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This sh1t has been going on since before the ps3 was even released.
M$ have no fresh innovation, no cutting edge, no imagination, so they buy franchises from other consoles and use DIRTY tactics in media and money to spread FUD and LIES.

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that kept hitting n4g?

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I wish this was on PS3 or 360 or even PS2. This game is awesome but I don't want to buy a Wii just to play it. :(

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....Rebuild the 360 from the ground up to be QUALITY, instead of cheap sh1t, and smaller, and maybe then it would sell. But then again, M$ has never been in the business of making quality or innovating, so it's dead in the water.

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And as usual with FIFA was deleted within 15 minutes of playing it.

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I want this game bad.

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Why did they get rid of the blood from this game?

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MGS4 has a ton of cut scenes (which are amazing) and it is one of the greatest games I have EVER played. And I usually hit skip on cut scenes. Games that put production values and times into a cut scene, enhance the experience, but you wouldn't know that as you obviously are a 14 yo fanboy.

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1. They are usually for the most part the opinion of some loser with a blog/website with ZERO credibility.

2. They are a desperate attempt to make a story out of nothing and then get hits.

3. None of the info on these lame piles of sh1t are ever new or interesting.

4. No one cares.

5. No one cares.

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that is not in game footage. No need to flame me or hit the disagree, it's not in game. It's replay footage when they add AA and post processing filters. (by in game I mean what you see while actually playing..not replay)

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If it wasn't for them, we would be paying out the 4ss for a decent video card that uses more power and is louder.. **cough** Nvidia **cough**....keep those f()ckers on their toes.

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It's FUN, it's a GAME, and it's NOT REAL.
Isn't censorship great?

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But I am a quake 'hardcore' I guess. I have been playing q3 since Nov 03.
And although Quake Live is lag fest (compared to old q3) it still kept the
BEST, and still the most FUN, FAST and SKILLFUL fps ever made alive, so I play alot.......between my WoW addiction lol.

Oh and @HELSVACANCY.......quake forgotten? Tell that to Quake Con which is every year and the THOUSANDS of great players that still play.
...IS S H 1 T E.