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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


For more clear view on the pricing, in case anyone gets confused:

- Predator Mode: $4.00 (320 MS points)
- Survivors Mode: $4.00
- Onslaught Mode: $4.00

You can buy all three in one pack for $9.00 (720 MS points) #2
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Wonder how that could be? :) #1.1.1
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“The last Devil May Cry sold well, But it probably hit a ceiling in terms of where we could take it in its current direction. People are being risk averse but if you’re not bringing anything new, you will get a volley of abuse from consumers."

He needs to be careful with what he is saying, because DmC is not looking at guaranteed success sales wise. Far from it I will say. VGChartz just released their Pre-Order chart for the US and DMC is not in the top 30 with the lowes... #16
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I do not like this at all and would have much rater prefer they made a FXIII-3 or nothing at all. This sort of mechanic does not belong in an RPG, where you are bound to such strict time limitation. Unless this turns into some sort of action adventure game, I don't see how it's going to do well if they use the same combat for FFXIII/-2. It seems more of an excuse to not be able to tell a good story about a world ending than forcing it upon the player. #4
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This is definitely a Platinum Games boss fight. A small sized 1v1 boss that doesn't give a shit and just goes straight at you. Very intense and cool. Probably the best gameplay video of MGR I've seen so far. I still want to see Gameplay against Mistral. #1
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Pretty much. Anyone who still thinks the concerns are only about the hair and Dante's looks is delusional. And these are concerns brought up since day 1 of announcement and the online defense task force still hasn't caught on to that. #8.1
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It's honestly what I think will happen as well. Some here don't believe it, but I do not think Capcom would have given the franchise over to a Western developer if this was not their last ditch to make huge profit from it. There is no way, if they willingly chose to do so, that they would go back. #11.1.1
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-_- That was my reaction to that answer as well. He basically could not give a valid reason other than "You'll get used to it," or "You don't need it" #7.2
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To be honest. No one is doing each other any favors. Boasting about the Wii U being more powerful than 6 year old consoles is just as dumb as people claiming the Wii U is not as powerful as PS3/Xbox 360. While I do blame most journalist posting here and N4G and looking for hits by inciting this, both side need to stop being stupid to help the cause or nothing is ever going to change.

Also, do you part. Don't argue with trolls, report comments, disagree, give negative bubb... #2
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No one dares to question Kratos! #1.1
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Higher difficult doesn't change much other than enemy that requires specific weapon to kill appear more often. Other than that the amount of damage you take is hardly significant to consider it a major challenge. Nephlim mode, the second highest difficulty in the demo is equivalent to normal mode of DMC3 vanilla. #1.1.1
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Stinger has been changed from forward + slash to double-tap forward + slash. The issue still persists with the no lock-on in that you never really know what target Dante is aiming for or if he is even aiming for a target rather than "stingering" forward. #1.1.2
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Downgrading a game does not equate to innovation. DmC is not an innovation. There is nothing innovative about it. Everything in the game has been done before. The combat, the pull, the grapple, the hold a button to switch mode. Even the Devil Trigger has been done before in different ways. #1.2.4
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Weird, Black Ops 2 on my PC does not look anything like the right part. #30
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Everything in the video was going fine, till they decided they were going to use the "Ninja Theory proved the haters wrong" line and then he talks about how they were invited to the studio in Cambridge along with other game journalist to try out the game and get exclusive preview. It completely ruins the legitimacy of the video after calling out a group of people and saying how you were honored guests at their place. Game bloggers need to drop that bullshit.

Also, h... #6
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It's a new mechanic in the game. You have a launch button and the characters float mid air for a few seconds after your last hit, before dropping down. It's one of their many ways of making the combat "easier" to get into and also make air combos the main thing. Also the fact that your DT floats every enemy in the air and you do more damage and the duration is longer, the more air combos you do. #4.1
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"FFXIII-4:Who stole lightnings's panties"

You caught my attention. Please provide with more details! #8.2
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I honestly hate this as well. It's as if it is a crime to criticize game companies when they take a franchise with an establish fanbase to a whole new direction and we just have to sit here and deal with it. And game journalist love to come to their defense to score up some reputation points, because it's what gets them free early review copies, goodie bags, get flown to showcase events and also get exclusive coverage. #5.1
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Actually, this situation is pretty much a lose lose situation for everyone. I have honestly concluded that DmC has to succeed and meet Capcom's expectations if we are to ever see them revisit the old franchise.

The series is being rebooted for a reason. Capcom has not clearly stated why but it's very easy to assume that it's to grasp the Western audience and increase sales for the franchise. And if that does not work, they are very likely to just give up on Devil... #2.2
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For a less than 2 minute video, it's extremely over-edited. Makes it really difficult to enjoy the interview while it keeps cutting to random sound popping up every 10 seconds. #2
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