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My problem with Bethesda is why did they wait until after nuka cola released to announce we wont be getting mods. My friend was under the impression that you needed all DLC to use all the mods so he bought them all. Thats not Bethesdas fault. It was something he read online but im glad i was waiting for mod support to buy the expansions because i saved me 50 quid :)).

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Sorry mate but a lot of games should be delayed due to the amount of issues they release with. I welcome any delay because most games benefit from the delay. Also to be honest games are getting to big nowadays that they take more time. It will be 3 years before I get around to playing Death Strannd. Stop complainig

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I'm a current PS4 owner and as soon as I get a 4k HDR tv I'm getting one and as a current PS4 owner the PRO will currently only cost me 160 euros if I trade in my PS4 against it. I've been a gamer a very long time. The Scorpio is currently too powerful for developers to take advantage of. I think it will be 3 or 4 years before developers will need the power that's in the Scorpio and by then the PS5 will most likely be announced. .

I think MS jumped the gun ...

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Yes but a 2000 quid price tag is what people will need to enjoy the full experience of the new machine. Its not a negative its a luxury right now I can't afford. Sorry bro but I have rent bills, clothes ad food to buy each month. A 60 euro game is a luxury to me these days.

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No its 400 for the PS4 Pro but if you can't afford to buy a luxury like a 4k tv then you won't be able to afford a Pro is what I was saying. I'm well aware of how expensive good 4k TVs are. I have my eye on a 2 grand 50 inch one as we speak.

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LMAO PS4 Downhill. It has double the sales of the Xbox one. Quadruple the amount of exclusives and its going to be years before developers can take full advantage of its capabilities lmao and thats if it sells well and if you 4 years time Sony doesn't decide to release the PS5 that could be twice the power of the Scorpio. Noe of us ca see the future. Whats the price of the Scorpio?? because it would want to be priced at 400 too because if it launches at 600 then the price might damage sal...

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I don't see what peoples problems are. If you can't afford a 4K TV then you can't afford a PS4 Pro. I can't afford one yet but when I can I will trade in my PS4 and get the Pro. Better graphics offer better experiences. Anyone who played GTA5 on the last gen and then paid another 60 quid on the next ge versions is who this is aimed at. I think the MS Pro media are just up in arms right now doing what they usually do. It's all down to games at the end of the day people. As ...

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No its not cool by Sony if there reasons ain't legit. I'm still waiting for there response first. Two sides to every story. But it's still not enough to ever support ms over them. In my eyes ms have done much worse over the years

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Wow really. I have been waiting months for those mods o Fallout 4. To hell with Sony on this one. If anyone from Bethesda is reading this. Sorry guys I was waiting on mods before buying your DLC, I won't be buying the DLC ow without mods and I won't be buying Skyrim now. WTF Sony, this is the things MS do to there install base. How things can change.

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I don't own a 4K TV either but the PS4 Pro is something im interested in getting if 4k becomes the standard. I want as much power in my Playstation as possible. Fallout 4 mods not being on playstation yet is supposed to be downn to memory restrictions. I wouldnt have that with the PS4 Pro. But im still not going to waste about 1000k euro just for better graphics.

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All DLC including 20 euros worth of in game currency. If I didnt own both games thats a deal to me and its a physical copy. I own both Digitally. I dont play online but i love the whole motherbase thing so 20 i game currency is a boost for people wanting to progress further quicker. I know they screwed over Kojima but its still a game straight from the mans mind. I waited until the game was 30 euros on ps plus before buying it as its digital but this edition makes it more lucrative to people ...

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I mainly sell it until i have 30k in caps and a few settlements with shops set up. Then I just craft a load of Jet and use that for buying goods. My pre war money is then getting saved for a huge bank i'm going to build. I have only bought the work shop DLC packs. Its gonna be a log time before I do everything in the main game before I even consider buying the map expansions. So I'll have loads of pre war money by then.

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I'm having a hard time catching up with AAA games I currently own and I still have other AAA games that released which I haven't bought yet. As every month passes that list gets bigger and bigger. The only way I would ever play this game is if it came with a demo or it was free on Playstation Plus. But then you need to make a good game for me not to turn it off ad delete it for ever also.

Point of my story is a spaceship shooter is not very interesting. The devs sho...

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Thats great news. So there is guns. Now ill buy it

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You missed the part where i said Bethesda always disregard PlayStation gamers. There attitude has always been make money off PlayStation gamers is the only reason we release on PlayStation. They have always been pro MS and vocal xbox fans. Look I don't know bethesdas game plan but I dont have an explanation for how we have been treated by them these past 10 years.

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They will not release mods on PS4 until they make their money from DLC first. That suits me fine as I recently bought the 3 workshop DLC packs and for the past few weeks I have started a new game and mostly just build settlements, I'm lvl 54 and only completed 6 other quests that werent minute men quests.

I think Bethesda know mods will bring enough free contet that may be better than theres so they need that money, I'd be very surprised if Skyrim on PS4 released b...

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wow so sour. The games doesnt appeal to me but what i like isnt what everyone else is bound to like. Quit crying

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I've been a big GT fan since PS1. However I think I'll be passing on this one. The Sport name has put me off a little due to me not knowing what that entails. The fact that only 400 to 500 cars and lesser tracks are also featured in the game also tells me that they will milk this franchise with dozens of DLC packs and micro transactions. Sorry but I'll wait until the GT game after this one or a game of the year edition on sale on PS Store for half price like every other game of th...

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There is many different types of rpgs. MMORPG, JRPG, SRPG, ARPGs. All offering different gameplay mechanics and experiences. As an RPG lover and mainly an RPG player I would never say one is the best. I can say what my top 20 RPGs are but I could never make a top 5 or a top 10 let alone name one single rpg as my favorite because there is so many great ones.

Oblivion is a great game however Syrim to me was way better. I think this new generation of RPGs is going to create s...

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What a great read that article was. From the man himself. This is a similar reason as to why i was always pro playstation from PS1. The PS1 created so many franchises that are still at the core of our gaming obsessions. If the PS1 wasn't release i might have left gaming behind too.

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