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If this were true there would be zero Xbox's sold.

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What is the definition of "high end PC"?

If you cant define it then why are you surprised people compare it to one. Is any definition that you do find written in a book what High end is, or is it your own personal definition which is to say maybe in their mind high end is the same as your concept of mid range.

TL:DR Stop being a jackhole!

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"Nobody Seems To Care"

I must have missed the 4+ articles about it...

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Aside from the terrible editing of the article (I know it's another "English isn't my first language" thing) the idea that Yahoo would be trying to compete as a service seems strange since the company is in such bad shape. Yahoo is being propped up by the Alibaba shares and the company wants to split and sell off Yahoo (the dead wieght) but no one wants to buy it.
I would have issues with a service that its parent company future is so unstable.

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You do realize how samples, polls and surveys work right? You don't need EVERYONES specs you need a sample group. It is called statistics.

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I only play Nintendo for first party games and bad ideas like this dont make me happy. They are the one who decided to make Splatoon and market it like an eSports game. They are making multiplayer games without the support that it requires. There is no excuse that makes this a good idea from a consumer perspective.

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It just doesnt make sense to me. Why hasnt Nintendo come out and explained the "plan" yet? it all feels so very disconnected and even docked seems like a lot of stuff going on with a need for some long cables that I am sure wont come with anything. And then I am truly hoping that it isn't an app for every game and not a central App. I really hope Nintendo just comes out and explains whats in store for Switch owners soon.

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Thousands of people outcry because the game is not what they expected and you are saying they were "too busy" working on an update to make one comment addressing any of the concerns that paying consumers brought up.

They had no problem talking right at launch, it wasn't until people started to realize they felt mislead that all the sudden radio silence from Hello Games.

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Love this series, cant wait to play it. HSG4 was good except for the online part because the lobbies were trash so I hope they squared that out.

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Sweet, looking forward to this game, it seems different and interesting.

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Ambition isn't tangible... and in this case it was ambition that bit them in the ass, so how you make that the first point of "getting it right" is beyond me. Not to mention what they offered on release was very possible and not really ambitious what they wanted out of the game and didn't deliver was the ambitious part.

Support after launch, you cant in the same breathe say they went silent for TWO MONTHS from releasing a game that let a lot of people down...

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I like how people assume that consumers can't read reviews objectively.

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You do realize that 7 year-olds have parents right?

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Are you saying that the manufacturer is actually producing at 100% capacity because I dont believe that for one second. I think that the price for parts increased and they are stalling manufacturing (only producing as little as they can to make people happy~ish) until the prices come back down.

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Except they didn't produce nearly enough the first couple months to make that line of thought play out.

Its not like they produced a tn and this is a shock. They produced too little and the people that would have bought it the first couple months still cant get it.

This isnt a demand problem this is a supply problem.

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Demand seems normal, it's the supply that is low. Nintendo has done this time and time again. Who really thought it couldn't sell out of the couple million they produced so far?

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Is it 60fps on the Xbox One and PS4? if it isnt than why not take 4k/30 on X and probably Pro over 1080 or 900/30?

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"Multiplayer was the second foundation"
Based on what? Serious question, what do you base that on?
Almost all the old games where multiplayer or leader board driven to create competition among people.

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There is an objective, SURVIVE. The goal is to be last person/team standing not total kills.

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Candy Crush

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