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What a great read that article was. From the man himself. This is a similar reason as to why i was always pro playstation from PS1. The PS1 created so many franchises that are still at the core of our gaming obsessions. If the PS1 wasn't release i might have left gaming behind too.

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I wouldn't buy it if it was multiplat. They dont give playstation the first game but give us the second DR. They dont give us the third one but want to give us the fourth??? Nah keep it on Xbox one. They need every exclusive they can get. I'm still playing catch up from last year

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Look if there is a new console i don't care as long as they don't split up games. As in each game has a normal ps4 version and a 4k version. If they release both versions together for one price 60 bucks you get the two versions. Then I won't mind because if I want to play the 4k version (which of course i do) then I'll save up until I can afford it

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Seriously. Ban this site straight away.

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I haven't been waiting for releases on ps4 lmao. In fact I still have dark souls 3, uc4, jc3 and mgs5 to play and I'm only half ways through Bloodebourne. But what do I expect from a salty Xbox one owner. Can't use anything else so they use steady stream of titles. Nice spin but do you mind naming these steady stream of games brother.

P.S. multiplat titles are games too.

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It sound more like a forza is better article from the bit i read than anything else.Doesnt bother me though.Gran turismo is the only car racing game i play. I know I'll enjoy it

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This is just a website looking for traffic. Don't give them what they want by visiting the website. Most of us know UC series has never let us down so play the game for yourself and judge for yourself.

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I log on to see how the game is as it will be weeks before i get to play it. Read a few peoples comments below and remember why I now stay away from gaming discussions and forums.

Sorry folks. This is IGN they don't want to give UC4 a 10/10 because they'd be accused of being Sony fanboys. But why should it matter what the game scored. When I have that game in my PS4 and I start playing it for myself. I know I'll be in for some great gaming gold and that I'll...

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Internet in meltdown lmao

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Look refine is just a word this journalist used to betray his hatred for the game in a so called logical manner. Since when did a game need to refine stuff to be fun or loved. Even the title and quote is flame bait to lure in potential traffic.

My plus's for this new Rachet and Clank game. Its only 40 bucks. It looks very nice graphically. I have only played the series on the PS3 so I'm I'm new to the PS2 games story.

My negatives about the g...

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i really hope this is true. number 1 activision was a cash cow who handed out spiderman games to up and coming devs. nothing wrong with that but the held the franchise back by budgets. hopefully sony takes a darker more violent side to the video games

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I used to get all worked up over peoples comments too a few years back. That was until I realised the only opinion that mattered to me was opinions that shared the same views as mine. Sorry bro revolutionary. I doubt it. Gaming hasn't been very revolutionary in years. Visuals and performance yes but gameplay. No.

As for one the best games you played. It may as well be. We all have different tastes but i dont see anything revolutionary

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Most exclusives PS4. Best exclusives? Who knows until we play them however if you made up statistics like say. 3 out of every 10 games on average are classics. Whoever has the most exclusives has a better chance of having better exclusives . Not that i made up stats to show an example of where i was coming from.

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Its all personal opinion when you talk about exclusives. The heading is just troll bait. At the end of day sales determine the winner and games we like determine our enjoyment. Our enjoyment is what we buy them for.

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Look its like this. I'm a huge FF fan and I'm a huge gaming fan. I credit all that to FF7. Before that game I was a casual gamer. Yeah I always played video games from the commador 64 and amstrad up until the PS4 but before FF7 I only played when I was bored which was rare.

I'd gladly pay 1k euros for a FF7 remake. So if It comes to us in a full game, a game set in a trilogy, an episode game or even if they charged per chapter and had like 100 chapters I wouldn...

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I don't care how they remake it. Just keep the materia aspect of the combat and character progress

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i haven't been excited for a game a few years now until this trailer. I cant wait

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Yep but if sales are low you wont play a sequel.

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The way i see it is Eidos and Square backed the wrong horse like a lot of earlier developers. They thought MS would be on top again if they ever were on top to start off with. So they made deals with MS in hopes it would expand their franchise further and what did it do. The complete opposite.

Now you have thousands of gamers like me who bought the reboot day one and who will now buy the sequel one day down the line when it gets reduced to 20 euros on PSN with all of the game...

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Yes its complete BS. I dont play online anymore so screw sony. They can keep PS Plus and there crappy free games

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