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"The shadows betray you, because they belong to me."


These are some great and welcomed changes. Increasing the blood vials and quicksilver bullets in storage is a great addition. Also making blood stone shards more accessible in chalice dungeons should help those who want to upgrade their weapons easier but not have to play through the story again. I had one level 10 and a couple level 9 weapons, but after completing the story I couldn't level anything past 6 cause the chalice dungeons were a terrible place to find blood stone chunks.
What's interesting is CDPR said they thought about implementing an "Insanity" mode where when the player dies their save data gets deleted.

http://www... #1.1.5
Its not the dynamic resolution that's causing the stutter on Xone though. All gameplay in the Witcher 3 is 900p on Xbox. The only change of resolution are the cutscences and the title screen. The dynamic resolution was basically just a marketing ploy. #1.1.4
It's either U4 or Uncharted collection for PS4. #1.1.5
I don't see them announcing a PS4 slim yet. It's still too early to redesign the PS4. Sure the internals will get smaller, but I don't see why they should change the PS4's iconic design. IMO it's the best looking console I've ever owned.

And if Sony did do a price drop... Wow, I can't even imagine how fast they would fly off the shelves. I doubt Sony could even keep up with demand. #5.1.4
You're blaming the devs for this? Lol... Newsflash, the devs didn't send out copies to retailers. That would be the publishers job. #1.2.2
They lost me at "shoot projectiles." I've never played a Tony Hawk game to shoot stuff, I play these games to have a fun skating experience. Just give me a cool singleplayer storyline in an openworld setting and I'd be happy with that. Oh and ditch the last gen please, lets make this a proper TH game. #1.1.3
If you left the R in from Charisma then it would be Jochar. That's a little more believable, But... Even that's a stretch. #10.1.3
I doubt either will be delayed also. They have different publishers for each game. Mad Max is a WB game and JC3 is Square Enix. Must be a good time to be an Avalanche employee, lots of work to go around. #5.1.1
You can see this memory leak in full effect on IGN's how to beat Blood Starved Beast guide. I wondered why BSB was so easy on this video... #1.1.3
To be fair nicksetzer1, that's a European Xbox One initial boot screen. The article says that's not an option upon first boot of an Xbox in the US. #1.1.3
I prefer the original title of Edge of Tomorrow which was... All You Need is Kill #2.1.4

They patched the trial of Archimedes to lower the difficulty because so many people complained. I beat it with and without the patch. The difference was with the patch after beating the enemies on each floor they gave you health. #1.1.8
The article does bring up an interesting point about Tomb Raider. TR and UC were expected to go head to head against each other this fall. Now TR has the holiday all to themselves. Obviously this is an unforseen circumstance, but if TR was also on PS4 this fall they could have really benefited from the UC delay. #1.1.6

Most of us thought ND had two teams, but last year they did an interview with gameinformer and said...

"Yeah. Two teams is probably not the best description, but two franchises is a good way to put it."

http://www.gameinfo... #1.3.3
So are you saying that your decision is to take your talents to CoD?? #1.3.1
An announcement about an announcement!!! #1.1.3
Don't get your hopes up people. As was pointed out elsewhere its just a panel on "Physics for Game Programmers : Physics Optimization Strategies" #1.1.1
If this is indeed the final cover for UC4 then it's definitely my favorite cover of the series to date. It's not original, no. But I definitely like the dark tone ND is implying. I think the Uncharted series is headed into uncharted waters... And I can't wait! #1.1.3
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I just noticed something in Arkham Knights helmet. It looks like an image of the Joker. Am I seeing things or do you guys notice it as well?? #1.1.1
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