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BG&E is a fantastic game. And it holds up rather well, even though it's almost 14 years old.

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Nice, I'm looking forward to the event. If only I could attend in person.

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Baby Peyj and Jade's dad? I want to believe.

Edit: on second thought, the guy looks south asian and he seems to be sporting an Indian tilaka on his forehead. He could have a connection with Jade but I'm not entirely sure if he's her father.

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This looks absolutely fantastic and I love the hand drawn art style.

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Unemperical perceptual analysis can only go so far. I would personally wait for a proper tech analysis that makes use of the frame-rate algorithm tools at DF's disposal.

Regardless, you're being a bit hasty with calling out the frame-rate. If you read the article, Thomas mentions that Infinite Warfare on the PS4 Pro is still a predominantly 60fps game.

He also states:

"The map difference between the two makes this compariso...

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The engaging and challenging combat of Horizon has me most excited because it's almost never this good in an open world game.

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Looks really good. Day one probably.

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I didn't have an opinion on Palmer before, but I certainly do now; disgusting degenerate.

Forget Oculus. HTC Vive and PS-VR FTW.

Game developers are dropping Oculus support until Palmer Luckey steps down:

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On topic:

Maybe wait and see until some games are patched with HDR?

I don't remember reading anything remotely similar for the Xbox One S and that's been in the market for nearly 2 months.

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So the PS4 version then? It runs at 60fps.


I would choose the 1080p 30fps 4X MSAA version.

But I'm holding out on the game until I get the PS4 Pro; 1440p at 60fps all the way.

@Septic below

My bad. I must have misread.


Disregard what I said about ICXM, I must have confused it with another website, can't remember which one though.

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"Proof why metacritic is biased against Microsoft...will not allow them to score a ms game above 90"

There's no bias. And don't worry, it will go above 90 once they add the IGN score. IGN score holds a lot of weight in meta averages.

That said, 89 is a fantastic meta average.

Edit: As I said earlier, the average will go higher once they add the IGN score, and it has. Forza Horizon 3 is sitting at an impressive 90 at th...

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Nice! I'm starting to feel the excitement for GeOW 4 :D

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"Can't stop the train baby!!" lol

I'm not going to watch the trailer but I'm happy to see all the positively excited reactions.

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Cheer up Fox.

Maybe just wait and see what happens before calling it generic.

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Spot on Dr Pepper.

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Rumours are Kojima has decided to use Sucker Punch's Infamous engine.

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Yeah it's only available for the new Dualshock 4.

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I don't think I have ever had an issue downloading stuff on PlayStation 4. And it almost always downloads at the speed of my internet.

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