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All 4 games on PS4 and Vita will be mine :D

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Parental control is a thing.

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It won't top that ending, that's for sure.

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Adults use it too.

They don't need to protect adults from anything.

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I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, recently I have been receiving likes for almost every screenshot I take on Xbox by random people (usually girls) that have hundreds/thousands of followers.

Yeah I'm not going to follow you for liking my picture lol

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Key word is almost.

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Downloaded. I'm looking forward to my play through tonight.

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You can say the same about almost every single franchise. Should devs just let go of their beloved work, adored by millions of gamers around the world?

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Sam too.

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Well the positive reception this game has received so far proves otherwise.

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I don't know about that. I think an adventure with Sully will give Naughty Dog/any dev the opportunity to flesh out his character to new heights.

He's more likable than Drake, at least in UC4.

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Well as long as they introduce new characters, locale and mechanics then I'm all onboard.

Next up, Sully's Adventure.

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Yes you can. And we have.

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The devs behind AoM are known for fun zany games.

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I honestly rather go or stick with AoM.

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It never gets old.

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I think it adds to the charm and works well with the zany theme.

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One and done.

There's obviously more to it lol

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Was Will of the Wisp confirmed for 2018?

Black Desert Online is multiplatform.

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You're wrong, 3DS and Vita are also known as portable/handheld consoles.

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