Project Ukulele λέμε!!!!!!!


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I totally agree. I was excited too but now I will play another game at this price.

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I agree with the article, i would like to see news about NX too. Zelda was great but so much gameplay at once is no good, I was a little boring.

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You have to try A Link Between Worlds.

As for Breath of the Wild, I wasn't so excited with those graphics and with the empty worlds. Though, I respect the opinion by someone who played the game and that guy look really happy with the game. I hope he is right....I will buy it day one for sure, its Zelda!

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For every new Zelda we have the question. So.....NO, Ocarina will stay for ever the best Zelda and this is because Miyamoto made it.

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yeah with Hatsune Miku. Mighty 9 though it took low score....

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The video is new but I suppose it was recorder few days before being published.

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I liked FF VIII for his card game. It had hard battles and it was really long, I remember it had 4 discs on my PS1.

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Sonic confirmed as a Lego dimensions character.

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What a great game here? I remember myself looking for light in my old baby (gameboy). Zelda LA is the best 2D Zelda after ALTTP. Nice read btw.

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Congrats to all lucky members!!! We need more secret contests.....:o

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Yeah...very lucky that we see a company like Playtonic nowdays.

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I can't wait for that beauty!!!! Trailer, music and gameplay look amazing <3

The character voices are great too. I would call that game Banjo 3 without doubt. Day one.....

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Always I though Final Fantasy V was the best 2D of the series. Happy to see japanese think the same.

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Hmmm...Jet Force Jemini was a great game, it worth a remake for the new gamers.

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Finally!! One of the more anticipated games for this year.

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I like my 3DS, it's one of my favorite consoles I ever bought. Nice to hear that Nintendo will continue supporting it. Just give us a 2D Metroid and I will be even happier.

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That is cool....

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I can't wait for the next retro game!

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3DS Has really great sales. i dont think though it will reach the same sales as its processor DS.

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The only thing I know is that I will play a new Zelda, maybe the best series of video games. This is enough for me.

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