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you'll think crapcom would learn from sf4 a lot better... but they wanted the money first, very disappointed buying this game on day one.

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why would u pay 200 for a controller, 150 was already high for me.

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all leak is always wrong

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reminded you of quality PS2 game... lols game design has changed a lot since ps2 game design era...

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I mainly play on my Xbox, I think Sony kicked some ass and I can't wait to collect more exclusives on my ps4!

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why does it sounds like Master Chief is the one that announce the xbox brand? example after this video listen to the end about Xbox one S. lol.

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I'm getting xbox one S and Scorpio next year with that new console from Sony!

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why would it kill S??? its just a slimmer XOne with extra new features....

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i think you shot urself on the foot for being confuse.

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mehh disappointed on 343. be more excited for battlefield 1 4k on scorpio

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doubt its gonna release this year. they already said NEO won't be at e3, so announcement like what MS did is the way to go..

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i travel for work, so console wins for me...

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cmon don't be ignorant here.. we both know both is gonna be powerful...

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some people think xbox is making this because of ps4 is more powerful? wrong... the two is really not far from each other... the only reason MS and Sony is making a new console coz of how was graphics are advancing on PC.. ps4 and xobxone can't last for 10years like they use to, PC is gonna smoke them when it comes to visuals.... i am happy that xbox announce that console, and can't wait what sony got to announce about their project as well!

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this is too fast for VR I sure think it would be crazy

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yeah uncharted does have great lighting looked real at times.

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yeah I always think having a good lighting helps bring out the game a lot

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the game was ok I was expecting more out of this 3 year project, wish they ditch the live action to use the time for the game itself. maybe like more puzzles, and unlockable items.

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