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So you are trying to defend Nintendo when it's really Nintendo that has decided not to grow with the industry they helped create. If Nintendo would cater to the fans who grew up on the games like Mario, and Zelda, and Donkey Kong by creating a competing system that would allow more 3rd party publishers to create more adult oriented games for the system for the now adults to play as well as continue to create the great games that they do, you would be left with a system that is theoretical...

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Do you know how insulting it is to have a bunch of people like you throw away the FACT white people aren't a bunch of racists and lead in the fight to stop slavery. I love Tubman, she was an amazing abolitionist but you have to have rocks for brains if you don't think she needed white people... Think about it, where did she run to? Who's houses did she hide in? Didn't need white people... You are a piece of work man. And about that confederate war was all about slavery thing,...

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Overgeneralize much. You wont find me in a gamestop or wearing a comicbook shirt but anytime you want to have a discussion about how far your head is up your own sphinctor ill get the tape measure.

The issue is that "games" are not the cause or reason for them being losers. So why not call out the real problems.

Or lets twilight zone this... maybe you were the one in gamestop wearing the comic book shirt and not able to interact with people, pro...

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Wait so you complain about the real world being full of hate mongering people but a book thats full of that seems unrealistic? For how much you say about our current state of affairs what about the bibles so called sexist, racist, violence inducing, hate mongering seems unrealistic to you? I mean i get the part about an omnipotent being but you brought up the peoples actions... that seems to be exactly what you claim this country is full of.

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... complains GTA portraid black people as gang bangers, is thanking God for Mafia 3... you are a walking contradiction.

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Yeah I totally forgot the part where the minorities on their own with no help from those racist white colonials were able to all the sudden get any sort of freedom, which war was that again where the blacks stood up and fought the white devil away for their freedoms, must have overlooked that chapter in my history book... thats right, as much as you hate white people it was not without the help of those of us who know its wrong to own people and enslave people...

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First if you have to qualify your correction of a statement with the word necessarily it means that it can and has happened so rather than try to correct a conception that isn't a misconception because it can and has happened maybe just say that's not the case in our situation (as the CDP said) and don't make a blanket statement of your own about how it's not how it works except "necessarily" stupid editorializing like that is why this information needed to be correc...

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Because I don't believe one word that comes out of Jeff's mouth.

What would you say to calm people down? No guys its okay we were going to get rid of this pose anyways even though multiple characters have the same one. It just didn't fit her character... Too late, Blizzard looks like a TOOL.

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...but it's only a pose so it's a little silly how out of shape some people get about it's INCLUSION.

Fixed it for you.

People are bent out of shape due to the pressure that lead to its removal and the ramifications it has as a precedent.

The silly ones are the people who thought it was offensive enough to need it removed, rather than remove themselves from something they find offensive.

After all its just a pos...

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Its less that you don't have a valid opinion, its more that your opinion shouldn't determine the outcome for everyone else. If you don't like it don't choose it, or support it. Don't get content removed (read: Censored) for the rest of us that happen to appreciate it.

You don't have the right not to be offended.

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Yep which is why every female celebrity I have ever seen on a magazine cover, movie, Instagram photo, or advertisement in a pose that can even be perceived as sexual is just a meat bag with no quality at all.

It amazes me how they want it both ways... Don't tell women to cover up and be modest, and don't let other women flaunt their sexuality... bunch of contraDICKtory snowflakes.

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Yep and they made the decision to add it in the first place. They "CHANGED" only after complaints were made.That would mean outside pressure INFLUENCED the NEW decision.

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Go figure they push the beta over the same weekend as PAX South!

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It looks like they are using the original backgrounds and just redoing characters and cuts... No complaints here, they could keep it all the same. It was a great game then and a good game still.

cant wait to play it again. I have had to buy 3 PS copies because people either borrowed and moved or lost a disk. I have my copy stored away next to Chrono Cross in my office closet now.

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Shady implys this is intentional...

Packages are another item, they arent all items into one so they get marked down on their own not as a sum off the individual items. So if the person deciding the sales isnt paying attention than this sort of thing can happen. It doesnt make it intentional.

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My first thought from reading the first sentence...

"Wow ive been playing it for a month already?"

^^That pretty much answered the question too.

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Is this one at least "ONLINE" multiplayer?

I used to play Raiden II all the time with my friends but the last few have only been local multiplayer (As far as I know).

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This looks awesome!

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Garbage, hate, and drivel... Seriously, how do people like this function day to day with so much speculation and looking for the bad in everything as apposed to the good. If I was in a situation where I needed help and someone came to help me whether he is an affluent white guy or a broke black/brown/blue/purple guy it wouldn't matter. Nothing in FarCry 3 or 4 was racist. There was no "because your not white you CANT do this or that." Not to mention its telling a story and to sa...

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...When you post a news article to support your claim only to find its been updated to disprove your own claim.

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