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Thats actually not what I was looking for but VGChartz is some kind of conspiracy. You will see why.... :s

I actually did read somewhere though that VGChartz uses some kind of java code that randomly generates numbers for the systems based on how the console did in the previous week or which ever.... So either way, its all a "...

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Thats exactly what I was thinking. M$ seems to have a serious case of "foot in mouth" disease. It's like Sony and M$ decided to switch attitudes or something.....

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...douche bag..

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Ok, we get it... M$ has the "best" everything... why keep posting this?

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Well I think now Japanese developers are seeing the PS3 is selling on par with the 360 so either way its a win win for them. I just can't wait to see some JRPGs on the PS3. After Persona 3:FES, I don't know what I am going to do....

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I actually did today believe it or not. I downloaded Ubuntu from their site, burned a copy, then ran it off the CD to see how it performed. I loved it. The only thing stopping me from doing a full install is finding out how to get WoW to work through Linux. I know it can be done though, so soon I will be away from Windows...

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Well what do you expect? Vista is horrible and their dropping XP soon. Plus, do you remember when the PS3 was released? You can't tell me that N4G was a pro Sony site then....

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I still have yet to buy a Blu-Ray movie....

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Good. I hope it stays that way too. It'd be stupid for a console to be released so soon when the full potential probably isn't even shown yet...

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What looks so good about this game? From everything ive seen, it doesn't even look that good...

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:( I really didn't have much time to play the beta....

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Ahh, ok. Thx for the respond. :)

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So "Mods", I take it that in these "comparison" articles, the fanboy comments are aloud in Gamer Zone?

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Its so much cheaper and more fun to build your own PC.....But has Dell always owned Alienware? I never knew that....

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I just got to thinking....Wasn't the original comparison supposed to point out that the 360 version had better crashes? Its funny how they don't even point that out now..... Both of the games look good so I dont see what the talk is about.

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The GRID demo was a let down for me. I remember the GRID devs were saying that GT5 was going to have some competition as far as physics went. After playing GT5 then GRID, GRID was horrible...... I don't know, mabye I have to give it a second chance and more time, but I thought the physics were horrible.

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"See what's coming for Microsoft's monster machine, Xbox 360"


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What POS list is this? Their site needs to be bombed...

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I really hope they can keep the launch windows around the same time....I'm sure that the PS4 will be in 2010 too though..

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