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"If you are visiting my profile, you are most likely angry at me for a comment I made. U MAD BRO?"


The anticipation is definitely killing me. And I like that Sony is doing this. It's certainly a much better way to prep and hype up announcement this way. I will say this though, that whatever they have to show tomorrow better impress. Because it certainly has people talking. Disappointing us is the last thing they would want to do. #1
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I have to say the look of the game is pretty solid for a port coming from a DS game. And while I have obviously not played Revelations on console, it does seem to be smoother than RE6. #12
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Ship =/= Sell. Many games, especially by big companies like Capcom, ship at a high quantity at release. That doesn't mean that all of them will be bought. You go to your store and the ones you see on the shelf or that are still in the back storage are essentially part of that 1 Million that never got sold. #31.1
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Eh. Saw this coming from a mile away and honestly, who here isn't surprised that this game is bombing? The combination of a poor first impression, very poor PR, poor marketing and essentially being a game that no one asked for, the sales are expected. Capcom and especially Ninja Theory were too cocky with the fact that this game carried the Devil May Cry name and that despite it potentially not being perceived well by fans of the old franchise that the casual audience still might buy.
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Ni No Kuni isn't the savior of JRPGS because Bob Mackey says so!

Welp shows over guys, Bob Mackey has spoken. His opinion is fact and we can't do anything about it.

Seriously? Is there anything more pathetic than a reviewer who has to try and justify his review with follow up article essentially down playing the game and opinions of others simply because people don't agree with his opinion? Eh whatever, anything for hits I guess. #7
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There is a recent DmC currently sits at 43090° because it just guarantees hit regardless of the quality of the article. Once bloggers figured it out everyone started writing the same "DMC fans need to shut up about the hair" articles for the past six month. It's just taking advantage of the current hot topic till another game makes it to the top.

@toguns I was trying to make a point regarding recent explosions of "hot" DmC articles, not that this... #5.1
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"Medal of Honor was an obvious miss. The game was solid, but the focus on combat authenticity did not resonate with consumers."

Gaming PR over the last few months has just gotten incredibly terrible. I am shocked that Peter Moore even has the decency to call Medal of Honor Warfighter solid. Seriously, situations like this are where they are better off not saying anything. #1
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This is probably one of the worst PR statements I have read in a long time. It is just incredibly dumb and makes Dead Space 3 like a joke. Having only played Dead Space 1 and not knowing how DS2 was or what to expect from DS3, I seriously question if it's worth my time looking into this game, considering the category of consumers they are aiming for. Jesus Christ has gaming PR just been terrible lately. #29
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It is very likely that the game will not meet its 2 Million sales at the end of the fiscal year, because while first week sales are not bad, they are not that great either. Especially when this game is trying to sell about as much as DMC4 did in one year.

People always get impressed by Week 1 sales and it gathers lots of hype from the press, but the follow-up is what is much more important in the long run, because sales always go down after the first week. Some drastically co... #19
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The petition was a troll and it worked. The white house gets trolled with petitions like that every day. Heck even the death star one, which the White House actually found amusing was nothing but a harmless troll. But because DmC is such an easy topic to get hits on N4G, we gets articles like these. And they do not do this game any justice and just repeat the endless cycle. #3.1
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I have DmC (PS3) at #38 and DmC (Xbox 360) at #50 in best seller for the US store. The arrow is red and pointing down, assuming it means it's on a decline.

For new and popular the PS3 version has gone down to #8 and Xbox 360 down to #24.

If you want Gamestop, it went to #8-9 (360 - PS3) from being #1 - #3 in less than a week. #2.1.1
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Somewhere in the world, that one guy out of the millions who wrote that petition is laughing his ass off for having a news written about this. Just like the guy who wrote the petition about wanting a death star build and got an actual response. I think there is something more wrong with you if you take certain stuff like this serious. But whatever, enjoy the hits. #25
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Godzilla is better. #2
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As it currently stands, the game is rated below DMC1, DMC3:SE, DMC3 and DMC4 on Metacritic on the PS3 and below DMC1, DMC3:SE on the Xbox 360. If anything it's exactly what most critics of this game expected. #18
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Also, street date has been broken. If you are lucky, your local game store might have been selling them earlier. #4.2.1
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Because even though the game carries the name Devil May Cry and is always compared to the preview installments, it is being reviewed as a stand-alone action-adventure game. If you look at it from that perspective, then DmC is a good game. It is well paced, despite the bad story, and in terms of combat it's possibly the best action adventure game to come out since Darksiders 2 in August last year.

On the other hand, I cannot help feel that it's also unfair to give it a... #4.2
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They are getting it for free as pre-order bonus, but I am assuming once it is released that you can purchase them, since it doesn't say that it is exclusive for pre-ordering, just that it's free. Players who have beaten Nephelim and DMD did not get these costumes as unlocked, just white-haired Dante, jacket-less Dante and Super Dante Mode. So most likely they will charge like they do for Street Fighter IV. #1.1
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LOL! A vs. article. I haven't seen one of these since.......... a long time. #4
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Just a fair warning, if you do not plan on buying the game or have no interest in it, don't read the article. It has some satire/passive-aggressive parts to make you feel like you are unintelligent or bad person. Example below.

"If you’re not excited, well, don’t buy the game, and don’t forget to swing by the market and pick up another jug of Haterade on the way home from work."

Summary if you don't want to go through 11 different pages (Not... #1
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Twitter serious business since Twitter. #5
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