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I was taken aback by my emotions towards Ico's ending.

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"But if the Neo is real and it seems like it is and plays VR games significantly better than why wouldn't it be a reason Neo was made?"

Because Sony isn't as dim-witted as your thought process.


"But they could be just as retarded as your own."

case in point.

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40 million in 2.5 years?! That's incredible.

Congratulations Sony!

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Knowing that I'll have The Last Guardian in my hands later this year fills me with happiness. Ico and SoTC were absolutely amazing.

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"Great minds think alike pertaining to This review and only this review."

The fudge? You make absolutely no sense. lol

And you can't have it both ways. Your 9/10 for QB is equivalent to his 5/10.

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What are we suppose to do with your links?

I would have thought the same if I didn't know any better.

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"According to the UK's sales-tracking company GFK Chart-Track, sales of major releases typically drop by around 70% during their second week, with some games actually dropping by significantly more"

Halo 5: Guardians and Fallout 4 fell by 78-80% during their second week. GTA 5, also dropped by 83% during its week two.

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Of course you found it mediocre.

What you said a few hours ago:

"no, give me forza, halo and gears before any other games. Heck id survive a whole gen with the best fps/tps multiplayer and racing games. Just because your console doesnt have anything to compete with them, doesnt mean that we dont absolutely love them.. Get your salty self out of here."

Get outta here troll.

On topic:

I have...

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Awesome indeed. Congrats to Naughty Dog and Sony for creating what I consider the absolute best of this gen so far.

Just take a look at this video I created showcasing various ways of entering/exiting and passing through the jeep.

Who does this except Naughty Dog.

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"There is a noticeable upgrade to the graphics when in photo mode tho compared to when in gameplay."

Either you're deliberately lying or someone has told you a lie.

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I don't even know where to begin with your comment.

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"Gameplay no"

You lot need to stop repeating this debunked point.

UC4 combat:
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Fascinating. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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Real world pro climbing technique:

Uncharted 4 - Beyond3d:

As someone who works for an organisation that help the disabled, I know how hard it can be for some to partake in physical activities and interactive entertainment. That said, I was pleasently surprised to see the number of accessible features in UC4.

The accessibility video was heart warming.

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Overwatch is a MMO game?

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"Combat was mediocre"


Here's a small sample of UC4's hand to hand and weapon based combat played by yours truly:

Same encounter, but now with semi stealth approach:

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It was a few entries away from 95. The washington post really hit the meta average quite hard.

The negative user reviews are a sight to behold. lol

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