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That reason is more probable then the ones given here, nothing kills a movement more quickly than having a fanbase unwilling to pay. #9.1
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Looks great. Just so happens I'm playing Munch's Oddysey HD at the moment. #3
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The only real issue the Vita has is that it's not being Marketed AT ALL. It has the games, the technology, it has everything going for it save for the fact that the casuals don't know the thing exists.
Sony is basically doing nothing but sitting on their asses while this thing with unlimited potential is out there.
The vita is going to keep having a hard time if only the internet forum crowd knows about it. #14
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I think everyone here is plain dismissing the most obvious solution to nintendo's problem.
Just drop the tablet controller.
Games don't really need it and they can drop the price of the console quick without it.
Im surprised they havent done it already. #44
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I don't know but...and sorry to be negative about this cuz I hate being negative but...
This video was super lame.
There was too much bs clowning around which was boring and the video never quite showed the "scale of what it feels like to play in an imax" because of the painful camera angles.
Why did the camera showed so much of the guys siting on theater seats which was boring?
This video was a huge Fail sorry. #7
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That's easy to answer, many people at neogaf dislike everything because they are a bunch of tools. #1.6
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I have felt exactly like this before. I still game but not nearly as I used to thou. I think gaming is one of the best hobbies out there to have for sure.
It seemed like the problem you described comes from depression, anxiety and such.
You go through life and hard hits you hard just like every adult out there, not enjoying life like you used to before and not enjoying the things you liked before are sings of depression or anxiety.
Some people will tell you stupid shit... #4
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I think Nintendo direct is a good idea but good god I just can't stomach watching Iwata talk for more than a minute.

What's wrong with giving this job to someone who is actually exciting to watch? #1
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Awesome news. Always hated that I had to download songs first before. #1
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Just saying... A lot of the Ninty Fanboys point out that Nintendo has been able to survive a bad console before.
And they are right, they are right.

But things are different now. Way different. Ohh how many devs and publishers the new HD generation has murdered. Making a game now is TONS more expensive than before. Every hit they take WILL take a huge financial toll on them, little by little until they are out. Add that to a failing console and it just becomes deva... #57
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Nintendo IS irrelevant when it comes to making hardware. Nintendo's Hardware is what's keeping the company from becoming what it should be right now, A huge entertainment company possibly as big as Disney.
Mario and Nintendo's characters are much bigger than the companies consoles. Nintendo is really limiting what these characters who are now worldwide recognizable, can do. There should be movies, TV Stations, Shows and theme parks under Nintendo but yet they are still... #25
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Blast Processing? lol #76
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Great list here. I agree with almost all of it. I think that some of these features should be included at least as optional for gamers. #9
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To hell with everything that soe makes, they should make EQOA HD or EQOA2. #4
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Great blog, loved it and I agree with everything said.

I think the fanboy wars really got out of hand this last gen. The hate the ps3 got at the beginning of the gen by the media is unlike anything I've ever seen in any medium. How sony has bounced back from all that is the best comeback I've ever seen in gaming. The doritocracy has been around for a while now, it's only that now people are actually starting to notice it.

I remember when accord... #21
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It's kinda funny that they mention focusing on third party relationships. I wonder how exactly? How exactly are they "focusing"?
Are they giving certain third parties who have great relationships with them reduced publishing prices for putting their games on Nintendo consoles?
I highly doubt that.
Ok wait so Nintendo loves making a a high profit out of everything that they do, that's amazing! FOR THEM. If they make so much money then why not give ga... #11
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That's the game to play on halloween #2
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That's great news. I know windows 8 is actually good but I'm a windows 7 user. #2
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I wouldn't really know what the title there is talking about.

Exclusive means that you cannot get it anywhere else.

I would get an Xbone for Ryse and Dead Rising if I was super interested in those games, I can't play them anywhere else.

But Titanfall? I actually never even considered getting an Xbone for it.

Titanfall seems like the perfect game to be played with mouse and keyboard first of all. And it's looking... #78
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I don't like or dislike Ouya even thou I think it's a nice idea.
I just wonder what's up people's you know what about it?

Why do people WANT it to fail? #8
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