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nothing on xbox exclusive this year that makes me hype. scale bound is what i wanted, now more announcements on e3 blah blah blah

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microsoft prob was asking them to do more than what their budget could make, same thing like what happened to Phantom Dust remake that got cancelled, that's my guess.

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i mainly play xbox and id say no, coz they don't have as great amount as PS exclusive... and i wish microsoft would do more than their basic yearly line up.

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lol ps4 doesn't benefit that huge leap bruh

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lol coz of the remastered

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lol that elite controller is king

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yeah ill wait i bit i liked the division, then once i tried the multiplayer. i find it pointless..

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nice thats awesome!

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game gonna fail like Division

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obviously my friends list online said so, so yes

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lol still not much, people only bought it for the remastered anyway.

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killer month!

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i think they talking about zero game at all Halo came with digital copy

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for the price it offer xbox S beats the Pro for HDR, oh it has bluray 4k player too! xbox says Hiiii

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you can thank 343 for starting this back to free stuff again!

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another bull crap

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maybe explain some shit than expecting people to read the book?! Halo 5 campaign is a joke

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i'm a huge fan of Halo games not the book and what they did with Halo 5 story was garbage! didn't explain why chief is with his team, how the hell did he end up being with them?? oh let me guess i didn't read the book?? i'm sorry not everybody is that hardcore.

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they should update and give daily log in pack

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its nice maybe coz it was a lil bit too much, maybe scorpio will have something similar.

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