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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


Misleading title. The DLC is NOT free unless you pre-order it from Gamestop. Anyone who chooses to buy the game after will have to pay $8.99.

You want a source?

Says it right here. Also note that the PR says Gamestop, means that Amazon and Best Buy pre-orders might not include it. #12
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DOWNLOAD A NEW DEVIL MAY CRY CHAPTER -> Download ... -> DLC -> Capcom -> O_O $$$$? -> Paid DLC?

I hope to God they do not charge for this or I am going to kill a Devil.

Things I have noticed in this trailer:

1.) It appears they have changed the looks on Vergil's face. He looks much better than when they originally announced his appearance in the game and slightly similar - you could say the Western version - to the original... #5
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I wish the game had more castle environments like this video is showing us. Really gave a vibe of the older. #4
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It's nice, but not important. There are far more important things in the gaming industry right now that needs fixing than to worry about Japanese Anime games being turned into American movies. Capcom must honestly not have a lot of faith in DmC that they constantly have their PR team defending this game so aggressively. #3
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I played the game at PAX, bought a cool shirt at their booth. Some of you might not like what I am about to write, but honestly said, the game's combat is not very deep. The game is certainly cool and I felt like a badass playing it, but appart from the standard quick/quick/quick/heavy combo, there really wasn't much. You can't juggle enemies like you can in other action adventure games, air combos aren't that great and againt the standard standard, and it feels as if it's... #13
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This article is worded weird. Geoff Keighley is not the reason Robert Florences was let go and the original article was not aimed towards or was it about Geoff. It used him as an example but the article was calling out Lauren Wainwright. #13
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Published 10:00 AM on 09.20.2012 Why would you submit this? #3
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This is going to reach front page without anyone actually having read the article except for the title. #10
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The one demo that I played of this game at PAX I thought was really cool. I just wished the combat was a bit more deep and that the "cut all" mechanics didn't play too big of a role as it currently does. But overall it's turning out to be a very fun and cool game. I definitely got the same vibe of playing Vanquish, which was incredibly fast-paced and felt kickass. PS3 version had a bit of FPS dip here and there. Hopefully it's not too bad with the full version. Also got... #3
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I just hope they do not deviate too much from what the first game was. While Sins of Punishment 2 and Xenoblade were good games, they aren't exactly the same type of game as Bayonetta, mostly looking at the combat department. As long as the combat is similar and the game has a better story, the game will do well. #8
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At this point this is just stupid and really aimed for short term success. What is point of adding multiplayer if you are going to butcher it from the start. You split your community into parts and potentially drive them away because unless they dish out money, they will not have access to the content. And knowing how the matchmaking in these games tend to work, finding a game becomes almost impossible if you do not have the latest DLC, because of the split and the priority the DLC is giving... #5
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I went into this game wanting to try out one thing, the combat. FPS drop and input lag are the last thing I expected to find. And when the opening cinematic and my starting battle already presents these issues, it's hard to just look past them and forget it exists. You ask how it is that these issues were never brought up. Quietly frankly honest most people don't care. People will play through a glitchy game with game breaking bugs and forget that they even exist. Last years GOTY - Sk... #2.1
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"possible" pre-order bonus? It's Capcom, it's going to happen. #2
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I love how idiots still think that all the concerns have just been about the hair color, when multiple things were brought up when it was announced that Ninja Theory were rebooting the series.

And it's funny because the same so called vocal minority are the ones who prevented the character from ending up looking like a skinny drug addict ready to be diagnosed with cancer. The same vocal minority that Capcom address during every single Comic Con and E3, assuring that the g... #3.4.1
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$4.99 DLC for classic skins ;) #1.1.2
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Well played. Have a bubble. #5.1
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I was asking myself while watching this trailer, while does Vergil not have black hair? WTF O__O #8
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There is a big difference between whining and posting legitimate concerns. The issues with DmC were never just about the hair and wish retards would stop saying as if it was. There were many things you could take from past NT games that legitimately posed major concerns for this new DmC games, especially with DMC being such icon games in action/adventure genre. The hair was simply one indication that they didn't understand the series well. But after the outburst, guess what: They ended ch... #19
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Not very stunning, but this could be alpha or beta. We don't know. In any case, the area looks pretty nice though. Beyond Good and Evil's areas were very small and tight. Obviously not a lot of detail, but for a 2004 game it was good. This looks pretty neat though. I hope we hear more from the game. I really liked the first one. #19
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This is coming from the same developer that cried about their low sales for Heavenly Sword and Enslaved. #66
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