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No Captain Falcon? Whaaaaaaaaaaaat.

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Mad props to my boy Hiphop, but at the same time... he seems too close to the project if he has a song in it to provide objective coverage.

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Cease and desist in 3... 2... 1...

In all seriousness, though, they would probably do it better justice than any Hollywood studio.

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Yeah, I'm really surprised Sony didn't launch the PS Vita as a phone. Seems like they are trying to delay the inevitable.

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The demo is sweet, really digging the art style. Its surprisingly deep for only having 4 control buttons.

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This game is really fun with the multiplayer. Not perfect, but real fun. Can't wait for the DLC and 4 player mode.

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This game is awesome, one of the best tower defense games I've played in ages. Considering it's $10 or less, depending on where you get it, its worth checking out.

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Agreed, but its lame that other new IPs could be dragged down because of it.

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Classic instance of a publisher saying one thing ("We support PC gaming!") and then doing another (Closing Ensemble, not porting Xbox games like Halo and Alan Wake, etc).

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Seems like the game is getting not-very-good reviews.

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So then you don't support any multiplatform games? Because that's what they all do.

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Dumped so many quarters into this game....

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Score doesn't seem to match review, IMO...

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Would be nice... I dunno whats worse though, paying $60 or having scrubs boost ahead of me because they dropped $100 on the game.

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While I couldn't care less about motion controllers, it seems sloppy that they don't even have dev kits for it...

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Hooooooooly crap.

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Even Michael Pachter coulda called this one...

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But is it better than PES?

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I hope his kid makes a video demanding better Kinect games.

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In all honesty, neither GOW3 nor Bayonetta had multiplayer, robust item/skill systems, etc. As long as the combat is deep (which it sounds like it may be), it could be good.

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