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All hail Gabe and the mighty HL franchise. All who oppose him must be destroyed.

As for Left 4 Dead coming to PS3, he said he was "open" to the idea of a future watered-down port if his team ever got bored enough down the road (unlikely), on the most recent GT TV.

As for the game itself, it looks to be yet another revolutionary title from Valve. Can't wait for it. Sucks to be a PS3rd-only owner right about now! Well, actually, it's been that way for years n...

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If it's coming to PS3, it'll be on 360. No PC dev in their right mind would ever chose to port their PC game to the PS3 instead of the 360. Simple facts.

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What kind of moron decides to stop running Sony to work for some lame-ass company like Atari? LOL. Phil. That's who. He must have found-out that PS3 has no games...

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lol. no "use" of tacked-on sh1tasses "control" *cough*LAIR*COUGH* is going to make-up for a third of a game ;)

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hahahahahaaahahah sh1tasses FTW.

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...starting with the Sony fanboys.

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Gears is better than EVERYTHING. So, yes. That would include Halo, by a mile.

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How's Gears? The better game? ;) BTW, I'll let you know how UT3 is later this year when I get the improved version with the latest engine updates. oh, yeah...PWNED.

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Wait, before the FBI raids my home. I said that as a joke being sarcastic because of how annoying they are. Not because I Want to molest them. Gross ass tards.

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I ain't no child molester, you god damn idiots.

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Duh. Asian gamers are dumb lol.

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Arivex just owned the hell out of you stupid n00bs lol.

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With Jaffe and Balrog gone, will it really be as great as we want it to be?

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Was thinking of picking it up on PS2, but didn't want those crap SD graphics. I might pick this up now that it's a real game.

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lol. 12 year olds play Live????

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I'll wait for the PS2 port.

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Wait B3yond......FOR A PATCH???? ROFLMAO!!!!

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