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*Hides his lucky charms*

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you never got your GEARS time cut off. you dont have a 360....your a pathetic excuse for a Sony Fanboy---and an even worse excuse for a HUMAN BEING. If your mom buys her Bluray disc at goodwill or waits until there is a hella good sale on, thats fine---money is tight, i get it. But MOST of the world will be paying a lot more than that, sorry kiddo.

Your 30 demo is GT5 Prolouge. Sure, its a big demo, but a unfinished product none-the-less. Have fun buying it twice--JAck...

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that must explain why the Wii has EASIER HACKS, and is STILL FLYING OFF THE SHELVES.
[email protected]$$.

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I dont care. Give me another Need 4 Speed Underground---Carbon was BS.

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is failing miserably compared to DVD. DVD, you must remember was MUCH MUCH more expensive in its early stages(or maybe you dont cause youre prolly just a kid). Not to mention it, the PS2/XBOX wasn't around for a while. So for DVD to have as much success as it did EVEN BEFORE PS2 and XBOX was awesome, after PS2 though--it was game over for VHS. Bluray starts off at a decent price(especially if youre getting a PS3), and now the players alone are a lot cheaper than a PS3. So naturally this shoul...

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on downloading those games.
lol. thanks for the heads up. :)

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Gears2 is all kinds of great but by 2010, i expected grander things for sure.
Also, i used to love Midway Games back in the day----but now, i say "f*ck that".
I guess time will tell.

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Im not a big fan of WOW. But im sure this will be enough to get me "sucked" in for a couple months.
My friends have already been fired from their jobs. lol

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Nancy, your timing is amazing.
Only you and Shane Kim, have managed to get me dirty looks from my co-workers for laughing so damn hard. Actually shane almost got me fired, lol. But all the same, thankyou for the laughs.

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The Covenant was better and that sucked balls too.

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but if your want any new movies, then you'll pay 40-50 bucks.
i dont care for "pee-wee's big top" or "barbie's new adventures"----if thats youre thing, cool.
but if im gonna buy a movie....its gonna be something CURRENT.

so like i was saying earlier... STFU

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and I am Ronald Reagan.

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how successful the 360 is in Japan.
I live in the US.
I like it here.

as long as i keep getting great games to play(online and off) then i could really care less about how well the 360 is doing in japan and all other outlying regions.

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of Craigslist. Deals year round there. lol. And its local.
Black Friday always sucks for me, cause I have to work.

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65nm was done a while back.
The new flash memory would be the only thing new about this.
Unless it had stronger fans or something.
I have a strange suspicion its just a mod---and so do the guys at Gizmodo.
But I guess time will tell.
Either way, this is good news and will only increase hardware sales---especially for all those who were waiting to buy one b/c they thought it would crap out on them later.

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Its gonna be great fun for everyone--unless your a Sony Fanboy who doesn't have a PS3.
Yeah, DLC cost money. Get over it. You bought a 400-600 dollar PS3, and youre gonna act like 360 owners are over-paying for DLC? Well, guess what? I have a PS3, and I got it before the price drop, so NOW I have one of the most expensive BLURAY players out there. God forbid, Sony give me something I can play longer than 2 days and still enjoy myself. I can pick up Halo 3 ANY DAY OF THE WEEK AND SPEND H...

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I didn't finish it. someone let me know where i need to start it, to see any action.

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If any of you children remember O.S.P. then you should continue arguing. If not---then STFU, your way too young and stupid to be arguing politics related to the middle-east and the war itself.

There are things in this world that you'll never understand. Pretending you do, only makes it worse.

There are certain ways to fix problems, that you may not agree with, but they work.
And what you read in a "History Book" may not always be the way things went...

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Weather effects? WEATHER EFFECTS?!?!?!?!?!

I am so freakin excited right now. Like Im shaking. I have to pee...does anyone else here feel like they have to pee?

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