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You seem very salty about this William. I'm sorry that your console of choice won't be getting Spiderman. But to say the Spiderman games were never that huge just shows that you never played Spiderman 2.

Also the game footage looked nothing like Infamous, which by the way was done by a completely different developer.

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Sony loaned the character back to Marvel for the cinematic universe and in exchange Marvel loaned Sony the rights to the game license.

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Sure, you can do that with digital pre loads. But for physical copies, you can't download the patch until you put the copy in your PS4. I like to get the complete experience with all up to date patches installed before I start my play through.

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I hope in the future Sony and others will give us a way to download patches without owning the game.

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That looks like it would be very uncomfortable to hold for long play times IMHO.

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Towards the end of April I'm gonna have to basically go dark and avoid all Uncharted 4 articles. Heck I may just have to avoid the internet in general. This is one game that I definitely don't want spoiled about what happens and how it ends.

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They may have paid for the art or received Ubi's permission. I think it's just an easter egg/ tribute to ACIV when you consider the theme of both games.

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I wonder if MS decided to release on PC at the same time because they are worried that they won't recoup their investment in the game with the X1 version alone.

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We're not talking Battlefield type size and scale here. Peer to peer is completely OK for Uncharted and their 5v5 matches.

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The problem with socialist economies is that people don't strive to innovate or create because they won't be rewarded for their work. Almost every major corporation is headquarters and created in the US or other capitalist countries, and there's good reason why...

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You will be able to skip the TV episode cutscenes in Quantum Break.

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It will be interesting to see if the next TR game is also a timed exclusive. If the next TR is timed exclusive then it must mean both parties involved were happy with ROTTR. If it isn't timed exclusive, well then I think that says it all.

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Uncharted 4!!!

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No Sony Bend. No GoW. No Sucker Punch. The list goes on... It pains me to say this cause I love PlayStation, but this was one of Sony's worst conference's.

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My guess is he's either there to announce a new studio he's opening or to receive some kind of lifetime game achievement award.

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All I want from Black Friday is... A new surround sound system to make my games sound even better. $100 gift card would be put to good use. Make it happen n4g!!

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I'm thankful for having both my mom and dad around for Thanksgiving, and hopefully for a lot longer afterwards. They both had a pretty big health scare the past year.

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I'd say this video just about sums up that article.

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I bet Chloe becomes the love interest to Nate's brother Sam Drake.

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Angry Joe speaks the truth and doesn't sugarcoat anything like other "game journalists." We can relate to him.

This video is a perfect example of why gamers like him and is probably my favorite video from him...

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