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Lol I liked the part where "they don't say we have best exclusives but everyone else does". Apparently I and dozens more here ain't included in that everyne else. MS can use multiplats because aside from 4 or 5 exclusives, thats all they have. #1.14

Yeah the graphics are so improved in every way that when you look at the trailers your baffled thinking is this the PS3 version I'm looking at. Yeah yeah yeah compressed video and all that it will look different on your tv.

Well do u expect me to buy the game just to see for myseld.

Tomb raider PS3 V PS4. Very noticeable difference even on compressed video. TLOU Remastered ps3 v ps4 trailer comparison= game of spot the differenc... #3.4.2
Let me explain why the price is taking the biscuit. Most of these people including myself already bought this game and it's season pass. These are the people who are there for Sony and ND. The ones who support their products with hard earned cash.

We have already experienced this game on a number of playthroughs to the point were we know exactly what happens next in the game and were every single item in the game is laid out. This is why we have a problem with the price... #3.4

How could you get bored of your PS4 with games like FF14, Warframe and infamous on your PS4. My PS4 has been on for hours every day since buying it and FF14 has so much content after more than 2 months playing it online. I still have a long way to go before I do everything and I still can't wait to get home from work everyday to play it. Does that sound like being bored? #1.15
I don't have a child to relate too for that scene but I cried when seeing it to. Everything in that seen is set up the right way to set a person off. #2.4
Nope I'm a PS4 gamer and I hate indies. Its just a bunch of shovelwere to me. #1.18
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FF14 looks better than those. But the mods do look great #5
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You serious?

DMC used to be great and it wasn't because they changed dantes appearance that made the reboot suck. It was the story, repetitiveness and crappy combat compared to the other games in the series.

I understand the Tombraider remaster. I understand TLOU remaster, I really want a GTA5 remastered which is coming yay. But a remaster of the new DMC ROFLMAO and after the ultimate version we will probably see an ultimate, hyper and remix version from... #1.11
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Yep after all the Hype of Titanfall look where the game is now. Talk about it is non existent unless its about it exclusivity and online play numbers are down tons.

Karmas a bitch. #2.3.3
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EH GTA4 DLC. How long was it exclusive?? Exactly. I hate all this timed exclusive and other exclusive crap from third parties too but when I complained last gen about it I was met with a lot of hate from Xbots. So all I can say is I'm glad they know how frustrating it is.

If you go back to the roots of it all MS started this crap so this is just Karma coming back full circle. Lol and coming from developers who made the Xbox a success with Halo hahaha that must really dig... #1.1.9
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Yeah man. This writers whole argument is that it's only a year old blah blah, their milking it's sucess.

Sorry writer but I never played Tomb Raider on the PS3 and I'm glad I waited because 60FPS and updated graphics made my Experience with Tomb Raider PS4 amazing. So amazing infact that while playing the game I kept comparing it to TLOU and in the end I said both games are very alike but TLOU did story better while Tomb Raider did gameplay better. TLOU was my fav... #1.12
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Lol the only good games I every liked from THQ was Darksiders and Saints Row 2. Many great series is a huge overstatement. If that was true then they never would have had to sell off.

Also yes Sony/MS are very capable of creatig their own engines but sometimes it's better to combine resources and create something even more unique. Not to mention the ideas for franchises that are floating around in employees heads.

If I was a consol manufacturer, I would j... #1.12
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I firstly blame Kojima for the 30 Euro MGS hour long Demo and I then blame all the people who bought ground zeros for showing that it's acceptable.

EA make mostly crap games anyway. If it wasn't for Bioware I don't think I'd buy any EA games at all to be honest. #1.10
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See what most people with money that can afford to buy consols like to do in the summer is go outside and socialise or go on holidays. Sales always drop around this time of year. Why do you think during July and August only 1 or 2 games get released. #1.2.6
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Lol last gen xbots called multiplatform games on Xbox exclusive because they ran better on the Xbox 360. Everyone remember that? I wonder if that carries over now that PS4 has the better multiplats lol.

Anyway I don't see more exclusives on the Xbox 1 this fall but I couldn't care less. Aside from Driveclub and TLOU Remastered, the only games I've been looking forward to are Metro 1 and 2 remastered, Dragon Age and COD. This year has been very weak on games for b... #1.1.12
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LMAO. When people tell lies about this sort of crap they always start off with or finish with a buddy that works there told me. Lol. Who gives a crap anyway. The only thing vita is good for is remote play for the PS4. I know this because my buddy who OWNS ONE TOLD ME LOL. #1.1.7
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@Revolver X

Nice try at twisting words but we all know you know what I meant but tried to make your argument have legs. Actually my favorite games so far this year are Infamous, FF14 and Warframe, all games I have put 100 hours and in FF14 case even more. Whats 20 hours on a game when you can put 100s into a game and still not get bored.

Same for GTA5. I played that game nearly everyday for 4 months until I bought a PS4. Your the one who has his experience l... #1.8.4
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No hes got it all wrong, adults like me just don't want kids games or crap shovel ware indie games that are only good for 5 minutes and then get boring real fast.

I don't want FPS shooters either unless and does something new and fresh.

I want developers to bring use new worlds with exciting and on the edge stories that also have good gameplay that you can master to be good at it. I also want games that give you freedom and choice, and not choice as i... #1.8
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Sorry but KZ is a great game that only men with there balls dropped likes. Graphics are better than anything on X1, theres even more people playing KZ SF that there is on Titanfall lol.

Nevermind, I just read some of your previous comments, you haven't even played KZ and are just a butt hurt Xbot. FYI Halo sucks because I never played any of them cause it was never on the consols ive owned since I started gaming. Mainly because the PS has brought me so many great games ov... #2.1.10
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I thought GOTY stood for Game of the Year editions. Shouldn't only games that won those awards get it. Everything else should be bronze editions lol. Nah for real Goty editions really should be only for games that got that acclaim. Its just fooling the people that don't follow gaming like us gamers.

Its the goty edition, you know I have to get that. The game has to be good if it the game of the year. For my next trick I'm gonna sell bronze and call it the diamand... #1.9
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