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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


Ever since this video, I have gone from seeing this game as a butchered DMC sequel/prequel to just another action game that just uses the DMC in the title and borrows some idea. So now I'm going to look at this game and critique it as if it's just another action adventure trying to make a breakthrough in the scene. So I suggest most of you do the same... #4
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Why does it not make sense? Ultimately you are paying $150 to play MW3, Black Ops and paint ball tournaments. What's wrong with some more entertainment? They could have gotten any other artist and it still would have been the same. They are giving people their money's worth with this. #11
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"Other websites often create separate news stories focusing on specific bits of information that are of special interest to their readers."

Question! Are you referring to additional information to what is being quoted from the interview or can other sites simply quote saying "MW3 will have dedicated server" and write a three-liner? Because there are a lot of sites that submit short three-liners simply to quote a part of an already approved interview. Examp... #5
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I think Cat is addicted to cute looking indie games. Will have to see how this turns out. I'm usually a very supportive person when it comes to indie games, unless they are really bad. :/ Need more info, but I'll definitely keep an eye on this. #5
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Why would they do this honestly? Unlike call of duty, Sniping at a distance is already a challenging enough with Bullet delay and air resistance. Now all this will do is reward people for mindlessly ramboing around the map without properly thinking and taking cover. #35
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Common sense on N4G is not allowed. Get out please. #1.2.2
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This is a great move and I'm glad they are finally acknowledging the problems with second chance perks, which practically punished one player for being better and rewarding the undeserved.

- Dedicated server
- No second chance perks

So far so good. Now they just have to make sure the game doesn't come as buggy & glitchy as Modern Warfare 2 and we have ourselves a better game. #5
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Did they seriously say this? Am I the only one who is taking this a low blow to fans who voice their concerns and criticism? #3
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OMG IS THIS REAL? Are we close to getting this game to be the same experience as COD4 was? Mod support now to seal the deal and MW3 will be really great. Well that just confirmed my PC purchase for this. #5
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If people look at the gameplay trailer, they will see that the pace of the game seems slower than what DMC is. The speed of combat is like something we see in Darksider, which wasn't a bad game but then again is not DMC. But I will reserve further judgement till I get my hands on it. #21.1
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At this point I honestly don't care anymore. I'll just ignore that the games name is DmC and will look at it as just another Action adventure and just it based on that. #20
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Everyone knows that Modern Warfare 3 is going to win. Dinosaurs are awesome but they are not match for explosive packed dogs and Juggernauts.

*Trollface.jpg* #8
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"Some will just say, "eh, they're two completely different games." Well, so are a lot of other titles that try to compete with CoD."

I feel like everytime someone says this, it's just saying "I want hits, gimme your best shot." Someone will probably reply to this comment and voice his opinion. Not that I will care, but go ahead and reply to this. See what I did there?

I'm sorry I just don't see how we are trying t... #1
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Quoting myself from "Most Overrated Games of All Time" Agree(70) | Disagree(6)

"Standard way to get hits for you site. Write a top list of overrated games and include some of the most successful games in gaming history in it."

I forgot to include what I meant by success as well. I meant critically acclaimed, successful sales and loved by the gaming community. #2
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Why? I do not know if you know this, but at the start of this year, when the whole GeoHotz debacle happened, we had a lot of bloggers submitting their contents with rehashed news, fake articles with sources being: a friend of a friend and flame bait articles with the most god obvious bias regarding things that have already made the front page news just to get attention. Once in a while, there will be a blogger that does the same thing. #2
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Top reason to hate Modern Warfare 3 -> YOU ARE GONNA BUY IT ANYWAYS! #51
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"There are still games like the Tales series and White Knight Chronicles that attempt to emulate Western RPGs by putting an emphasis on semi-real time combat"

-_-" Not sure if serious or just don't know. #8
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Why does this not come with explosive packed dogs? #5
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Don't be mad that the majority don't enjoy your game and go enjoy your game. #1.3
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*inb4 COD Fanboys vs. BF Fanboys*

This is like the 5th article regarding this we've had in a month and all of them say the exact same thing. Herpa Derp, Graphics, COD the same, Derp, Realism, Derp, Activision evil.

"Before anyone starts screaming “fanboy”"

This article has fanboy written all over it even though you try hard to not sound like one.

Anyways, got my popcorn ready. #1
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