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Yes its complete BS. I dont play online anymore so screw sony. They can keep PS Plus and there crappy free games #2.5
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Well aside from the fact that the reason I read the news was because its in the top 5 hottest articles on the first page of this site. Didn't I already say why I read the article. Because I wanted to see if the cloud is everything devs are making it out to be. ITS NOT!!!


For one where did I bash Xbox??? Since when is crackdown xbox. 2: MS have done hell of a lot to bash themselves these past few years that no PS gamer needs t... #2.2.8
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So whats your point in posting a comment from months ago? That I'm a PS Gamer? and thats supposed to mean what exactly? Its still my opinion. I've played the first crackdown in my brothers which I thought sucked and my brother told me the second game was garbage.

As for the DC comparison just look at the two side by side and tell me the game looks real next gen.

I'm sorry but if I read anything about gaming like "oh the power of the cloud... #2.2.4
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LMAO. Shame the game looks like a last gen remaster of DC Universe online. Also a shame that crackdown games suck. I think I'll stick with the dozen or so other sandbox games releasing in the near future. #2.2
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Always these who won E3 articles. Blah Blah. Time for gamers to man up. I won E3 because the console I own has great games I want to play coming to it. What console is that??? The one I like that's what haha.

Whats real funny though is nearly all the games I liked at E3 are multiplat titles. Oops, even though I never said any console my comment will get a crap load of dislikes. Why because too many crybabies on N4G #1.7
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Yes the Witcher 3 is better than Skyrim but the Witcher 3 still needs things like player housing because if I'm gonna find all these amazing looking swords and armour in the witcher 3 then I want a place to display them #1.7
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Yep Sony right around the time the game should get a price drop, go release the ps plus version to boost sales so you can keep the price up. PS guys the graphics are the only good thing about the game. Driving mechanics suck #1.8
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I guess japanese people dont like MILFS then haha. I swear, I think some Japanese people do be masturbating themselves to these characters. No wonder a pause button is included on every joypad. Thats a joke to you sensitive people #1.1.2
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I've always been a playstation gamer. Always was and always will be but this article sounds like it was written by a PS4 only gamer who is pissed of that X1 gets it first. The reboot was great to me and this new game looks great too. Xbox is crap as fluck. Never owned one and never will own one but this game looks great and when it inally comes to playstation I can't wait to play it.

O course the game of the year addition that comes with all DLC because if I'm mad... #1.4
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There plans seems to be based off having backwards compatibility. Sorry MS but I had the original PS3 and guess what? BC was only good when the PS3 had very little games. I didn't care about PS2 games once games like MGS4 and Uncharted 1 started coming out.

But hey if they do then more power to them #1.9
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I don't know if people really are dumb or just like to act that way sometimes. What doesn't make sense???

Leave it to the Snake avatar people to come out in full defense over the game. I laugh very hard at some people.

MGS4 came out in 2008. Its 2015 I've waited 7 years already. WTF is another 2??? Plus when you eventually grow up ANGHELLIC you'll see that there is more to life than spending hours every day video g... #1.12.2
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I didn't really like Ground zeros and I'm a huge MGS fan after hearing that crap with Kojima, I'm buying this when it drops in price. If Microtransactions are true then Ill just wait for a cheap Game of the Year edition In 2 years time. #1.12
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The only thing the Witcher 3 needs is a deep combat system. You get tired of the same few strikes the game has. Its just dodge, parry, strike roll strike repeat #1.2
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Its not only those costs but retailer profit costs as well to take into consideration. Going from buyig games on online retailers verses store retailers. 70 euros in store to 55 online I'd say retailers get each game at about 40 to 45 euros. #2.5
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Games are way too expensive. Thats why now I'm just enjoying life and gonna buy games after they drop to 20 euros. The only games I'll pay full price for now are games I really cant wait to play like the witcher 3 and UC4 #1.5
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Star Ocean 4 was amazing and this is gonna be brilliant. Cant wait #1.11
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Exo suits return. They destroyed COD Bye bye activision. #2.3
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Who you telling. Its like developers and console manufacturers don't want our money. I bought over 200 PS3 titles, i still have over 80 after trade ins. I bought like 9 PS4 games in a year because all I see is remaster remaster remaster and 4 of those PS4 titles were remasters. I'm like bitch if you want me to support your ass then do somethig new. Put on some stockings and girdles if you want me to keep supporting that ass.

I'll just life my life until you get yo... #1.6
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Yeah I'm tired of all this talk about games we probably wont see for 3 plus years. #1.4
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Maybe they want to do it completely independent from publishers #1.2
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