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Where do you stream the show? Anywhere? Damn Can't wait for the exclusive games...Halo Reach! #7.1

PS3 This year will get domianted and buried. Uncharted 2 didn't last lond...mass effect 2 came and owned it. Sorry PS3 fans you have no triple AAA games...they keep getting owned by Xbox 360 Triple AAA games. #3.19
Hmmm, Sadly we never saw this..but theres hope for Duke to return. Hell this looks way better than Medicore MAG ( Medicore Action Game ) #19
MAG average game just like all the other exclusive that PS3 users seem to hype up for no apprant reason.

First exclusive line-up fail...epic fail. I bet PS3 users are changine thier line-up haha.

MAG Metacritic - 77% Going down even more
Mass Effect 2- 96%

What a start for Xbox 360 This year.

PS3 has no games this year except God Of War 3. #5.8
It was already told to PS3 users this game is nothing but pile of garbage..256 Players so what? But no...they overhype any random game they choose. TRIPLE DDD Unknown flop games.

Straight to the garbage can where other overhyped PS3 games lay. #1.1
lame QTE even game......Heavy Fail. They had to add sexual content to get attention. How sad.

Very ordinary game as you press buttons which are displayed on the screen only..... #7.3
Yep PSN is light years behind Xbox Live. And who cares about trophies? It was a failed copy and paste of achievements. Achievements were very innovative and changed the way people play games, and trophies...meh lame. This way trophies are garbage, you can cheat..don't believe me go to gamefaqs you will find saves for 90% of ps3 games, you can't do this on xbox 360 because of preventing unlocking achievements , only way special equipment. #4.8
The end of sony...they have been struggle to tame the beast. Even with thier triple CCC excluses they have yet to lay a dust on Halo, let alone a dent! LOL

Beware sonys fans your console will fall into the garbage can in some unknown dark alleyway, along with all them fail exclusives, which sony fans don't seem to buy...but talk alot about them.

Halo Reach will destroy everything. This is the beak future of Sony and PS3. #3.8
Nicely said.... Biggest game of the year. No one will match its quality let alone its freaken sale.

PS3 fans take a deep breath, the truth yes everything will be vapourise includeing the whole PS3 line-up in one go. #6.8
Yeah they have many issues with framerate problems in multiple games, Glithces and textures drop in and outs, Also whole XMB is retarded this just adds more anger to people who are trying to give a PS3 a chance, Sony sort the machine out.

Parental controls basic....... #17.5
Average game Bayonetta has killed it already, and sent it back to the drawing boards. #1.6
For the PS3.....

I dont think they will able to handle the power of Halo.... #4.2
This guy needs red ring of death #5.15
Once again Xbox 360 wins another round of graphics, 5 rounds under the belt........With PS3 low quality textures and awful framerate problems, i just wonder sometimes they can pull of one or two great looking games like Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 and the rest....not so good. Looks like 98% of the games look better on Xbox 360 and run smoother. Oh will PS3 not that powerful i guess. #18.3
True was looking forward to Killzone 2 the graphics were BEYOND anything i seen on consoles, But that only left a good game....but dissapointedly it was a average run in the mill shooter with no new ideas or innovation, up there with games like haze but without glitches, Killzone 2 did't have anything special MP was fun but single player had blad characters, generic story , generic gameplay plus linear gameplay that was awful...only reason that got abit high reviews was the HUGE improvement f... #2.8
Greatest Game Of All Time
This game redifined gaming history, and revolutinised the gaming world forever, Greatest game ever to be made and put on this earth.

One game that single handedly destroyed sonys empire, this was the game why i left PS2 and went Xbox fan, even though i both own both still.
PS3 and Xbox 360

It destoryed every single game, to this day no one can match its quality. All ideas and MP came from Halo.

The reason why Sony is in 3rd place, they can'... #5.1
Xbox 360 has owned 2010

2006= Xbox 360
2007- Xbox 360
2008= Xbox 360
2009 = PS3 ( I Admit PS3 had some solid titles this year )
2010 = Xbox 360 Halo Reach = Death Of PS3 #2.3
This is very simple to answer

Halo Reach. #15.4
Awful Multiplayer System. I mean people got places to go somtimes, And quiting and being fined like this? #8.1
Halo Reach will kill everything! Man PS3 fans are so scared of that game...its going to BE HUGE!

Halo killed Sony a long time ago, they can't match Halo even to this day. And Halo Reach will just be another nail in the coffin for Sony LOL #21
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