understand where you are coming from? Are you actually saying people shouldn't be able to defend themselves when someone attacks them? Or are you suggesting that you can talk down a...

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You sound like a paid activist.


There already has been an assault weapons ban it was called the assault weapons ban... It ended in the 90s because it was found to not have actually done anything. This is why people like me fear this anti gun mentality.
1) because they have done it before.
2) because they are too short sighted to remember it didn't do anything.

Honestly has...

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You are so full of crap. Please tell us all where you can walk into a store and buy a rifle no questions asked?

Where you don't have to show ID to prove you are 18, or fill out paperwork to swear under federal penalty that you are a citizen and that you haven't been convicted of a felony and that you aren't convicted of domestic abuse?

Please do some of your own research and stop spreading lies.


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"Yeah but the ones leaning towards the outcome you claim are all theory’s and none are either proven or set in stone."

If you think anything about this discussion is "proven" and a "scientific fact" you are kidding yourself.

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You haven't read very many studies about the subject then. Maybe rather than regurgitating what others tell you, go out and find a wide range of studies and read them. You might be surprised to learn there are more studies than you think that don't lead to an outcome you claim.

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So people who produce content aren't qualified to discuss the content they produce? They have zero knowledge of the effects of the produced content?

Not to mention in order to get the "knowledge" of a study you just have to read the study. The scientists who would talk would only be able to talk about the study conducted, meaning if you understood the study and results you are now knowledgeable about the topic... Seriously if you study a subject and read a lot...

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