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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


Good comparison
Truly one of the best comparison article have read this year. None of the bias crap and covers the most important aspect of both games when it comes to comparing them. #1
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Bye Bye
"before we all migrate to Battlefield Bad Company 2, or heaven forbid, EA's forthcoming Medal of Honor."

For the love of God just stop playing the damn game and move to BFBC2 and good luck expecting to have the same experience from a COD game. The PS3 version as far as things go is almost hack/glitch free. Microsoft refuses to certify the patch for the 360 and PC version can die for all I care since the PC gamers deserved it. You like to promote hacks? Well play your g... #5
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Some of you Gus seriously have to get off the Internet once in while. There had alwas been two communities/type of gamers. The Battlefield players and the COD players. BF play BF because they prefer the syle of the game and COD players play COD because they prefer that style of play. Neither of them are better than other just as MW2 is better than BC2 or the other way around. It's all about which game you prefer and stick with. Unfortunately those of you picking side have not played either ga... #23
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Don't kid yourself @MastaMold
On a public level all shooters turn out be a run and gun. There is no teamwork in Bad Company 2 in public games. Sometime there is, just like in Modern Warfare 2 there is also teamwork in S&D and other non TDM type some times. It's just how public games are, so trying to sell this "it takes teamwork" motto is just BS. MAG is another example of a game that suppose takes more teamwork than BC2 and MW2, which in the public eyes should make it better than both, yet turns out the maj... #1.4
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-- Reported by the community --
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Another crappy article
written by a terrible self proclaimed journalist looking for more hits on his site by attacking fans of a specific game. #12
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Facepalm to this analysis
Ofcourse it's going to outsell everything when 5 out of those games were released last year, two new IP's and a sequal to a mediocre game.

Ohhh and Modern Warfare 2 FTW. #2
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They have all the reasons to not care about the PC version
When the very gamers demanding this game to be fixed are the ones destroying it and promoting hacks. That is why this game went to sh1t. It started off well (atleast for me) till people decided that promoting hack was a good idea to piss off IW and then b1tch about it when they come face to face with hackers. If people didn't wanted this to be a hackfest they should have never promoted them and deal with the fact that the game was not going to have dedicated servers. #9
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Forza 3 did sell over 2 million.....
a while long time ago. huga_muga is right. This article seems to simply be a respond to the recent articles regarding the GranTurismo sales. Also huga_muga is right about the source. Even if it is true that Forza 3 sold 2 million it's unprofessional of them to write an old news without a source to make it seem like something new in respond to GT's sales. #26
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I am sorry but this
"the teambased gameplay may intrigue many people that might not have been interested before, and they may figure out that team play can be just as fun. Cooperarting, talking, planning and executing tactics are a real thrill, and knowing that you did your job to help win is great."

No matter how much you promote that crap it's never going to be like that in public games. MAG the suppose "teambased game, IMA QUIT MW2 FO THIS Shiat" is already considered just a... #3
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"Enter your Xbox Live account and see if you have enough combat experience to gain access"

"Sorry you are not ready for the ULTIMATE PRESITE. You might have better luck if you improve your skills with Modern Warfare 2 a bit first."

Doesn't say anything huh? and unless you have been following DICE throughout their journey as they constantly highlighted things MW2 didn't have that they were going to have than you'll know what I am talking about. #2.7
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They are not smart
They think that by bashing their competition they are going to get players into their game. Sadly it's not gonna work because the games play out different from one another and the MW2 feel appeals to a much broader audience than the Battlefield Series does. It has always been that way and in this case it doesn't seem like it's gonna be different. But it seems like it's their obvious choice considering MW2 set the bar high for them.

But I am not sure if it's a DICE thing or an EA... #2.5
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There should also be an article about
How gaming Journalist annoy gamers as well because I think that is one of the things that have recently been the most annoying this the gaming community has had to deal with. #2
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Is this game based on the import?
Play UK wrote a review based on the import and something tells me that this game is also based on the Japanese Version of the game. #8
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It be nice
If we can see the review. #4
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WKC is no where near as good as most PS3 out there and it never looked like it was going to be a big deal so I do not know why the article would even mention it. #5
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Indie Dev > Multi $$$ Dev
Fact! Atleast last year and this year they seem to be doing a much better job. #6
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Jesus christ
what is it with people relating multi gamers with one another? #2
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Free Beta Keys = Lots of people playing
That is till they are forced to buy the game and some players will always drop their pre-order due to some reasons. Beta players can't really be considered legit players when the game itself comes out. Anybody involved in the PC Gaming community would know that. #3
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It was the score
but apparently they already had a bad reputation of poor review which makes people doubt their credibility as professional reviewers. One thing is giving the game a bad score but the other thing is writing an unprofessional review. #25.1
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