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Thats ironic, the guy that wrote this article plays Xbox 360 almost exclusively. Those Darn Sony FanBoys!!!

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Compared to what Sony has done, yes I consider it silence.

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I would agree, but I tend to be a pretty plain guy, and I love my classic style weapons.

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One thats not on the list that I am really looking forward to is SimCity. Can't wait for that game.

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I agree they did a good job, but I fear some of the stuff in the press conference was a little "pie in the sky." Some of the social integration stuff might sound good now, but might flop once its out there. Also, Microsoft has been extremely tight-lipped. They could have an answer to the PS4 that is just as impressive, if not more. Not only is this race not over, it it has just begun, and I for one am PUMPED.

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I've got some friends that think Nintendo is going the way of Sega, and that the WiiU might be it for them. On the other hand, Nintendo has never been one to worry about what everyone else is doing.

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I was totally impressed. I didn't think they would show near as much as they did. I think people are going to be very excited for this next generation of consoles.

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Sorry guys, until we know one way or the other this story isn't going away.

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Hopefully your right, but looking at the PC landscape, I don't feel it is too far out of the realm of possibility.

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