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I hope Europeans get this service soon as well. #5
I'm sure the game will look quite good, just a shame the animations are quite old school. #4
I can't wait to see more on Quantum Break :) #1.2
The character models are beautiful in the remastered edition. #1
One of the best. #14
That's not entirely true mate. We have had some really good games in the past 8 months. #7.1.2
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Did you read the headline pal?
He was charged with sexual assault. #7.1.2
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What a disgusting individual! #7
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I think they'll announce a number when they hit 10 Million. #7
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Gaming can only expand.
Here's hoping the gaming industry makes as much, if not more profit than last gen. #4
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Metro Last Light is fudging brilliant. #1.2
This game will rock regardless of what current gen platform it's on. #8
I hope you're right. Best to just wait and see what else they reveal. #5.1.2
I really enjoyed the alpha and beta but I'm not so sure if I will fork out £45 on release.
Some of the recent news regarding the planets confined to a single location is off-putting. It seems as if they're holding additional locations for DLC.
I hope they prove me wrong though. #5
Your comment history is embarrassing to say the least. You're nothing short of a troll.

All you have done for the past two days is bash this game and the people that are willing to buy it.

Such a sad, sad individual. #2.1.1

Here are some pictures taken in game on PS4.
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LBP 2.5?
Some of you people are just pathetic.

How about:

Forza 4.5
Forza horizon 1.5
Dead rising 2.5
Halo 4.5
Fable 3.5
Gears 3.5
Phantom dust 1.5
Crackdown 2.5

I can do this shit to. Doesn't make either of us right though.

Grow the fudge up. #3.1.2
You might need to get your eyes checked mate.

Yes, it's JUST a PS3 game. Just a PS3 game running at

Twice the frame-rate
Twice the pixel count
Four times the texture detail
Two times the shadow resolution
Cutscene models instead of game models for main characters
Higher resolution particle effects
No texture streaming
Higher draw distance
Higher LOD at longer distance
AF #6.5
MS also published Dead Rising 3. #4.2.2
I thoroughly enjoyed all the Uncharted games last gen. #4
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