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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


It's not going to stop people from buying the map pack
Seriously. You can get BC2 map for the mode, since it's not really a new map + buy the MW2 map pack. In the end they both win but IW still wins. BC2 maps aren't new just available for different mode, while MW2 are. #1
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LOL Seriously
Give me the chance to write video games news and I will bring up controversial columns everytime a good game comes out like saying "Halo 3 can suck my nuts cauz it sucks" and I will most likely be getting the same praise as him. #18
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I agree with this article
The thing is that a lot of these developers assume that you manage your clan with your own website and etc and not on your game console in the game. COD4, MW2 and Battlefield BC2 all have a lot of clans and they do have scrim and etc but that is all settled on clan websites and forums. IW and Dice are comfortable with that and it's why they don't feel like implementing clan management system within the game itself. It's how things have always been done and people have grown acustom with it. #3
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The sad part is ......
1. Reviews sometimes sells. Gamers who have no idea about a game and don't feel like looking up info much rather go for 10's then 6-8's, because they think they are getting their money's worth.

2. Reviews affects developers reputation. A game scored 4-5 no matter how much the developers have been gamers friendly, listen to the fans, interact with their community, anyone who is not part of their community will look at them as terrible game developers who don't know how to make gam... #12
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FFS are people being serious with their reactions?
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the characters concept art? What it has to be something gothic emo wrist slashing dude to be Diablo 3? Get a life, seriously. #24
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The game is linear......
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Random site = random review
................. which is why I could give a ratass about this review. #3
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It's game FFS. It doesn't have to be real even if it's called Modern Warfare. If I wanted to play a real game I just don't play games. #2
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They are reviewing them seprately according the review. They will release another issue with their review on the multiplayer. #2
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Lol MW is dead?
Good to know there are retards like you still around who spend time their moms basement pulling sh1t out of your @ss. MW1 next to WoW is the most played PC game and MW2 continues to be the no.1 played game on steam over CS, L4D and other games. The BC2 beta didn't put a dent in those numbers.

XBL activity still shows MW2 and MW in top5 most played games on XBL. Please stay in your cave till you are ready face the real world. #9.1
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Five reasons Bad Company 2 won't dethrone Modern Warfare 2
- 1. The amount of people playing still playing MW2 is immense and will not throw $60 for another War shooter.

- 2. Gamers prefer fast paced skirmish type shooters over sandbox shooters that require you to travel far distance for your objective.

- 3. Glitches, bugs and imbalance = frustrating but it also keeps the game interesting for some if not the game would have been dead, yet it's the most played game on XBL and one of top most played PC games next to WoW, COD4... #5
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Thing is....
I honestly do not get the linearity problem either. Based from what I have seen, read from import reviews and comments from those who played the Japanese version, this game is still going to be a great if not good game.

I think the reason why people are so quick to judge it is because FFXIII was promoted as a linear game. If Square Enix had kept their mouth shut reactions could have been different. But the problem is how different? as in people would find out and be like meh it's... #5
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Sounds legit
A PS3 game being reviewed on an Xbox360 site. Fail journalism! #5
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Any new released game usually gets top.1 during the week it was released. MW2 has been out for months and BFBC2 isn't even out. These guys are taking the bad reviews seriously that they are throwing out everything possible to convince people to buy it. #1
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These are nice videos. Machinema also has some amazing ones but those are mostly match commentary. #2
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Did this guy pull those sales numbers out of his @ass?
?????????????????????????????? ??????????? #2
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That video made my day. #10.1
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Sorry but Bungies mission doesn't involve MW2
Unlike DICE, Halo: Reach isn't being made to compete with MW2. For all I know they do not care about MW2 or see it as a threat, despite the huge sales, to make it their task to take down the game. #3
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When moderation fails....
All hell breaks loose. #4
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This Guide is...
The perfect example of how to be a Microsoft Fanboy. Retardation to the extreme. Let this article die. #4
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