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I liked the feeling of depth you get with a good 3d game but its never going to give you a holodeck envioment. only VR tech is going to give you full holodeck experience. with 3D and AR you can still see your surroundings wich is cool but not full immersion (the holy grail of gaming) this is going to need beast pc's in todays standards and superhighres lenses that havn't been invented yet. then theres true 3d sound. fans for wind, a sprinkler system for rain and a machine that produce... #13
ps vita version or no sale #5
no easter egg throphy then #8
both #9
devs would of sacificed fps over resolution anyway so the publishers can advertise them shiny graphics for the graphics whores #6.1
no ps one games on ps4 because of ps now. sucks if you have to pay to rent games you already own on ps3 and ps vita #1.2
Im worried there's going to be no skyward sword style motion controls. looks like its pad only to bad #12
western release please #9
1. no
2. no
3. no!
4. hell no
5. just no #3
its not funny when your getting a brocken product #7
lol cod makes ya brain lag.
battlefield now your talking think fast soldier there's a tank up ya but #1.2
half life 3 is an easter egg in rockstars agent game but you have to buy the last guardain dlc first #9
greatness awaits #51
NO! im sick of silly flame bait #11
smooth frame rate all the way 30fps or 60fps aslong as its smooth. I also care about pop up, pop in, screen tearing, bad or no AA more than resolution.

I played my ps3 on a 720p tv for its whole lifetime and friends agreed with me that my picture was better than there 1080p tv's. mine looked rough and realistic whilst there games looked to colourfull and shiny #8
suck my pc stick #14.1.2
I thought it was infamous ss DLC lol #1.1
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gizz some of what your smoking #2.5
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Being exclusive to ps4 and locked at 30fps has helped push drive clubs graphics. The only place your going to match them is with project cars on ultra (high end pc) even then the environments wont look as nice #1.17
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looks so good you could easily mistake this screen shoots for cgi. I cant wait for the last of us 2 aswell will look epic #1.1.15
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