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Lol if they don't include Japan in their definition of "world" then they just might have a shot otherwise lulz@ you MS for sticking your foot in your mouth. #8
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I haven't really been in the loop with these particular games announcements till now so don't hate me when I ask, but has Microsoft confirmed a US Licensing for these games? Theres been more than 1 PS3 to Xbox 360 port that have been made in Japan but never make it stateside. In fact it's very common. If MS doesn't confirm this at E3 I think it highly likely that will be the case yet again.

Edit: BTW I now only mean this in reference to Zone of the Enders. Not... #2.2.1
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Are the 360 version confirmed for release outside of Japan? #24
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Regardless of the 3D that people seem to think is not up to standard the machine itself is quite impressive in 2D alone. I wish people would stop being trolls. We all know as soon as Ocarina of time 3D and Mario Kart 3D and Super Mario 3D comes out people wont shut up about how amazing it is. I got two on launch day and although there is not much to do with them right now the Future for this machine is very bright and I look forward to being a part of it.

Edit: So is the tro... #8.1
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Dedicated servers means it will be Pay to Play mark my words. #27
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Come on Nintendo I want Mario Kart downloadable track packs and dlc characters in the next generation of smash brothers. Where the heck are we supposed to store them if there is no HDD?? #6
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Sega Dreamcast is still the shit even today I got two of em and I love them to death, hands down my favorite and most played classic machine :) #1.1.4
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Looks like someone painted a windows 7 CD case and Photoshopped the lights onto it. lol it's fake. #18
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To much traffic. #12.1
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It's probably a pic of the hardware included with the SDK. But seeing as how in the past Nintendo's dev units dont differ to much from the finished commercial product if this pic is indeed real that's probably it :) #10
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I thought Id heard that they had already moved Pikmin 3 over to Project Cafe as a launch title though >_< #1.1.1
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lol my comment got marked as offensive? Really? Some people just can't take a damn joke can they. Meh oh well :/ #10.2
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-- Reported by the community --
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I do not agree with what anonymous is doing. However I do think people need to stop whining like a bunch of babies. PSN is partially down. Big deal it's only been a few hours at most for many people. You'd think from the way everyone's freaking out it'd been like a whole month or something. Shut up, get over it, and let Sony do their job. Everything will be fixed soon enough. #13
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Yeah there is a handful of dedicated people who still frequent the play-lists including myself :) Just please don't be one of those d-bags who quits and ruins the match for everyone else lol. #4.3
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Can't wait :D #13
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Exactly my point. Knowing them they won't even make a fully "Original" game for the system only poorly port an existing game over and market it as "The must own portable shooter" #3.1.1
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Activision is such a whore company, they put their games everywhere just to make a quick buck, and people just throw them money........why....why. #3
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Lol call of doody broken ops? No thanks I got dead space 2 it's amazing thank you for asking. It'll hold me out till KZ3 :D #26
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It comes with any pre-ordered version for sure. I know it comes with the Limited edition as well which doesn't cost any extra because it is the standard version for the PS3. They said the limited edition would be out for only a short time and after it is sold out you'll have to buy Extraction separately offa PSN. Btw the Limited Edition is not to be confused with the Collector Edition. As I said before the limited edition will be the PS3 standard version till it's sold out. #3.2
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