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I was thinking about this last week. Its not boring but a lot of games get boring due to there size and lack of rewards. Big games are good but if you don't fill those games with lots of fun things to do it gets repetitive. Plus season passes and DLC took away rewards you would get for doing things is favor of having us pay for the rewards.

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They are not worried at all. You need games to play and giving Nintendo's and MS track record on that Sony is winning. Scalebound canceled lol my brother bought an Xbox 1 off the back of that game and kinect. Both he regrets deeply lol. Ass for Wii U. What a horrible idea with no backing. A disaster.

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FF7 is the greatest FF of all time in my opinion. Yes after all these years with new technology and storytelling it has gotten old but back then even with no voice acting the story had me immersed. Its the only FF game I have played 5 or 6 times and because of it I have bought every other FF game in the main number line after it except for ff11 as I had no access to internet at the time and ff13-3 because I had moved on to PS4 around that time. Heck I even bought a PSP for Crisis core and lo...

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I absolutely agree with you here. The media have shown their true colours through out that election and I'm not even American. I'm a outsider looking in laughing at the manipulation and brainwashing. There is a group of rich elites who don't like the fact that they have lost power in one of the biggest Countries in the world because you can't buy a billionaire. Maybe if everyone stood up against President Bush the way they are against Donald Trump before he invaded Iraq, Milli...

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Yeah the game has a few flaws but I'm 12 hours in now and I'm starting to like it more and more. I'm not a fan of the car but the chocobos are great.

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I actually read those tweets and as soon as someone tweeted about last gen, phil stopped replying.

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I found this very funny. All last gen i was giving out on forums about these exclusive deals and all i got was to deal with it or don't support the company if your not happy. Move forward a generation and now that Xbox is behind and struggling to get these deals well its bad for business now. So it was ok then but now its not.

One question. If MS was on top this generation. Would Phil still be saying this or would he be on twitter announcing more exclusive deals?

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Its about Sea creature parasites that become stranded on the beach and infect humans to live. Why else the worm creatures on the tanks and both trailers feature sea shore things

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Its just Kojimas style. He knows what looks badass.

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Its simple. You want to reap the benefits of selling games on the PS4 then you make them backwards compatible. When the PRO was announced us gamers were told all games from now on will work on both platforms. Publishers make loads of money on games so go ask them for more funding and staff to implant it.

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Yeah, I did that with the first watchdogs bro. Bought it for 10 euros on the store and played it for 30 minutes. It's garbage. Ubisoft have sucked pretty bad this generation. The last 2 games from them I enjoyed where AC2 and Far Cry 3. Major down slide with me since then.

As for the season pass prices. This is what I've started to do. I buy the main game and play that. If its a game I like then I'll finish and keep the main game. Then in 7-12 months after all D...

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oh here we go. POPCORN TIME

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The only thing crisis 1 2 and 3 had was beautiful graphics. The games themselves where nothing special. Dont shoot me.

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Oh look, when I click on an article about a new controller. I click to see the controller and not read the article. I just wanted to see what it looked like but i did read the article now and they said the controller pictured was for PC that the PS4 controller may look like it. If it does. Oh look its an xbox cotroller lol.

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Oh look its a Xbox controller haha.

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They should have made it at least 2GB. Isn't issues with the memory the reason why all PS4 gamers where lied to by Bethesda about PS4 Mods. I think I'm just going to skip the Pro and wait for a PS5.

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My problem with Bethesda is why did they wait until after nuka cola released to announce we wont be getting mods. My friend was under the impression that you needed all DLC to use all the mods so he bought them all. Thats not Bethesdas fault. It was something he read online but im glad i was waiting for mod support to buy the expansions because i saved me 50 quid :)).

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Sorry mate but a lot of games should be delayed due to the amount of issues they release with. I welcome any delay because most games benefit from the delay. Also to be honest games are getting to big nowadays that they take more time. It will be 3 years before I get around to playing Death Strannd. Stop complainig

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I'm a current PS4 owner and as soon as I get a 4k HDR tv I'm getting one and as a current PS4 owner the PRO will currently only cost me 160 euros if I trade in my PS4 against it. I've been a gamer a very long time. The Scorpio is currently too powerful for developers to take advantage of. I think it will be 3 or 4 years before developers will need the power that's in the Scorpio and by then the PS5 will most likely be announced. .

I think MS jumped the gun ...

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Yes but a 2000 quid price tag is what people will need to enjoy the full experience of the new machine. Its not a negative its a luxury right now I can't afford. Sorry bro but I have rent bills, clothes ad food to buy each month. A 60 euro game is a luxury to me these days.

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