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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


The ending, I feel, is an obvious pathway to the DLC. I mean Vergil opening and jumping in the portal and then the DLC with him fighting in hell. In other words, that's their way of encouraging buyers to get the DLC. #15
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Errr you may not believe this, but people already have their hands on this game. Street date has been broken in Europe and people are playing the game. Some users have posted pictures of their copy on Neogaf. So it's technically not a leak. Someone who has their hands on the game, posting it. #8.3
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A few disappointing news that came to light a couple of days ago about the game, which is unfortunate:

- Bloody Palace will not be in the game at release, but will be released as a free-DLC sometime after the game comes out.

- Vergil's DLC will not come out till at least a month after official release

- Vergil is not playable in Bloody Palace. Apparently he doesn't have Devil Trigger, Grapple and things like that which is required for... #3
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I'd rather not say it here to spoil it for everyone else, since N4G does not have a way to block spoiler. But the ending is not a true ending and stops where I presume the DLC - Vergil Downfall will begin.

Unlike DMC3 which ending was a clear pathway to DMC1's story. DmC... #1.1.3
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The ending is indeed shockingly bad, which surprises me because Ninja Theory was brought on board to make a better story oriented Devil May Cry. Yet the reviews that are out so far all say that the story is not really good and dies off as you near the end of the game. #1.1
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Darksiders I would rather have Platinum Games or Sony Santa Monica (preferred) with it. #2
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Interesting. I did not see this coming at all. This game looks as if it is going to take January by storm. #1
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DmC is not going to be that game for Capcom. They have already alienated the fanbase as is. Regardless of how this game sells, it's too tainted. Capcom has to either release another sleeper hit like Dragon's Dogma or revitalize an old franchise that does extremely well. The whole Megaman X Street Fighter fan game thing was cute, but it didn't last long as the game was riddled with problem due to their old school design mentality and also the interested was just not there for how m... #6
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This is very simple, if you want a combo centric game, you go for DmC. If you want a fast high-intense parry/counter game, MGR would be your choice. If you like both, you get both. #8
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It probably is going to be. God of War Ascension, just based off what they've showed us so far, looks more polished, fluid and smoother than DmC and MGR. The God of War games have critically also performed better than any game Platinum Games or Ninja Theory have developed. Story wise it's also the least ridiculous one. #4.2
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In all honesty, you can either go by Capcom's word or wait till after the game is released and someone digs into the game files. The other times they have stayed quiet about it and people found a whole bunch of files on the disc. The games' demo files had about 10 folders named DLC which you can presume are the pre-order DLC's and the Vergil DLC along with possibly more in the future. But again, you either go by their word or wait till after the game is released. #5
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The demo for this needs to come out in the US. I hope it does. #1
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The plot according to the reviews dies off as you are nearing the end of the game. This site called the plot dull, inconclusive and unpleasant - the game apparently makes a lot of sex jokes.

Gamemasters said that story fades toward the end. #2.1
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I do not think there was any surprise that this game was going to do well with reviews, especially considering how the media has defended Capcom and Ninja Theory since day 1. OXM gave it a 9/10 as well and I am expecting PSM, IGN and Destructoid to give it a high score of 9/10 as well. Jim Sterling possibly even giving it a 10/10.

Summary from LEVEL magazine was: (Source NeoGAF - http://www.neoga... #2
It's not that bad. I honestly think the Xbox 360 version is still the way to go with this because it runs on stable 30FPS, while on the PS3 it drop during battles and the PS3 also experience some severe screen tearing at times.

Look at these two videos to get an idea of what I mean.

Xbox 360:
... #2.1
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"It's funny because we are so brainwashed by advertising and hype that we rush to the defense of these games"

If there is anything I hate the most out of this whole WarZ debacle it is this and honestly it's becoming an incredibly annoying here on N4G as well. People rushing out to defend a game they have not even played previous versions, copies, inspirations of, just for the sake of playing online warrior. Or at all for that matter

It's... #1
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I am a bit disappointed at this trailer to be honest. I find it very weird that Square Enix even thought it was acceptable to release this video with such horrible frame rates. Now, where do we go from here. Like someone had already mentioned, this simply looks like FFXIII-3, which I was hoping it was not going to be.

I say that based off the combat video they showed, which looked very similar to the previous iterations. One big complaint I had about FFXIII was the very gene... #27
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In a way, they are succeeding with it as well. Ninja Theory already has the press on their side and have had to do absolutely nothing since they announced this game, because the press has pretty much been fighting all of their battles for them. Little things like this will keep earning them +1 points from journalist and will guarantee this game critical success.

But whatever. Merry Christmas to them. And good luck with DmC. #5.1
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There is this general stigma going on that if you have any concern or criticism towards a game that you have played and invested time in, you are automatically hating it for no reason. Fans have played previous games and if anything know better than those who have never touched or have been interested in the series before.

Fans have every reason to be concerned about the game when they start mentioning that they want to reach casual audience, because we all know how that has... #6.1.2
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2013 is gearing up to be one of the best years for this console generation. The lineup for the games released in Q1 alone is ridiculously insane. And I am really glad considering the last couple of years have been very underwhelming for years for console gaming. #11.3
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