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Yep. You can also play metal gear solid 2 and snake eater. #2.1
So did Batman lol #10.1
Could you elaborate on comparing The Order To Gears of War? #1.2.5
I enjoyed it more than Halo 4's multiplayer. #5
I really like the art-style. #3
This game looks glorious!

I had to end my media blackout :) #3
I'm slightly confused. Who are you addressing? I don't really see anyone upset over the early access content for Xbox One owners. They're paying for it after all. #1.2.1
I'm astonished that people actually agree with your nonsensical statement.
Insecurity level is through the roof. #4.2
Hail to the king? #1.3
Oh dear? #1.1
The game supports one of my most favourite time period and setting. Also the superb and original mix of old world authorial history merged with mystical horror wrapped up in an alternative steampunk world that hinges close enough to reality, into the almost believable.
In my opinion, it has some of the best character design and creation seen in recent years, superb voice acting, gunplay with great visual feedback and probably the best graphical showcase for PS4 this year. #7.1.1
All round fantastic year. #6.1.1
My most anticipated exclusive games for xbox are:

Quantum Break
Halo 5
Rise of The Tomb Raider #6
For example? #5.2
I'm on a media blackout since the last trailer. Don't want to spoil anything.
The Order is my most anticipated games for this year, #7
My thoughts exactly. #1.1
only a month away now :) #3
Should it not be the other way around? #1.1.2
Most people would and they did. #1.1
I would say Killzone Shadow fall and Driveclub. #11
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