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N4G is messing up but I just wanted to point out you have a spelling snafu in the review. "After introducing players to the lacklustre presentation..."

Good read otherwise.

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Stoked for the release, I thought the cartridge slot was where you docked the handheld? Looks like we'll wait to see if SNK actually follows up with what they're teasing...

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when it sounds like it was recorded with a Air Purifier...

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Seems legit, we'll check it out.

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Definitely looking forward to this one after Revelations.

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Curious, name some new games that have hit the PSP or 3DS this month....Name five releases. Again, it doesn't break new ground but it refines what's good to fine polished point. I enjoyed it, give it a go.

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Such an incredible indie game. PPR is totally excited to see what Tribute will do next!

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it looks like the developers are using their limited resources to throw together a retro looking aesthetic to appease to retro-centric players like us but I feel like it's another indie game, maybe someday you'll get a play you game you...

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nothing that propelled me into trying to go out & play it, the music is amazing though so thanks for bringing this to light!

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get our shit together for PAX East, great episode & we bought the App! it's really well done!

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but who knows, maybe another play through being as I enjoyed the points made within the review in order...

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they both deserve a full play-through, & the depth of animal riding & the secret boss fight in the end really makes both of these stand out titles one enjoyable & long adventure the way Sonic 3 & Sonic & Knuckles combined together to create the full experience, thanks for covering this amazing music!

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in one uninspired sitting according to his quick thoughts on it, nifty ideas & concept but the whole thing just appeared to be really ham fisted & poorly executed...great read though!

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