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And to think that some people thought neither demos (PSX 2014 and E3 2015) were running on a PS4,

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And it is.

It's 14-18 hours long depending on your playstyle. And that's without adding all the cutscenes.

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Apparently you can play with the filters turned on.

For those that didn't believe cutscenes model = in game model:

More screenshots (spoiler free - if you have seen the trailers):
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"It's a slap in the face of all current PS4 owners"

Speak for yourself.

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Don't you worry. I'm sure you won't even pass a screening interview with Sony, let alone work for them :)

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Amazing trailer. Day one for sure!

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This is Sony's biggest game. They're not going to cock-up its world-wide launch over thieving leaks.

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I think I might have to do the same.


filthy troll.

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I'll give Tropico 5 and Switch Galaxy Ultra a try.

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Such a shame; hope the guilty are caught soon.

The thirst is real though, some have paid £90-£110 to play this game early.

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Such a shame; hope the guilty are caught soon.

The thirst is real though, some have paid £90-£120 to play this game early.

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I'll give costume quest 2 a go.

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Bullshit. You're a liar :)

Link some of my bizzare illusions in regards to kinect or paid online multiplayer.

I can differentiate between genuine concern and gaming-is-doomed comments.

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Why are you including me in your generalization?

I couldn't care less for kinect and paid online services.

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I have a positive outlook but its not all sunshine and rainbows.

What negative element of any credible relevance has been rumoured?

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That is not true. Some have genuine concerns, and some are all doom and gloom.

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I'll decide that.

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Some either don't want to understand or are probably afraid of change, in my opinion.

I'm tired of reading bullsh** one sided arguments with bizarre illusions that consumers will get shafted and how iterative consoles are such a terrible idea.

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I might go offline for the next 13 days :(

There's no way I'm going to allow others to spoil my most anticipated game.

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