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"The shadows betray you, because they belong to me."


Multi billion dollar company on a tight budget... M'kay... #1.1.2

"AC will be moving from a yearly release after this year..."

Moving from a yearly release to what then?? #1.1.6
The one detail I want to hear most is... When the heck is this game gonna be released? This game is a day 1 purchase for me for sure, but I have no idea when that day 1 will be... #1.1.1

Gamers aren't mad because a Dev decided to give XB1 support. They're mad because a lifelong multiplat game has just allegedly gone exclusive. I say allegedly because we still don't have conformation if its a lifelong exclusive or timed.

For you to even suggest such reason shows just how out of touch you really are... #1.1.12
Agreed. If this is a lifetime exclusive, then just come out and say it. MS not saying that like they did with Titanfall is telling... #1.1.7

Why would we see the IW logo after the SHG logo? IW wasn't involved with this new CoD. IW did Ghosts, SHG is doing Advanced Warfare, and Treyarch is doing the CoD for 2015. Soupaman66 and BattleReach both explained it pretty well so I'm not sure where the confusion lies... #4.2.3
I was wrong on all counts... Its Red Hood DLC for Arkham Knight. Scroll down to sourav93's comment below for photo evidence. #1.1.4
Nice find sourav93. That definitely looks like the blurred pic. Helpful bubble headed your way. #1.2.3
My guess is something Tomb Raider related. To me it looks like a women, with cleavage showing, dual wielding handguns. Classic Lara Croft look. I could be wrong, but that's my guess.

It also could be Assassin's Creed related as well. We'll find out tomorrow. #1.1.3
GeoHot just recently figured out an exploit to root the GS5. Quite possibly one of the simplest root methods I have ever seen. He made an app called TowelRoot that you install on your phone, one click later and you're rooted. There was a bounty over on XDA worth $18,000 to root the At&t and Verizon GS5. Now he gets hired by Google... Interesting.

http://forum.xda-developers... #1.1.9

243 comments in two days?!?! Holy phuck!!! #1.2.3
I haven't had any real issues yet that I can complain about. I have a fairly decent internet speed at 25mbps. Speed matters but not as much as latency. You can have a super duper fiber optic but if you have miserable ping then you're gonna lag. The key for Sony is to have servers placed all over the country. I can't even imagine how many PS Now servers it's gonna take to satisfy everyone... #1.1.7
I rarely root for a game to not sell well... But I hope this and other cross-gen games underperform on last gen consoles so this cross-gen practice will stop. #1.1.17
Anybody remember a few weeks ago when Pachter tweeted Gametrailers had been sold from Viacom? And then Gametrailers denied it and tweets that he was wrong, that he got bad info... #1.1.7
Except nirwanda they're not giving away NBA 2K14 for the PS4 it's just for the PS3. #1.2.2
You're really f**cking clueless aren't you HollowedSoul. Do you really think that piracy helps keeps game prices down by preventing price gouging, seriously?!? Lol... YOU are exactly what is wrong with the game industry. YOU just take, take, take and NEVER give anything back. When are you gonna grow the f**k up. If you get your way you're gonna destroy PC gaming. Devs won't see any reason to make PC games since no one will pay for them. Luckily I don't play games on PC. <... #14.3.5
So because Wolfenstein has no online it's ok to steal it... And since Ubisoft can't be trusted it's ok to steal from them as well? What will be your reason for when you pirate GTA V on PC... #14.3.3
I'm guessing he just joined the HDTV club. Must of finally upgraded that CRT TV. I remember my first HDTV as well, back in 2007. #1.1.4
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My newer LED TV has the shiny and reflective surface. I really only notice the lightbar reflection during dark scenes or when I game in the dark. My older Samsung LCD TV from 2007 has the nonreflective surface. I don't game on it though cause it's only 720p. The lightbar reflection wasn't a big enough issue for me to complain about but as a new feature and option I will gladly take it. #1.1.4
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Thanks Cloudberry for the links, although I'd like to point out that the German PS blog has edited their post and removed the 60 fps part. But hearing it straight from the horses mouth, Neil Drunkmann, makes me happy about this.

Helpful bubbles headed your way Cloudberry.

I personally can't wait to replay this game on my PS4. It was already a fantastic experience on PS3 and I fully expect to be blown away again playing it on PS4. I can't even imag... #1.1.3
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