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I've only played the third game of the Fatal Frame series which was on the PS2. Over here it's called Project Zero. I'll definitely pick up this remake once it comes out!

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While it's great that they're adding more and bringing things back into WWE '13, I just hope that they don't forget to improve the most important aspect which is the game-play since they guaranteed it'd be like Here Comes The Pain this time around.

I was pretty disappointed with WWE '12. Here's hoping they bring back General Mangers mode as well... It would be a perfect feature for the portable versions of this game.

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So that's how Sonic would look like if he ever fused with Hello Kitty... My gut feeling tells me Kuromi and Shadow would collaborate pretty well together as well.

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It's always nice to see that the PS Vita and 3DS are doing well. That should tell everyone that dedicated gaming handheld's are not yet dead for a long time.

What I don't get is how are people buying New PS2's from there still? If only Sony would do that here as well.

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Better late than never. I'll be sure to get the HD collection and then buy MGS4 again. I'm one of those people that never got to play the series last gen since I got the PS2 quite late in.

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Judging by the sales of the 3DS I would say that the Wii U will not lose Nintendo it's casual audience. I'm sure that even though Nintendo are trying to win back the ''hardcore gamers'' that from some of the launch titles announced at E3 that casual gamers are still a top priority for them as well.

It's got enough for people to be interested in the console. All they need is to get the price right.

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I'm sure that the Ouya isn't meant to be competing with either of the next gen consoles. If it were perhaps it would have a decent chance considering the price and specs for the console. But it doesn't have the history nor the developers to gather the amount of people behind them like the other to companies could.

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I was just thinking that they should make a season two of The Walking Dead Video-game series. Reading this just confirmed it. I suppose it must've been due to it's critical reception and phenomenal sales of nearly 2 millions in less than a few weeks.

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Oof, looking at how many disagrees I got maybe it wasn't worth mentioning. I suppose my complaint only happens once in a while that's why.

For what it's worth though PSN is a good service and is enhanced with PS+.

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I don't know what to say. I know that Nintendo used to sells toys and cards successfully (and presumably still do) but some of their ventures weren't as successful such as their love hotels... so here's hoping that they've learnt their lessons and won't forget the video-games industry which made their business grow as it is today.

Good luck, I suppose.

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I wouldn't mind as much if they actually announced all of their maintenances on their website like that incident that happened last month which caused an error for people registering and logging in.

Seeing as how it's free all is forgiven.

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I remember seeing her presenting E3 this year with that other guy on the official Playstation website. Her voice doesn't seem strange at all.

Anyway, go figure Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 being the top download of June and Collection 1 being second. Congratulations to Batman Arkham City being third.

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That's fine with me. I've always thought that all Nintendo needed was to make their console HD to make the graphics look better. Remember though, that their philosophy has always been selling technology at an affordable price and to be well adapted with it to make great games.

They wouldn't be able to do that if they tried to sell a console that has more power but harder to use with.

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Now that's what I call school! It's a shame however that there aren't as many creative and fun teachers like her around.

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With the amount of money that Nintendo has I was sure that they would go the Sony route and put free online services to their new console to draw fans in. But depending on what ''deep'' online services are perhaps it'll thrust and enhance the console experience.

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I agree but that's a given seeing as how the Wii U will be able to do just that (1080p 60fps), mind you only on one of those game pads which will be released, but it’s still an improvement.

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Most reviews have praised this game it seems more positively than negative. That's great to hear because I've always been a fan of Spiderman 2(PS2) due to the ability to roam around New York city and participate in missions and meet characters from the comics like Black Cat.

Since they've added a lot of these things back I'll be sure to buy this game once I've watched the movie.

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Perhaps they're simply waiting for the right time to announce games in Tokyo Game Show once they've announced their new next gen console. It does seem a little pointless now trying to win back in Japan. Although, this tactic isn't doing them any favours.

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Is that what they're calling it now? Well, I suppose it makes sense since Windows 7 ate 9.

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That's why I'm even more reluctant with buying downloadable games although the article about being able to resell them by law in EU has made my feelings partially changed on the matter.

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