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"Killing time like I have time to kill"


A 78 page, $3000 dollar report and that is all of the article they can write. A few short paragraphs. #14
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"Now tell me, how are the used game market and piracy different?"

Used game Market:
1 copy sold: Money to developer
same 1 copy resold no money to developer
same 1 copy traded no money to developer
same 1 copy gifted no money to developer

all in all still only 1 copy. and the devs made their money off that copy already.

1 Copy sold: Money to the develope... #1.1.5
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"I give my music away for free. I'd rather people heard it and added it to their digital music collection.
I consider it an advantage that you can get your work out to a potential listener so seamlessly. I don't want it streamed for free with a counter.... I want it listened to in the car etc."

I totally get that however, that doesn't mean every artist wants to give their music away for free. Maybe they value their music higher and maybe it wont... #1.3
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"So technically the company has lost nothing because he wouldnt buy it anyway..."

This is factually incorrect. Piracy takes away the incentive and motivation to buy something you can steal for free with no repercussions.

Maybe that person wouldn't buy it... but if the ability of Piracy where to vanish, can you 100% guaranty that that person would NEVER EVER buy the game. Not to mention that's just one person lets... #1.1.3
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Those are some pretty bad ethics you have there.

Its okay to take property from a publishers/labels as long as the artist still gets some money??? Even though the publishers and labels are the ones that usually front the money and take 100% of the risk (financially) they don't deserve to make as much because you think they made enough.

Not to mention they are the reason you even get the game/movie/music but screw them and their "Big" business r... #1.2
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I really like the art style and backdrop of these games. #9
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I could really go for a nice back to the roots RPG. It is good to see so many indie developers making the games large studios aren't willing to. #16
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Its been a while since I have played a good turn based game. I need to try this out. #15
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You are flat out admitting you are letting your emotions over rule your judgement.

Just because you play a game and shoot people in the face does not make you a bad person. Knowing the difference, having good judgement, and keeping with the principles of almost every peace loving philosophy or theology out there will make you a good person.

Don't get me wrong I stopped watching TV for a long time because I was sick of all the rape, murder, and sex from L... #2.3
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Well written... Over half the piece is exerts from other work all agreeing with him. I feel like I am watching the San Fransisco episode of SouthPark and everyone in that article is enjoying the smell of their own gas in sweet satisfaction thinking they are above everyone else and so enlightened. #1.2
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I understand your point but this is a game not real life.

Games that are Pay to win just glare in the face of those who earn less money. It reminds people that they are poor and will have to work way harder to even try to compete with the rich... pretty sure I have real life to do that for me. #13.2
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Potato Salad Simulator: Kickstart your potluck

If you thought the real thing was good wait until you play the GAME! #3.1.1
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I was really Hoping this was real. I am sure happy I didnt back it though. The $50k was what really threw me off. #4
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Sure but if you earned $30k then = $66k now (with inflation based on the same tool the author used).

But what if you only earn $50k now your still at a net loss of $16k in purchasing power. That is a lot of video games. #6.2
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I would rather the teams not spend $50million on one game and shrink down to small teams make great games at $20.00 $30.00 and release them more spread out rather than every year. Imagine how many games would come out if instead of $50million you got $5million and your team was also shrunk to 1/10th the size. you would get 10 games at $20 - $30 a piece (over a longer period of time mind you, but with more teams it would be more games) but to me that beats one game rushed out every year at $60... #4.1.4
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This whole concept only works if your PAYCHECK increases with INFLATION! If I made $30K then and I still make $30K it has increased in price. Granted back then I was 5 so I wasn't working but lets just assume my Mother made $30k, she now barely makes $36K but according to your INFLATION calculator she was making $66k but now shes still making $36K so do you think she has MORE or LESS buying power?

That is the problem is the amount earned is relatively steady but inflation... #15
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Very Nice! Thank you IGN! #4
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How about you actually read the article. #31.1
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The developers who made it I would say since it starts with them. #20.1.1
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Doesn't mean you wont be subjected to it though. #18.2
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