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I played the first game for hours on end. I think most destiny players stuck around playing the game due to the fact that the generation was starting at that point and there really wasn't that much to play with even thou the gameplay was good.
But lets be honest, most of everyone I know was pissed because they promised such a different game and what they gave us was a gutted up version of what they promised. Hell there was tons of shit they showed before the game launched that n...

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Wow. Thought this game was going to be killer considering it's past games.

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Front page of n4g looks like Sony Defense Force going into massive defense duty. Y'all are so good at this you really should negotiate on a table with Sony for your hard work.

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Funny this game looks hot as hell yet MS was footing the bill for scalebound in the millions more most likely and it looked like shit.
Anyone can easily put 2 and 2 together and realize why MS cancelled.
Shits coming for PC and PS4 yet the in the Japan market neither of the 2 are a big deal there, it's the portables that are huge there. They are just full of shit and this game is going to tank hard saleswise in the States.

Sony's Horizon zero...

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Don't know anyone who cares for, is looking to own, has expressed any excitement in VR. Even in talking to most of my gaming friends, no one cares. Best thing MS can do is stay away from it in my opinion.

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While I've liked what I've seen so far of the game itself, I personally don't have any intention of making a purchase.

It seems like it might be a great experience for someone who has actually the time to enjoy it thou. As for me personally, I honestly don't think I would have the time to play a game of this scope, the game looks like a huge timesink. Not to mention even thou I pretty much like exploration, the social aspects don't seem to make this game ...

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I loved my Sega Saturn. It had such fun games as Sega was just on a roll those years. I still think Sega had the most innovative and fun first party output out of all 3 consoles at the time. If only the hardware aspect of the company wasn't so downright wacky and would've been more meticulous and forward thinking they would of been still a huge player there.

Sega's downfall was a huge loss to the industry, I don't think any other company out there has what ...

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Gertsmann has always been a mediocre everything throughout his whole career, no one gave a shit about him and everyone who was with him in the past moved on to bigger and better things, he couldn't. The best thing that ever happened to him was the whole getting fired fiasco which suddenly got the attention of people who've been saying the same thing for ages, all these sites are crooked. Jeff's always been a fanboy of the other system as implied by himself even, he doesn't li...

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It's great that people will be able to play this game on ps+ and decide for themselves if they like it or not.

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lol gamespot really just needs to get their agenda to not look so ovious.

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I'm sorry but upon reading this response all I can do is just laugh, you should re-read it with a clear head and analyze if this is going out in a tangent or not. (It is).
Get out there today, have a walk outside and don't stress forums. No I don't agree with your opinions and stating them as if they are facts won't change that. But that's OK. Trust me it is. Lol

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Wow just wow. Usually you have good blogs and I commend you on that but the reasoning behind this one is such BS that I just had to post. Lol.
This logic is so downright ignorant that I don't know how anyone over the age of 18 would agree with you.
When you buy any game, what you buy is a license to use that game first of all. No you don't own batman now that you bought the Xbox game just like when you buy food at a restaurant you don't own the restaurant now. Wh...

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That reason is more probable then the ones given here, nothing kills a movement more quickly than having a fanbase unwilling to pay.

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Looks great. Just so happens I'm playing Munch's Oddysey HD at the moment.

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The only real issue the Vita has is that it's not being Marketed AT ALL. It has the games, the technology, it has everything going for it save for the fact that the casuals don't know the thing exists.
Sony is basically doing nothing but sitting on their asses while this thing with unlimited potential is out there.
The vita is going to keep having a hard time if only the internet forum crowd knows about it.

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I think everyone here is plain dismissing the most obvious solution to nintendo's problem.
Just drop the tablet controller.
Games don't really need it and they can drop the price of the console quick without it.
Im surprised they havent done it already.

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I don't know but...and sorry to be negative about this cuz I hate being negative but...
This video was super lame.
There was too much bs clowning around which was boring and the video never quite showed the "scale of what it feels like to play in an imax" because of the painful camera angles.
Why did the camera showed so much of the guys siting on theater seats which was boring?
This video was a huge Fail sorry.

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That's easy to answer, many people at neogaf dislike everything because they are a bunch of tools.

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I have felt exactly like this before. I still game but not nearly as I used to thou. I think gaming is one of the best hobbies out there to have for sure.
It seemed like the problem you described comes from depression, anxiety and such.
You go through life and hard hits you hard just like every adult out there, not enjoying life like you used to before and not enjoying the things you liked before are sings of depression or anxiety.
Some people will tell you stupid shit...

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I think Nintendo direct is a good idea but good god I just can't stomach watching Iwata talk for more than a minute.

What's wrong with giving this job to someone who is actually exciting to watch?

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