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But has a Fiat ever been advertised as a "supercharged" Ferrari

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How can ps4 win if the comparison includes PC! It's not fair!

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So? Is is that hard to believe someone that has ps4 but prefers PC?

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Maybe ps5 or ps6 can run the game like that , and oh you need to buy the game again "remastered"

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Ddr4/gddr6 should be more common on PCs later this year

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Ps4 running a 2+ year old pc game at 30 fps? Ok

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Who said xb1 costs $395 to manufacture? Fun just making up numbers doesn't it

And I assure you it doesn't cost MS $60 to include each game

By your logic Sony is selling the TLOU/GTA 5 PS4 bundle at a $120 loss

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Congrats it can run a 2012 game in Ultra

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watch dogs and bf4 selling millions on xb1/ps4 says otherwise

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The same gaf the praise TLOU so much is now biased against Sony because they have envy, makes so much sense, or could it be the order really doesn't look good,and now the developer is listening

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It's a precious exclusive, just look at the comment history of the people that are so defensive about games like this

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IF ps4 can run this game in Ultra, then there really needs to be a setting above Ultra on pc, otherwise the developer is just lazy and not using the power of more powerful PCs, the game is about to be 2 years old on pc after all

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EA have always said it's limited time with early access . And sheesh how's that first comment trolling?

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300 million iPhones, 200 million iPads,

8 million Vitas

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Megaton by MS . Want to play it? Get an xbox one

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Why is this ps4 exclusive? Thank you Sony $$$

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The remastered edition

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What article? It's a tweet saying the amazon listing is an error

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Good news is Madden 15 Xb1 digital will be cheap to buy on eBay...

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Damn nice, didn't know this game is on pc

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