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I'm guessing by saying 3-4 days what you really meant was 72-96 gaming hours of Uncharted 4 greatness. Sounds like a dang good time to me. #1.1.12
Oh man I can't wait to see another PSX!! Looking forward to hopefully seeing some UC4 multiplayer, of course more Horizon, and maybe a look at what Sucker Punch has been up to. It's truly a great time to be gamer no matter who you support... #1.1.4
I think EA and DICE are really missing out on offering something really unique that only a Star Wars Battlefront game could achieve. Imagine playing a Star Wars single player campaign/story played through the eyes of multiple characters. Some levels are played as a Stormtrooper, others as the Rebel Alliance. You would also play as Boba Fett, Luke Skywalker, Vader, Han Solo and many others as well. Each character offers different play mechanics and styles which would be really fresh and welcom... #1.1.17

Except you missed the part where they said "AAA" exclusive PC games... #1.2.3
Absolutely abysmal comparison done by Gamingbolt. #1.1.1
Let me Google that for you... #4.1.1

That thought of TR is old, and outdated. The Tomb Raider reboot went on to become the best selling in franchise history and became profitable even exceeding expectations.

http:/... #1.1.13
I think it's pretty obvious why this deal was made. ROTTR was originally not timed exclusive and was set to release on PS4 around the same time as UC4. I think SE probably realized that, if given a choice, most PS4 gamers would more than likely choose UC4 over ROTTR.

That and of course MS's money are the real reasons I believe SE accepted this deal with MS. #1.1.11

There is nothing wrong with Bayonetta 2 exclusivity either. I don't think anyone is truly mad at Nintendo for that. It's a well known fact Bayonetta 2 wouldn't have existed without Nintendo.

TR would've been made with or without MS's help. #1.1.45

Didn't Phil Spencer say that MS would never help fund a game that would appear on a rival console? So if we take that statement as true and apply it to TR then one would think MS isn't actually funding ROTTR. The truth is no one besides MS and SE know exactly what the details of the deal were. All we know is MS is publishing it which saves SE a ton of money on manufacturing and producing all those copies. #1.1.31
I don't understand why people continue to compare ROTTR and SFV as the same. One was announced as a multiplatform game then months later turns exclusive, then later confirmed as timed exclusive. The other was announced as console exclusive and remains that way today. One had a tricky, sneaky, and deceiving ad campaign behind it as well, but I suppose that's more MS's doing instead of SE. The other came right out and said straight out that SFV would never, in any iteration, be on X... #1.1.16
The reason the exclusive announcement and then later the clarification on being a timed exclusive is/was a big deal is because ROTTR was initially announced as a PC, PS4, Xbox game. Remember the trailer where Lara is talking to a shrink... Then MS announces that ROTTR is coming exclusively to Xbox a few months later.

SFV was never announced as coming to Xbox. There was no tricky, sneaky, and deceiving ad campaign behind it either. Comparing these two games as the same is ridi... #1.1.15
I still think SE made a terrible mistake by signing this timed deal with MS. Square effectively alienated 2/3rds of their fan base with ROTTR. By the time ROTTR comes to PS4 most of those players will have moved on and not care about TR. PC players don't have to wait quite as long so it's not so bad for them. I myself am not a fan of these timed exclusive deals, especially to lifelong multiplatform games. I don't think I'll support this game by buying it when it comes to PS4. #1.1.9
I thought The Order was OK. I enjoyed it enough to platinum the game, even though it is a fairly easy platinum trophy. I suppose what I really liked best was the world and environment that RAD had created. I though this game had massive potential for an Uncharted 2-esq sequel. RAD laid down a great foundation that just needed a few tweaks here and there. #1.1.8
One of the best gaming experiences I had on PS3 was with this game. I played through the adventure beginning to end multiple times. One of my most satisfying gaming moments was playing this beginning to end with a random companion and then earning the trophy for that achievement. What a game!!! #1.1.6
You know the saying about what happens when you assume something... #2.2.2
European's put the day before the month. So 2/10/2015 is actually Oct. 2nd. #1.1.1
But where will they put their Doritos? #1.1.1
Seriously though, do you honestly expect the game director to say..

"Well we've decided to hold back the X1 version of ROTTR to achieve parity with the 360." #1.1.6
ROTTR is in a tricky spot. First it seemed that SE and CD wanted to avoid UC4 and not have to compete against it on PS4 by going timed exclusive on Xbone. Then UC4 gets pushed to Spring 2016, and I'm sure SE and CD are kicking themselves now since they could've really benefited by releasing on PS4 this holiday. E3 then comes along and Bethesda announces Fallout 4 to release on the same day as ROTTR. Obviously these are unforseen circumstances, but I sure can't wait to see how this... #1.1.13
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