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Well seeing as they feel the need to state the obvious, why not write another article to say Sony is working on their new console?

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@ haggishurler

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If paying $50 a year for Xbox Live is a rip-off, what do you call this??!

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If the snake's in there... Then what's on the plane?? O.o

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With great power comes great responsibility!

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You do realise it's difficult to distinguish sarcasm from statement in text, right?

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Sorry but you must have fooled yourself somewhere along the road. There have been plenty of rumor-articles daily about "always online gaming" stuff. I don't see how you could of missed ALL of them but see all the cable-tv ones.

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After losing so much money, who wouldn't learn from that mistake?

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Sales don't matter, it's the enjoyment that counts!

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Unless your Ex Boxed you in the house.

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That's what she said!! Haahahaa...

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He wouldn't even last a few days. You only get out the amount of energy you get in. So if he were to start using that energy without taking in anymore, he'll run out and die.

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I wouldn't call it "basic P2P matchmaking" because there is party-chat. This allows your team to communicate amongst each other without the other team hearing you. It also allows the user to talk to someone playing another game.

So I don't believe it's basic matchmaking.

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Noooo, you just started the flames!!!

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Comparing sales of Xbox and PS3 on this site is asking for a storm. :/

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Oh haha, all you need is the "/s" at the end and you would have had the best joke evah!

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Hey come-on, at least it's better than the daily flame-wars and fan-boy rants!

Turn that frown up-side down! :)

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To unite all peoples within out nation.

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What, so you want an in-built cup-holder for an additional $10?

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"don't you think you spend more than $50 on batteries in the same amount of time a PS3 controller dies? "

Nope, When the Xbox 360 released I bought 15 minute rechargable batteries for the controllers. Now here in 2013, I'm still running on those same batteries.

Personally, I'd prefer the rechargable battery method, that way when the batteries begin to die I'd just buy another two batteries.

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