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"if nobody buys the Playstation version of RotTR, wouldn't that just increase the odds of the next entry going exclusive?"

No. It will significantly decrease the chance of going timed exclusive.

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My mind was set on only buying battlefield 1 come release but after watching the E3 presentation and the 'black sky' gameplay video, I'll be buying Infinite Warfare sooner than expected.


True. But Ghost was a letdown and Black Ops 3 campaign was so shi* that I couldn't even get myself to finish it.

The rest have been from great-good.

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Campaign will most probably be better but Battlefield's got that MP on lock, in my opinion.


I guess you're right. But I have seen enough of Battlefield 1 to know that it will most probably have the upper hand in MP.

64 player all out war on foot, tanks, planes, horses, trucks, zeppelins and battleships. I don't think Call of Duty can match that, but I love a surprised.

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I sense a bit of passive aggression.

Regardless, why are you presenting a possible reason of my opinion?

It doesn't make the presentation any less of a cringe-fest.

Edit: at your reply underneath.

"The presentation wasn't a cringe-fest."

It was, from my point of view. My opinion isn't based on a fact, it's personal taste.

"you say it was - in almost ...

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Fun is subjective. I found it cringey = opinion.

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Ubisoft is worse, in my opinion. But yeah, the reactions and commentary felt rehearsed.

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Wrong about what? I'm just sharing my opinion.

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I'm not a fan of those frame-rate dips to the low 20s; hope they optimise it further before launch. Aside from that, the campaign looks promising.

Edit: @Kingthrash360

If you look at the description underneath the video, it says the footage was captured on an Xbox One.

They are targeting 1080/60fps for Multiplayer. Campaign was always 30fps but recently they've also confirmed dynamic resolution.


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I would like to believe they weren't paid but that said, while many liked the onstage E3 presentation, I found it to be massive cringe-fest.

The game itself does have the potential to be a massive hit among the online crowd.

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I want a new Metro :)

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VR mode is optional. You can play it in third person.

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The PS4 version is being handeld by Nixxes, I think it's safe to assume that they'll hit a locked 30 with additonal graphical features.

Edit: what's up with the disagrees?

A year old game handled by the great Nixxes studio won't see performance and graphical improvements on better hardware?

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Thanks for the info!

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Hoping to see a trailer soon.

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He was asked a few questions about the Neo. It's only decent to reply.

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Better average frame-rate and vsync turned on are a welcome addition. I had a go earlier and everything seems to run as good if not better.

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Inside is best finished in a sitting or two. I completed it a few days ago but I'm still thinking about it. What a game!

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Uncharted 4 and Inside are my GOTY contenders so far. I am sure there will be more games in my list near the end of 2016.

Inside took me by surprise. I was engrossed from the minute it started.

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Did you mean advertising appeal?

I think some people need to realise that the Uncharted series and Naughty Dog in particular have a large fan following. And they're vocal.

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