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Next week hopefully. #2.1
Sony helped double fine get the right to use the IP from Disney. #7
X1 has been out for 8 months and 360 for 8 years. #4.1
In that case, they should offer an easier mode to people who are strapped for time.
Don't freaking charge them after you've already sold the game for full price. #5
Dishonored and Ducktales for me. #3

It's not a simple remake. Insomniac are re-imagining the original Ratchet and Clank for the PS4.

The game will share the film’s vision of Ratchet’s origin story, and features updated gameplay along with completely new visuals that rival the best PS4 games on the market. #15.3
There's a new ratchet and clank game in development for the PS4.
Do you want to know who's developing it? Insomniac. #15.2
Why are people disagreeing with this guy? The low frame rate is obvious even to the untrained eye.
I hope they polish it further so we all have a smooth experience. #10.1
You're forgetting unreal tournament. #5.1
A free pass you say?
Neogaf has threads full of irrational hatred towards the order.
Most negative comment on sites such as IGN, gamespot, gametrailers and even N4G are full of hyperbole and premature conclusions regarding this game. #3.3
Your PC* #1.1.1
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Another gem of a game from Ubisoft. Ubi Art engine is so good. #1
how I wish someone made a decent Jurassic Park game for current gen. #4
Why would they offer you an upgrade option?
You bought the game on PS3 and that is what you're entitled to. If you want the PS4 version, sell of your old copy and get the remastered version. #4.2
Thanks for the info. #5.1.3
I hope it's compatible with the move controller. #5
Yep #5.1
I want this game ASAP. #2
There's enough Gameplay out there and it looks absolutely fantastic. #2.2
Lack of third party support maybe. #3.1
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