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PS4 in top of hardware sales after long time. If we combine PS4 and pro has more sales than switch.

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The game is awesome!! Of course it worth this title.

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I have a feeling this will be on Switch.

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If that is true, day one by me. I hope Nintendo will choose the best games for that epic console.

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I agree too. Switch will remain there for the next months.

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Final Fantasy X was really epic with the new level up system and a great story. But my tru love are the 3 FF games released on SNES.

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Nice list! We need finally a Metroid game please!

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Yes! Fight himself was really one of the best moments in Zelda games. There are no moments from ALTTP but I cannot think a crazy moment atm. Nice read btw....

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I was waiting to see FF VII in top 10 list but it is in #52. Anyway, for me Chrono Trigger is the best RPG I've ever played, so I agree with IGN choices.

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Well done nintendo! Mario kart is a system seller, i would like to see platform charts of uk

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Nice debut for Mario Kart! Zelda BOTW has been returned in top 5 too.

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Another nice week for switch. Great sales for Fire emblem too!

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According to Digital Foundry there is no option.

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Zelda did it very well for a game released to one only console.

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Yes, ALTTP is the best Zelda for me too. I liked much LBTW. Unfortunatley I have not played yet BOTW. Oracle of Zelda are great btw, I would love to see remake of those, nice story and difficult puzzles.

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Great list, I would add Conker or Mario 64.

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Great choices. Zelda ALTTP is my favorite game. It's hard btw to choose only 10 games of that console, when epic games like Donkey Kong Country, Chrono are out of the list.

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50 hours?? Wow!! How many hours then for a non speedrun 100% round? The game is huge :o

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Switch has solid numbers in Japan. But it has no many games for the moment, only Zelda is selling. I hope Nintendo will release more games soon.

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Wii Sports is a surprise as it has been released only on Wii console. The rest are multiplatform.

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