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I have to agree with you, because without good gameplay, all story, character, and graphics are for nought. #1
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I like it for the same reason that I love Windwaker. Because it would be a LoZ that would be different for once. And we definitely need more of those, instead of just rehashes of OoT. #3
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But you cannot censor your message just because of some perceived consequences. We need to realize that games are in a critical period, and if we do not embrace a new ideal of style, than games will not evolve out of this stima. There is sexism and misogyny in games, that we canot deny. And just because someone "radical" is pointing out something that needs to be fixed, that does not mean that we can simply continue to ignore them. #1.1.2
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And what this article is discussing is why there is that stigma. The point being that many AAA games are childish, sexist, and extraordinarily violent. It isn't here just o try and put down games it is a critique, and if we can't accept critique, then how can the industry evolve in any way? #1.1
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Thank you sir. I put out the review before others, I am independent, and I liked it. I wasn't swayed by popular opinion, because usually no one sees it. Thank you very much #4.1
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The story telling is good, the home front family interaction is cool, it looks fantastic, and there is a vehicular stealth sequence.

Need we say more? #3
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