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guarantee another let down of a patch, but then again the game is still work in progress on xbox...FPS for this game should be the main priority.

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lmao you act like you notice all that 2x you bragging about. jesus you people just need to own both console like I do.

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lmao and that’s the problem of the game?

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listen create a pyro guy, and his ultimate create a flame ring that who ever caught inside the ring won’t be able to see much at all, and if they try to go out outside the ring they would get a flame damage constantly.

while ppl stuck inside people from the outside can wreck em, almost like Zaryas Ult

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lol yup sure that’s it

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we will see on the 12th how much Pubg is gonna bring to Xbox

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lol Tazzy ended his own argument

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how is it waste of money when you’re still getting improvements compared to 1080P

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why would xbox fans have answer for star citizen, maybe u can ask the developers whose making the game why it’s not on console.

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thank you jesus it’s about time microsoft let their developers create more new ip than just one game!

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not overwatch or halo 5 :)

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is supersampling for xbox 360 games being played on OneX? or is it for people with OneX that plays on 1080p tv? maybe both??

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not everybody loves BF DLC specially BF1 season pass is a joke. the weapon stuff you get is way better on BF4

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lol this guy prob don’t even play

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the video were separate DL since day one, and i believe you can just watc all online. you have an option to DL it or not

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wish they re work the graphics

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beat buy is always been good specially if you have the gamers club, brand new game would retail $47 at the check out if you have it.

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so that means Ks8000 is better then overall hasn’t lower input lag, but x900e is a pretty goo looking tv as well, down side, it uses android tv :/

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that’s why another 2 DLC is ready to be unlock after the game shipped lol so buy buy buy

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i believe 2016 KS8000 beats it, which what i end up with, after carefully comparing them.

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