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Anthem is a better game. The Division 2 had the same issues that happened less often.

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lol Wow so I'm not alone.

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Kingdoms of Amalur

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That game was awesome.

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I don't understand the uproar from people about the Epic Games Store.

Try to imagine if they said that about Steam. Imagine how stupid they would sound.

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well said

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Oh no! Epic Games knows your Steam games and friends! Are you people serious? You really care? No. You don't. Cuz if you did you'd be a freakin moron.

"The launcher scans your active processes to prevent updating games that are currently running. This information is not sent to Epic."

It's ridiculous what idiots will cry over.

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Anthem is WAY better than The Division

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It actually is PR, just with more words. Anybody with common sense can understand that response without actually needing it spelled out for them.

As you can see, sheep don't have common sense.

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Loved Mad Max from the start. Also loved Mafia 3.

Won't read full article cuz it just wants clicks.

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It already has them. The movement and sliding is straight out of Titanfall. Same goes for the gun reticles. If you ever played Titanfall you'd be instantly familiar with the feel of it in Apex Legends.

They said they actually tried doing parkour and double as well as triple jumps and decided against it. I wish they hadn't.

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Super late to fake news. Good job.

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Anthem will be better without those stupid players.

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The sad thing is how people are completely missing just how deep the lore and story of Anthem actually goes.

Our world is dominated by sheep.

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Yup this game has unlocked the true form of hyperbole

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I enjoyed it very much as a single-player experience that took me around 30 hours to complete.

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Not a big deal. There's tons of actual video gameplay footage already out there. Looks amazing.

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I really don't understand why people keep saying Anthem has some kind of "identity crisis." It's nonsense. No it does not.

Other than that it's nice to see a score that makes more sense.

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I loved the story and generally speaking loved the game.

What I didn't like was the disappointment in expecting an action game and it turning out to be a walking sim. In all the previews and presentations before the games launch it was promoted as an action game.

The combat is awesome. It's just majorly disappointing how little of it there is. Other than that, great game.

Cool article.

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Stronger together!

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