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Well if you're into quality Japanese games and you've got a PlayStation 4, I'd say that phrase could not be more apt.

In the span of 8 weeks:

The Last Guardian
Gravity Rush 2
Yakuza 0
Resident Evil 7
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8

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Good catch. It should be first to third party exclusive support.

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Good time to be a gamer :)

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"they set those guys up in May 2015, wouldnt be surprised if they get axed next..."

Classical informal fallacy.

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North West Studio in Manchester
History: New studio - Focus on VR Games
Playstation 4 Projects:
--> working on a VR Game
--> brand new IP
--> Unreal Engine 4
--> Studio Ghibli Style?

As for Sony London, layoffs/shrinkage ...

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What are you talking about? Sony opened a new studio specifically for VR.

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Congrats to the team. I'll probably give it a shot sometime this year but RTS games aren't really my thing.

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I'm looking forward to playing it this Friday :)

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Yeah Randy is shameless to his core.

Of all the desperate shi* he has done to promote/justify his games, this is up there with the worst, if not the worst.

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I thought it would be near the 30 million mark by now. These number are less than 1/2 of the total PS4 sales.

The PS4 is almost 30 million ahead... let that sink in for a bit.

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True, but the opinion piece is mostly reasonable.

The only two points I don't agree with are 3 and 5.

3. The standard Xbox one controller is not better than the DS4.
5. Cloud saves are better on the PS4, in my experience.

That said, what matters most are the games and PlayStation is head and shoulders above the competition this year.

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Yeah pretty much.

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Discontinued on Nintendo's request no worse.

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Jim is spot on. Nintendo fu**ed up, with some of the core at least

I have decided to cancel my pre-order, I'm not willing to pay £340 for what will essentially be a one game machine until Splatoon 2.

I'll take the wait and see approach. The Switch will probably be a late 2017 early 2018 buy, hopefully.

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@EDMIX, What a load of nonesense.

"you might as well apply that to every game that has post-launch content."

No. Capcom has a history of releasing games with incomplete content:

Asura's Wrath - DLC Episodes 19 - 22 to complete the full story-arc
Street Fighter V - released with substantial lack of content
Dead Rising 4 - True ending is a paid DLC

"You might as well copy and paste w...

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Yep. The demo was really hard.

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Congrats to the team!

I'm looking forward to it :)

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I'm thinking Capcom might have taken chunks out of the main story to sell as DLC a few months down the line.

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Don't you worry.

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