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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


:/ I know right. #10.1.1
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They did a really good job "Westernizing" the game. As much as I don't care for the new DMC anymore, this seems very American if you get what I am trying to say. Especially after watching this:

Sadly I'm not feeling it, but whatever. #10
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Annoymous is making a big mistake with this and it will basically go against what they stand for. They take down Youtube, thousands of people who's income rely on people watching their videos, will suffer a lot. Shutting down Twitter and Facebook also seems almost psychotic. Blacking out two of the biggest social media sites, where information and news spread, and basically the two sites responsible for their existence to begin with. If not for the news about them spreading on Twitter lea... #69
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Errr, seeing as the game already outsold Black Ops, I hardly doubt 452,000 difference in sales this Holiday means a single thing in terms of the series' decline. It could simply mean that people already had the game before Christmas time. #3
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Bad news for Killzone fans? If it wasn't for the technical difficulties and the fact that the game has old PS2 graphics, I would have considered it the best game of the series. The story was way better and the characters involvement were the best in the series. KZ2&3 though great, were extremely predictable and Rico and Sev's relationship was the standard "FUCK YEAH" war buddy bromance you see in any game.

But I do agree, they should not released Killzon... #36
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The original killzone was actually a pretty good game, but unfortunately it was plagued with bugs and fps dip issue. It also did not help Guerrilla Games that Phil Harrison, Sony's rep back then, called it the Halo Killer. It put way too much expectations on the game and when it came out, it was put to shame, because the end product was just nowhere near as good as what Halo 2 turned out to be.

But if you haven't played the original Killzone, you should definitely che... #42
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GIMME ME A NEW MEGAMAN LEGENDS OR I WILL KILL YOU! Is that a death threat? Perhaps.

But it just shows that capcom/ninja theory are more worried and concentrated about comments made online than actually showing us and giving us more information about the game.

They shit on DMC fans from the start, have thrown potshots at them here and there, and you expect them to be civil about it? No. This is all PR fluff. I'm sure they are not the only developers that g... #25
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Yup, I think so as well. #1.2
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Unfortunately, it's the only way to guarantee hits and N4G has basically become that: a warzone for these second rate sites who battle for hits and they know that they can only do that by nit-picking or calling well perceived games terrible and defending themselves with "It's just my opinion bro" #1.1.3
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Gaming journalism at its best. But what do you expect?
Alexa Traffic Rank: 3,456,433
Traffic Rank in Country: No Data

This site is begging for hits. #6
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Namco's marketing is already working. #8
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Am I the only one who thinks this is all PR stuff the get the game back in the spot light? Like how they just recently went and said this:

"We didn't expect death threats in comic book form or anti-DmC death metal songs!"
This is your "death" threat he is talking about. It's l... #34
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Typical online warriors. Out of all the videos and screenshots I have seen from this game, not once have I said "WOW THOSE HUGE BOOBS." If this was the same case with that Resident Evil case where Capcom showed absolutely about the characters or the game and simply focused on the tits and ass, I would have understood the complain. But honestly, there has been way more shown from the this game, from gameplay, environment, to characters and their personality to make a enormous unneces... #26
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If only it was just about the hair. #18
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I don't think you understand what he is referring to. MW3 is not out yet and given that this article is most likely talking about the pirated version, it doesn't surprise that it has problems considering that MW3 is a steamwork title. You are bound to have a problems when you try to play pirated game off the platform they were designed to work on. Especially given that this is an early leak as well, which often suck compare to the later ones uploaded to Torrents. #2.1.2
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ROFLMAO! The AI in Forza 4 is just as bad as me in driving game and that is saying a lot. I watched the video and when they showed Forza I though ":/ I don't understand why it's ba....LOL!" when the car hits.

But it can't be that bad if you are just focusing on your game can it? Or is it noticeable even during regular races? #7
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Which one of the games takes quite the dive in fps during the video? I don't quite follow the lines well. Is it GT5 or FMS4 #6
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:O This game is coming to the US? OMG I'm late on this news. Definitely can't wait. #2
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How dare you give us free beta keys!

PM'ed :) #2
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