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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


COD's single player might not make a lot of sense, but goddamn are they intense. Definitely can't wait for this. #16
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BAM Right there! At the end of the day what's important is that you have fun playing the game. #1.2.1
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I really like it when developers do things like this. Basically your job with a game is never done and what usually determines a gamer's purchase for your next game is support. I'm very impressed that despite all the shit they got when the game was release, they never once paid attention to the critics and are continuing doing what they have to do, to make this a better game. GT5 will live on for a long time if they keep this up. And no matter if the competition rises up and maybe pu... #66
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I don't think it is. Personally I think it's just a more extreme version than just pushing the character to another part of the stage. Like kicking them through the window to the lower floor. If you look closely the moment Ryu impact the wall, it switches to different scene. Maybe its coded that if it reads that you will die on fall impact, it does a cool finishing move like that. #1.3
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<_< disagree all you want, but that is my reaction to reading this. #9
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Not a big shocker. Considering the game is looking to be much better than what MW2 turned out to be and given the changes and new additions, it's gearing up to be a much better game than MW2 was. Plus given COD XP brought the game in quite a nice light and their cross promotion which many thought was the end of the world, they are obviously doing something right here. Their marketing, PR, social media and all that has been spot on and I don't even think we've seen them fully kick... #28
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This cross promotion has already guaranteed this game's success. The simple fact that the game isn't out yet and this is being blown up almost to a point where it's as big of a deal as Battlefield 3 beta release, says why Call of Duty is famous. This is honestly not a big deal and has been done before, and not just in gaming. #6
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You can hate Activision and Call of Duty all you want, but as businessmen, these guys are fucking geniuses. Call of Duty has become powerful enough that it can practically be considered more than just a game. It's basically a new form of social media and can also be used a powerful marketing tool. Valve realized that with TF2 as well, except Valve isn't going the same direction as Activision is taking Call of Duty. #10
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The last Tales game to come out in the West was Tales of Vesperia, which was a good game, unfortunately many argued that Namco picked the wrong platform to release the game on (360), since they hardly had a fanbase on Microsoft's system and it was obvious that they were doing it because the 360 had a great lead in sales in 2008. So the game sold poorly and by the time the re-release came out on the PS3 (Japan only), the hype had died down and Namco also received some serious backlash for... #7.2
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The marketing was not the problem and Kevin Butler has honestly nothing to do with poor sales. This is simply Insomniac not releasing consistent info of the game and whenever they did it was either too late or underwhelming compared to all the major stuff that we've seen from DICE, Bethesda, id and other companies. Quite honestly, the hype for this game was not that big if you don't just count N4G and it started dying out the less we heard from it over a period of time and got more co... #82
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8/10 is a good score, but 9/10 is a great score and 10/10 is perfect score. When you are in an industry as competitive as the gaming industry, you aim to be the best and stand above everyone else. If you are not first you are last. You don't do that with 8/10 scores. The most it gives you is bragging right, but 8/10 don't win you game of the year awards and doesn't give your game a place among other great titles such as Uncharted 2, Batman Arkham Asylum and others. It doesn't... #1.2.3
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8/10 is a good score but it usually indicates that there is something that sets the game back from being great. And when you actually read the reviews and have read enough previews of Gears of War 3, it doesn't justify the score when compared to Gears of War 2. It means that either Gears of War 2 was grossly overrated, which according many seems to be the case given it's multiplayer was disappointing and a few changes they made was not something fans wanted, or Gears of War 3 is not a... #32
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id software has a bunch of hardcore pc gaming fanboys. Given their past success, popularity and their huge fanbase, I think RAGE will either be fine or do extremely well. Also the game has looked very good for time now. It's just a matter of it actually getting released. RAGE is definitely on my to buy list for this year. #8
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We don't want to turn this into MW3 vs. BF3, but we're doing it anyways. SEARCH ENGINE BATTLE! to determine which one is better. #7
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Uncharted 3 will be better


Edit: Seriously I think trolling these types of articles should be allowed. #8
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DICE honestly sounds completely different than how they used to a few months ago. They went from being the direct competitor with Call of Duty, to throwing potshot and now switched to "it's two different games can't compare". But whatever.

This was like a no brainier from the start. Call of Duty is/was for some time aimed at a way larger demographic audience than Battlefield, catering to the Casual and the Hardcore. Battlefield caters directly to the Hardcor... #4
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This is the internet where Apples are oranges and there is no such thing as choice. There can only be *puts on sunglasses* one. #2.2
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This game looks very good. I have never heard of this game, but this trailer alone has captured my attention. Beautiful looking game, the gameplay seems kind of unique and the theme/setting seems very original. #6
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Yup it wasn't the same engine, but they honestly didn't do a better job with Enslaved. It still had some serious screen tearing, input delay was annoying and didn't run really smooth. Though not saying they were bad games by any means. #7.1.1
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My impressions on the trailer. The world looks good overall, not what I'm used to seeing from DMC, since we're in a castle 90% of the time, but it's good. Combat seems slow. I think some of you who have played the previous DMCs, especially the last two will understand what I'm talking about.

I really really hate it when the trailer goes slow motion half way through what appears to be a combo. It makes it seem as if there is nothing that will follow up afterwar... #11
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