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Recently finished this game, what a fantastic experience. #4
Leader boards #3.1
If the new trailer is anything to go by, we'll see a lot different spacious locations with shootouts, hand to hand combat, stealth, exploration and a bit of detective work.

Check it out #6.2
Outside of moded PC stuff, this looks to be the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. #2
Loving the art style. #4
CVG's capturing device used for PS4 is not configured properly, something is wrong with the gamma, brightness and contrast.
Graphically both versions of the game look almost identical. #2
I think you need to watch the conference again. Almost every indie they showcased was timed exclusive, "first on xbox". The only new game they announced was screamride.
We already saw snippets of Quantum Break a few months ago and we have known about halo 5 since last year.
There was barely anything we didn't know of already. #2.1.2
Microsoft's gamescom conference was a retread of their E3 showcase.
Before anyone clicks on the disagree button, please name me a few exclusives announced last night that we didn't know of already. #2
I finished outlast at night but this game man!
I had to turn it off. #2.4
I absolutely loved the conference.
So many great games. #7
some people have truly lost the plot.
Almost every game shown at the Sony Press conference was great. #1.5
I enjoyed both of the conferences but Sony has MUCH better line up of games in my opinion.
Rime, The Order 1886, Until Dawn, Everybody's gone to rapture, Blood Borne, Vanishing of Elthan Carter, Driveclub, Wild, Alienation, Tearaway Unfolded, Infamous First Light, Little big Planet 3 and many more. #1.6
Tomb raider has been a multiplat game for a long time. I see this as a big middle finger to all the fans that own a PS4 or a PC. #1.12
Wander, Hover, Tenertia and Switch Galaxy Ultra look great. #3
I have completed both of them but I can't wait to jump back in once it's released on the PS4. #4
Because I get to play one of my favourite games of last gen on a system more capable of holding a consistent frame rate.
Twice the resolution and frame rate, with all the map packs and Left behind DLC in one package is a must for any fan. #1.3.1
TLoU Remastered is a fantastic addition to the PS4's library.

I took a few in game screenshots.
http:... #1.2
I would rather have someone argue their position than just simply disagree with what I have to say. #2.1.3
Let's not get ahead of ourselves now.
Sony hasn't been great with updates but they have provided some decent stuff.
HD streaming, Share factory, 3D bluray support, game recording & taking screen shots. #2.1.2
I hope Europeans get this service soon as well. #5
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