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That's insane.

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Honestly, when you think about it: NEO as House has stated is an addition to the PlayStation 4. So, it wouldn't be consider an "major" new console. They can announce it, and release it two weeks after. I think Sony would be happy enough with something like that.

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Honestly, it didn't. People just unlocked everything so quickly. I personally was addicted to the experience when it first released.

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I normally wouldn't pre-order anything like that.

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I wasn't expecting this today. My mind was just blown.

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Ahh... I know a handful of people playing the game right now. There's even plsythroughs on YouTube.

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Looks interesting.

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It's still one of the year's biggest games, and I don't think it failed.

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I didn't notice that before. I honestly can't wait for this game.

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I believe so also. It only makes sense at this point.

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Knights of the Old Republic to this day is the best Star Wars game.

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Indeed, but as I've said, I don't think they can.

The Last Guardian when it was first announced featured a number of interesting concepts that I believe are now dated.

No, I haven't played the game. But, The Last Guardian demo showed at the conference was, from my perspective alone, dated. However, I hope I'm wrong about all of it.

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It's going to sell. However, I don't believe its going to hold to todays standards, but I'll be happy if I'm wrong.

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Yeah, I have. It was down.

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It sounds like a bundle that feature a HDD.

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Exactly, it's just Nintendo using PR speak to cover up something stupid up.

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Yeah, I'm really excited about playing Rise of the Tomb Raider.

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I think everyone at this point does.

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I hope not. The simplicity of Gears of War makes it legendary too me.

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I really missed this game.

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