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hell yeah EA and MS are the bane of the gaming industry #23
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no im bored with so called journalism #27
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vita vita I want this on ps vita #13
gamers have become an entitled, impatient fickle bunch of whiners FACT! move on nothing to c here #16
o my ms what a huge nose you have #22
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I throw money at Nintendo and google aswell.
and I look like kratos hence the pic.
I make u sad lol don't take life so seriously.
ms are just as bad as ea and other greedy penny pinching American corporations.
I don't love sony they killed micheal Jackson no love from me but I do love me some playstation #13.2.1
Half-life (t½) is the amount of time required for a quantity to fall to half its value as measured at the beginning of the time #6
we should forget about half life and boycott it if it ever is released for valve's handling of the game so arrogant #5
what about playing a ps4 game and using a companion app at the same time ie battlefield 4 and battle commander at the same time or watchdogs app? #18
I wish EA and MS would just die already #13
when xbone with DX12 and cloud brings uncharted 4 level graphics ill will believe the hype until then enjoy your 720p 30fps games #36
lol lol lol lol just LOL! meanwhile plays PS4 game at 1080p 60fps then watches uncharted 4 teaser looool!!! #3
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if you signed that petion your a gayboy pedo!
I liked the look of the first zelda hd tease i like the look of the real thing even more great art direction. didn't like the enemy shooting lasers ooked out of place in zelda world #47
im playing persona 4 golden on vita at the moment and loving it. is it 1080p hm hm no probley not even 720p I suppose I shouldn't play this game seeing as its below 1080p. hm I had the best gen of gaming last gen on my ps3 hooked up to a 720p tv so um? confused. am I a casual gamer for not going full hd??????? um GAMEPLAY! #14
i can poo really fast #1.6
If you have the cash and the time WII U is perfect second console. to compliment your PS4, PC or xbox #18
A single game can make a console halo but not save.
takes more than one game to make a console successful.

PS4 125m
WII U 35m
ouya fail
steam box fail

3DS 80m
PS VITA 25m :-(
mobile gaming will decline as will pc
cloud gaming will be hit and miss ps now hit onlive miss etc

VR is going to rock our world hope it revives arcade gaming

this gen is going to... #8
I want to see GTA V next gen playable on showroom.
AGENT announcement and trailer.
Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser lol #12
man the game sounded cool and all we got was bulletstorm thanx thq #6
Shenmue dreamcast? good god devs have got unambitious and lazy blame the pubs lol #5
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