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is supersampling for xbox 360 games being played on OneX? or is it for people with OneX that plays on 1080p tv? maybe both??

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not everybody loves BF DLC specially BF1 season pass is a joke. the weapon stuff you get is way better on BF4

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lol this guy prob don’t even play

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the video were separate DL since day one, and i believe you can just watc all online. you have an option to DL it or not

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wish they re work the graphics

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beat buy is always been good specially if you have the gamers club, brand new game would retail $47 at the check out if you have it.

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so that means Ks8000 is better then overall hasn’t lower input lag, but x900e is a pretty goo looking tv as well, down side, it uses android tv :/

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that’s why another 2 DLC is ready to be unlock after the game shipped lol so buy buy buy

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i believe 2016 KS8000 beats it, which what i end up with, after carefully comparing them.

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sony uses android tv on their oled which is kinda ruined the experience on having a sexy tv, android os is slow compared to LG or Samsung setup, if you guys go deeper on comparing who has a better OLED is actually Panasonic.

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i’d grab Ks8000 if i were you guys, they don’t make it anymore but i bet you can still ask best buy for open box and grab it. that tv is great, the MU8000 which is the 2017 version is not even as good as KS8000

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i been missing games like this, and the ones with weapon pick up... wish they come back, xbox need to bring quantum redshift!

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atmos still buggy on xbox, technically you don’t even have to buy $200 to usenet almost, all you need is stereo headphones

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lol MS can’t eveb bring that much new game anyway unless it’s indie, i’m not hating i’m an xbox guy but i’m getting annoyed of how less exclusive MS is producing.

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hell yeah my Samsung Ks8000 is ready boys!! this and my ps4 pro im taking advantage of my beautiful tv!!

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can’t wait and hope microsoft get their shit together for new ip!

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you shitting me right? i’m an xbox guy but i have ps4 and currently bought a pro for Sony exclusive, Microsoft doesn’t even come close to sonys exclusives plus quality, i just ore ordered Xb1X, xbox need in house better games!! not relying on indie and multiplat!!

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this the dumbest nerd troll out here, go play rise of the tomb rider on your xbox 360 like you said lmao.

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@andrewsquall this game is not a 360 game, do you even own one?

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got it pre ordered on bestbuy prob your best bet, plus it’s cheaper than amazon after taxes.

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