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Inquisition is one of the most bland feeling games I have ever played. It was a giant, highly detailed borefest. Let's not do that with Mass Effect please. #9
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Fallout is lame. Let's get back to making REAL Elder Scrolls games please. #8
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Lets not butcher this game with a hair brained ending kthanx #21
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If Microsoft was serious about selling games in Japan then they would have made at least one game about schoolgirls getting boned by octopus demon creatures. #22
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Now you can see ridiculously overpowered Russian planes shoot you down in first person! Yay! Let's make the game more historically accurate/ balanced before we start putting in new features Gaijin. This new battle rating system is TERRIBLE, planes should be grouped into tiers depending on when the planes saw serious service. #1
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I bought my Xbox one the week it came out and the party chat system has barely worked at all. Half the time your party joins and can't talk or can talk but you cant. I'm not certain how you can mess up the awesome system you had on the Xbox360 but mission accomplished. At least Skype works well. They seriously do need to fix the horrendous chat though. It is terrible. #28
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Don't bother with this garbage article. It is filled with numerous inaccuracies and is a complete smear job. My personal favorite lie is this,

"While the presets in previous games weren’t always the best or most creative, there were at least quite a few to choose from and they offered a ton of variety from the very beginning."

Yeah, you have never been able to choose any deck you want from the start, in literally every magic game the most you g... #1
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I was under the impression that all girls were from Jupiter... #5
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How about no "smart" matchmaking that pairs people basked on "skill" rather than connection. I don't feel like being punished for being good by getting thrown into laggy rooms against full clans an parties. That patch ruined the game. #2
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I just want some games to play. This drought of games is killing me. Why do they always make the summer so bad for game releases. FU HOLIDAY SEASON #127
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How about a time machine powered by antimatter than can send us back to ME3 to change the crap ending. There, just made ME4 game of the year. #9
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Are people really going to complain about this? When you make a game "especially a cross platform game" you have to standardize the experience so that it is enjoyable and fair to everyone. Just because its launching with this resolution doesn't mean that's where its going to end up in a few years. Try and focus on the game itself rather than meaningless overblown pixel counts and other fanboy bullet points. Some of the most successful games of all time are not known for... #38
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Bad acting leads to bad movies and shows. Just saying. #54
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Forget lame Fallout games. Give us more games like Skyrim. #30
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When they stopped matching people based on connection I stopped playing. I'm not interested in playing against people at my "skill level" who always seem to have trash connection and lag everywhere. Stupid move EA, games should ALWAYS be based on connection. #21
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Hearthstone is Magic The Gathering for people with an IQ of 50 or under. #3
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Perhaps, however it is still a higher quality trash than those aforementioned. #28.2.1
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Sources indicate that survey is incorrect. #28.1.1
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I think the argument he is trying to make is that resolution could be the new "bits" for this generation of consoles. Back in the old days bits were a way to measure everything against each other, but now no one really cares about bits anymore. Lots of people would rather play Titanfall at 480p then Killzone at 1080p. If resolution was an indication of the best games then everyone would play on PC. #40
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New gen consoles have been a huge letdown in terms of games so far. The Titanfall beta was pretty fun, except that the Carbine was too overpowered. Thank god I have a PC to play until something decent comes out. #2
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