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lolwut? A comfortable office chair costs no more than $60. Spend more and you'll get an even better one. Seriously, if you can afford to buy videogames then you can afford at least a half-decent office chair.

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Awesome, I was surprised at how great they worked for Skyward Sword. I don't want to go back to button mashing again.

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My guess:
2012 -- Bad Company 3
2013 -- Battlefield 4

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Wow, you guys really enjoy taking it from behind by EA. I can't believe how blind you are to their cheap money-making tactics.

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Yes Activison, please cut content out of the final game and charge players for it who didn't get the limited edition of the game.

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Kind of like a Smash Bros Kart? Could be interesting.

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@ everyone who replied to me, except Pr0digyZA & Tanir...

Your bubbles represent your reply qualities. Rubbish.

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I wish the Uncharted series came to PC in a trilogy set, they're the only reason I actually want a PS3, but I'm not gonna get one just for 3 games that I'll play through once.

Seeing the games in 1080p with 8xAA, 16xAF and higher res textures + increased distance LOD would be great.

Edit: And running at 60 FPS.

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Looks stunning... I can't wait to see how this looks when it's out of pre-alpha.

This is in-game too, not a photo-mode screenshot like in Forza/GT/NFS which makes it even more impressive.

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If you say that then you obviously haven't played them.

Though I don't disagree entirely, but FORGET Treyarch's titles -- THEY are the clones of the previous games.

World at War = WW2 CoD4
Black Ops = Cold War/Vietnam MW2
Black Ops 2 = MW3

Does CoD4 = MW2? Hell no, they're HUGELY different. Will MW2 = MW3? No. Simple as that. The innovation with the series lies with IW, Treyarch will just continue to copy them....

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It's cool to like and play it until it gets immensely popular.

Then it sucks and you've always hated it... but you still buy it, play hundreds of hours and it somehow still sucks.

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It was removed because it was leaked early. They had it as unlisted for a reason. As soon as they actually release the trailer it will explode in comments and likes.

Some people are desperate. *rolleyes*

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Agree, but I don't see why the option shouldn't be there for people who don't want to have the game installed or don't have a powerful enough system.

I'm certain Valve will, not any time in the near future though. a

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If GTA5 is on the current consoles it will not look as good as this. If it's on next-gen console, perhaps it will. Here's hoping they put some extra effort into the PC version for those with high-end rigs though!

That's the great thing about PC gaming - it keeps most of the kiddies away because they can't afford it. If anyone has a job, even minimum wage, they can afford a great gaming PC after saving for a little while.

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It's DiRT 3, guys...

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Sandybridge isn't as good as the 990X in terms of raw performance. But value it is. If you have money to just throw away then the 990X is the better choice, which is kind of the point of this article.

Huge waste of money for this system when (as you said) you could build a PC for half the cost (far less then half, really) with great performance.

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Generic? LOL. You haven't played ARMA have you?

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Crysis sold millions on PC. Better than most new franchises.

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Finished the SP today running @1080p, 60+ FPS. Oh how I love you PC.

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He's doing this for the children, guys!

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