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for real this article is so lame, i had D1 for ps4 and bought it again for xbox one, people really care about install base? like are you gonna play with all these people?

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overwatch doesn't run 60fps on console bruh

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"according some users from n4g" lmao

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what about Scorpio? now they gotta make it fair since pro couldn't?

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dynamic is ps4 new selling point lol

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i'm down buddy

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if anybody would like to team up to play i'm down!

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i think locke should have a scene were he dies... coz he's just too boring for me...

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xbox plus

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lol how many times they gonna do do HD remix for this game

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hopefully microsoft would show off RYSE 2 for Scorpio

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so not supersfiv? or is this mean i can use that too

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LOL Sony started the free games after the whole system came back from the huge hack that happen on PSN, they did it to grab customers back, and its one of the best thing that ever happen on online services that comes with free, then xbox joined a long.

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lmao 40 bucks from crapcom

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how about microsoft let there single game studio create a brand new IP then maybe we will have more than Halo and Gears from these companies.

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wait what?? why we talking about this again?

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nothing on xbox exclusive this year that makes me hype. scale bound is what i wanted, now more announcements on e3 blah blah blah

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microsoft prob was asking them to do more than what their budget could make, same thing like what happened to Phantom Dust remake that got cancelled, that's my guess.

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i mainly play xbox and id say no, coz they don't have as great amount as PS exclusive... and i wish microsoft would do more than their basic yearly line up.

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lol ps4 doesn't benefit that huge leap bruh

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