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Hearthstone is Magic The Gathering for people with an IQ of 50 or under. #3
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Perhaps, however it is still a higher quality trash than those aforementioned. #28.2.1
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Sources indicate that survey is incorrect. #28.1.1
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I think the argument he is trying to make is that resolution could be the new "bits" for this generation of consoles. Back in the old days bits were a way to measure everything against each other, but now no one really cares about bits anymore. Lots of people would rather play Titanfall at 480p then Killzone at 1080p. If resolution was an indication of the best games then everyone would play on PC. #40
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New gen consoles have been a huge letdown in terms of games so far. The Titanfall beta was pretty fun, except that the Carbine was too overpowered. Thank god I have a PC to play until something decent comes out. #2
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If you are buying a console for its graphical capability then you are misguided. This whole argument was started by fanboys to promote their crappy console and nerdbash the other. Everyone knows if you want graphics then play on PC. #45
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New benchmarks suggest my PC is better than both of these trash heaps combined. #28
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An interesting list, but having been a beta player for Hearthstone I can't really recommend it to anyone who is a fan of trading card games. Hearthstone just feels too simple and luck based, it isn't really supposed to be super competitive and I think that's where it falls short of other TCG's like Magic 2014. #1
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At this point it is my opinion that very few of the nextgen titles are even capable of holding someone's attention for longer than a few weeks.

If you are a hardcore gamer and want to log a ton of hours into something then you will probably enjoy Call of Duty Ghosts or Battlefield 4, but other than that there isn't really much to play at the moment.

If you can wait until March 2015 then I think you should, because you get some pretty cool new games... #2
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I think Telltale feels confidant because GoT has such a huge following and their recent Walking Dead games pulled in a lot of business as well. I don't think that they plan on making their money on non GoT fans, but I think they definitely expect a decent chunk of their Walking Dead fans to buy into this new game. #9
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At first classes about these things sound idiotic, but in actuality Star Wars, Star Trek, even Game of Thrones draw very deeply from ancient cultures and belief systems from different parts of the world. I think it is a clever way to get people to learn about these cultures and civilizations by blending it with something they enjoy. #2.2
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I think by multi-titled they mean one game called something like "A Game of Thrones" will be released in their episodic fashion, and then the next game will be released "A Clash of Kings" in a similar way. Episodic is Telltatle's style, but it doesn't make sense for them to just make one game with a billion episodes. It makes more sense financially to split up the series "probably by book" and release smaller games that are priced more affordably. #2
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At least you guys get Destiny stuff first. It's going to suck having to wait those few extra days to see what the game is all about on the xbox. #2
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Oh yes, they are super fun. You spend about ten minutes taking off and trying to reach a good altitude, and then another five flying to your target only to be shot down in one hit by flak or some moron flying a noob spitfire. #4.1.1
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I've been playing it since beta opened on the PC. It's just another pay to win crap game that has an identity crisis. On one end it wants to be a more arcade type game that is accessible to lots of people, and on the other it is trying to be a simulator. It succeeds in neither at the moment unfortunately.

ALSO if you spend $40 you become almost untouchable. You can buy squad points which make your aircraft turn more sharply, see enemies better, be more accurate,... #1.5
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I love how the console isn't even out yet and you kids want to declare a winner based on nothing except tech specs for a few launch titles. So a few games aren't 1080p who cares? The original 360 titles looked like dump and that console stomped the PS3. I also love how people aren't allowed to change their opinion about anything in gaming or else they are automatically wrong about everything. I'm pretty sure Mr. Sessler has spent more time with nextgen consoles than any of... #8
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What a joke. There is no Mass Effect without Shep. Just a lame attempt to conjure nostalgia for a franchise that couldn't manage to end itself properly. Someone needed a course in creative writing. #5
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Sony, play five DOTA 2 matches and you'll ban the PS4 in Brazil. Worst community of "gamers" on the face of the Earth. #14
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Nothing like shooting someone 350 times only to have them turn and shoot you once and your wing falls off. Not realistic, not that fun sorry. #11
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All those players and its still only half as good as Dota 2. #3
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