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Do you ever research anything you say?

The main reason why we don't have backward compatibility is the x86-64 architecture.
Last-gen consoles were essentially PowerPC machines. #1.1.3
What a load of tosh.
Both current gen consoles retail around £300, expecting a 970 level of performance is what I find 'rediculous'.
And no, they're not rediculously underpowered by any stretch of the imagination. #1.3.1
At this point, I would not mind if the graphics are not as good as the initial reveal. However, what I won't accept is a downgrade in gameplay and animation. #2.1
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I agree. Almost everything they show gets a downgrade by release.
The E3 reveal and closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege also exhibits quite a difference. #1.1
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In certain areas, the final game looked better. #3.2
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Should I feel bad for enjoying Call of Duty every year? #1.3
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Has he forgotten the trailer to the original Deus Ex?

Hypocrisy at its finest. #1.1
It has more to do with the continuous support of a wide variety of games and services than just the initial screw up from their direct competition. #1.1.3
And by what we saw last E3, it didn't really look that good. Should be at least as good, if not better than Dying Light come next year. #1.1
For the last time! It's not 'missing' in The Order, it's set lower than 16xAF. #1.2

Rather than providing a reasonable argument, you saw fit to call me a fanboy, without any evidence, may I add. It's not hard to understand or acknowledge the digital distribution process on PC. And I disagree, Sales will not dry up, your proclamation is based on a false assumption.

You're dead wrong about Rockstar making more money on the PC version. Valve takes a 30% cut on every sale (I know other DD stores exist).
You seem to forge... #1.1.12

According to your findings, PC version has most definitely sold more than a single current-gen console in the same time frame.

It's likely the PC version will sell more than the Xbox one.

I don't think it'll be a huge surprise for Rockstar. If they can sell 29 million in 30 days, they can surely expect a few million on PC.

There's also another fact, there's absolutely no plausible way to find out... #1.1.10
@ T900

I have not made this a Console VS PC argument. I was merely comparing the first month sales, how hard is that for you to accept?

I have already mentioned and acknowledged the benefits of playing on a PC, your contentions are irrelevant to my entire argument.

And no, it is not childish to compare number of units sold, regardless of platform.

I'm sure PC gamers are enjoying the fruits of their patience. Game on. #1.1.8

I'm sure playing the game at 60fps and above 1080p enhances the overall experience but if population density is your main bullet point, I would like to confirm that population density on the current-gen console version is equivalent to 75-100% on PC -

@ T900

The population dens... #1.1.6
For the sake of comparison, GTAV sold 29 million units in 30 days on PS3 and 360.

GTA 5 sales reach 45m units, including 10m on PS4 & Xbox One -


If making a comparison in units sold is considered bias by some, then GOD help us all. I'm sure GTAV will see rea... #1.1.2
Sony is becoming the biggest salt-producer in the world.

/S #6.1.3
I wholeheartedly disagree. PS+ has been fantastic on the PS4. Expecting AA/AAA games from a £3 per month subscription is bonkers.

Nearly every month since PS4 launched had at least one good game:

Resogun - December
Don't Starve - January
Outlast - February
Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition - March
Mercenary Kings - April
Stick it to The Man - May
Trine 2 - June
Strider - July
Fez - August... #1.3.5
What utter nonsense.


Guacamelee - 87
Unfinished Swan - 83
Ether One - 82
Race the Sun - 76
Hohokum - 75 #2.2.3
If only I had the patience to wait a few months lol. #3.1.2
Thanks for all the info. I will most definitely give it a shot, and who knows, I might like it as much as you do. #2.1.2
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