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Thank you for the comments. The internet is certainly in its infancy in terms of law governing which kind of defeats what the internet was created for.

You do make some other great points and I hope that further comments will be as mature and balanced as yours.

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Thank you for the comment, we really appreciate it.

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Thank you for the superb comments.

We are now starting to work with various Publishers who are getting on board so we can do some accessibility studies on various games and genres as well as giving us interview time with some key developers to understand their logic in designing a game for people with disabilities.

Hopefully, some of our studies will help shape design further on down the line.

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It would have to be the Turtle Beach PX5 7.1 wireless headset. It covers every format (360, ps3 and PC) and has Bluetooth support. If you look through out submissions you will find our extensive review of the product.

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Thank you for the comments and I really didn't think one of our writers could stir up this sort of reaction.

I presume that you have all seen the WHOLE preview because if you did then you would actually realise that he is complementing Halo 4 and 343 Industries in what appears to be a fine addition to the Halo franchise. Just thought I would throw that out there.

His references to Halo CEA where that there was an extra couple of cut scenes in there that, ...

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Think of it as a headset that provides for your every need in terms of console, surround sound system and handset and the price seems like better value for money.

There is a hell of a lot of features in this and blows the socks off of other gaming headsets on the market.

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