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"You should expand the article with more cosplay and artwork IMO. There's so much cool stuff out there, it almost feels like a crime to limit it to just five pieces. "

Agreed, but the thing is that i am featuring a lot more works per week anyway, just not in the form of such a feature blog. The site there works also as the host of multiple fan art tributes and a video game character database with a focus on the official art as well as fan art to be a big differe... #1.2
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Thanks in the name of the artists and myself as the blog writer, yes..all 5 artworks are damn great. #1.1
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Titanfall 20th Anniversary coming in 2034! #2.1
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I was 14 and was super scary to me often!

Yup, the artworks there are awesome #1.1
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There is Hentai etc stuff of The Last Of Us for sure, but neither on N4G or on Game-Art-HQ such stuff is allowed. ..And that's good. #1.1
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Oh don't worry ^^ This Cammy Article was made to "test the waters" and see if people would like such a "best of" article in addition to the normal game character articles we have which are a mix of infos, official art and fan art as well as cosplay.

While we have a big gallery for Chun Li already there will be a similar article with 25 or more Chunny artworks as well ..its quite difficult to cover them in our normal articles #2.1
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..fully agreed. #2.1
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I don't buy the wwe games anymore. They are like the yearly Fifa sequels now with nothing important added really.

+ the tons of bugs #1
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I was very happy they got him for MK Shaolin Monks back in 2006, and he was great there as Shao Kahn again but i heard his voice is not the same anymore. The New Kahn from MK9 is not too bad either, but seems Kahn is gone for good now anyway.I bet Quan Chi and Shinnok will be the main antagonists now for a while! #2.1
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Suda can be wrong sometimes too it seems. #21
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Heh@people still talking about that finisher with her boobies #5.1
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I will care if its Killer Instinct 3 #11
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In my case it will depend on the outcome if Kiler Instinct gets rebooted finally..if the game is really great i might get the XB even for that one game. I was a big fan of the series and still play it sometimes via emulator.. #1.1
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Imagine the jiggle physics for Mai...omg #1.4.1
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As long as Terry still asks his opponents ARE YOU OKAY? i am fine with every graphic style #2.1.1
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Damn true. From their classic Garou / Fatal Fury series and Samurai Shodown, Metal Slug..Art of Fighting maybe too and of course King of Fighters they have a lot of relative strong IP's which are at least loved by a certain niche.

I hope the rumors are true and they are working on a new chapter of KOF at least. #1.1
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TKCMuzzer + 19h ago | Well said
Yep, devs and publishers need to sort this out, selling us unfinished games has really become far to common place this gen.

Someone disagrees, interesting, you like buying unfinished games?..

Those guys who disagreed there are developers who have to work for publishers like EA, Ubisoft etc ;-) #1.1.7
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Yeah, Golden Axe is one of these games which are timeless and still fun for those among us who donÄt need great hd 3d graphics #3.1
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Thanks, yes it was fun for me to write about Golden Axe and i love to illustrate the whole beat em up genre a bit via this art tribute i organized for Game Art HQ. Today i write about the first Streets of Rage and as you can guess there is a lot to write about #2.1
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heh. Interesting. I submitted around 20 articles in the last 2 years to n4g, and this one got the less visitors of them all with only around 40 people caring to see that article i wrote about Golden Axe and the illustration made for our Beat 'em Up Genre Tribute. But it got the most comments with 6. Guess we "core" gamers who know that old game are not many but at least we like to talk about them :-) #1.2
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