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The fact is the majority of AF in console games is just ugly and unwelcome. That's part of the reason people haven't noticed it missing on there next gen machine.

On console and even some pc games I turn AF off if I have the option I also don't like motion blur in the majority of games and turn it off if allowed. #5
ME! #36
indies for my vita AAA for my ps4 #21
calm down people the harddrive on ps4 is easily replaced.
the ps3 first came out at 20gb now its 500gb expect the same thing to happen to ps4.

beat bet buy a 2tb external hdd and swap it with your ps4 hdd

4 #18
they only put 500gb in because of cost just like ms #4.1
did you buy the game knowing it was brocken? #11.1.1
battlefield 4 didn't need redeeming for me. I brought it when it was fixed and loving every min with my platoon guys, gals and guns. have fun with beta #11
upgrade to a smart tv my tv does everything i need that is missing from ps4. it has all the stream apps i need plus dlna and media player. having your tv as an all in one devise saves on electric and is more convenient. my ps3 & ps4 are for gaming only now #54
Im ready to build my social links #49
games like resi 4 and okami really stood out for me on wii. enjoyed the ps move portal dlc and heavy rain on ps move #19
I hope motion controls make a come back i would like a ps move v2 to go with my morpheus and ps cam. I also hope nintendo give the wii remote more support its better than the wii u pad imho. Kinect could become cool again with AR headset. Its all about support and focus. sony, ms and even nintendo didn't take motion controls serious so why should 3rd party or gamers. The wiimote, ps move and kinect should of been the start of something special not the begining and the end of motion contro... #9
I think sega should just get there act together. they have so many sellers in there catalog its like there run buy complete idoits. theres at least 10 games i would buy day 1 if the brought out a remater or sequals. If they was to be brought i hope it would be nintendo that buys them because sonic and other games feel at home on nintendo consoles. It would be a rare style distaster if microsoft brought them imho #64
I liked the feeling of depth you get with a good 3d game but its never going to give you a holodeck envioment. only VR tech is going to give you full holodeck experience. with 3D and AR you can still see your surroundings wich is cool but not full immersion (the holy grail of gaming) this is going to need beast pc's in todays standards and superhighres lenses that havn't been invented yet. then theres true 3d sound. fans for wind, a sprinkler system for rain and a machine that produce... #13
ps vita version or no sale #5
no easter egg throphy then #8
both #9
devs would of sacificed fps over resolution anyway so the publishers can advertise them shiny graphics for the graphics whores #6.1
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no ps one games on ps4 because of ps now. sucks if you have to pay to rent games you already own on ps3 and ps vita #1.2
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Im worried there's going to be no skyward sword style motion controls. looks like its pad only to bad #12
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western release please #9
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