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gizz some of what your smoking #2.5
Being exclusive to ps4 and locked at 30fps has helped push drive clubs graphics. The only place your going to match them is with project cars on ultra (high end pc) even then the environments wont look as nice #1.17
looks so good you could easily mistake this screen shoots for cgi. I cant wait for the last of us 2 aswell will look epic #1.1.15
I would like a single player expansion based on ray Donavon TV series would be epic. #5
we we when have we hyped anything you journalist hype the hell out of anything that's going to get you hits. I stopped listing to your preview, reviews and so called news ages ago #12
its start when the red ring of death makes a return #8
I wont be happy till I see a vita version #10
err only mildly interested in D4 the other games on your list meh! #1.5
Give it twenty years first everyone calm down console gaming is going no were untill cunsumers decide other wise not lame journalist looking for clicks #11
no never so lets move on #26
i would like a metro game but with big open areas like stalker #7
open world pokemon with the anime art work of the caroons is just a dream im afaid. I think gamefreak are really lazy or nintendo are just stupid. a pokemon open world rpg with some mmo elements would sell more copies than all nintendos first party games on all nintedo platforms it would sell more than cod more than gta and would make more money than angry birds. I think nintendo a afraid they would end the world with 3d pokeamon game and are doing us a favor #12
there not! for a start its misifomation #9
yes good action game. poor story and no tomb raiding (i dont care for little puzzle room being called tombs) hunting but not being hunted, bow and arrow has been done to death. the only thing i like was upgrading my stuff even that was very limited and has been done in other games much better. play tomb raider anniversary and forget about these pretent tomb raiders. tomb raider is dead just like resident evil looks like we will never get the magic back at least there going to be hd remsters i... #19.1.1
yes completed it and was left disappointed a few wolfs dont cut it, tombs? optional tiny rooms with 1 puzzle HAVE you played a real tomb raider game. tomb raider anniversary is my favorite tomb raiding game. tomb raider without tombs to raid ummmm #5
needs real good motion controls to go with it or youv'e just got a screen next to your face #4
Did i just read right only 5 days exclusivity what a joke. lol people lost there tiny little minds over a 5 day wait. If the game is like the first one (no tombs, no wild animals hunting you) then ill pass anyway #3
tomb raider reboot was a poor mans tomb raider, uncharted, farcry 3 as a tomb raider game it sucked balls hell theres NO tombs and no raiding. #19
god knows. i thought tomb raider reboot was a poor mans uncharted, farcry 3 and the story was a failed teen opera. my biggest gripe with the game was the inculsion of game hunting but at the same time take away lara being hunted like in real tomb raider games (bears, wolfs and tigers where the bats and the creepy crawleys. my biggest WTF! moment was finding out theres no actual TOMBS to raid WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! its called tomb raider. honestly uncarted golden abyss was my favorite tomb raiding ga... #56
pride is a sin well done kojima, i bet hes happy about hes work? #12
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